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Marvell Technology Group, Ltd.
Founded 1995
Headquarters Santa Clara, California
Key people Sehat Sutardja, Co-founder
Weili Dai, Co-founder
Pantas Sutardja, Co-founder
Clyde Hossein, CFO
Industry Semiconductors
Revenue $2.24 billion USD (2007)
Employees 5000 (2007)

Marvell (NASDAQMRVL) is an American producer of storage, communications and consumer semiconductor products. Their products can be found in a range of applications:

  • ARM Processor: Marvell designed the first quad-core ARM processor (ARMADA) in 2009.

Founded in 1995 by a husband-and-wife pair of Indonesian Chinese immigrants who met at UC Berkeley, Marvell currently has more than 5000 employees. Marvell has design centers in Aliso Viejo, Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, San Diego and Santa Clara. Outside the US, Marvell has design centers in Germany, India, Israel, Italy,[1] Japan, Singapore and Taiwan as well as numerous worldwide sales offices.

As of 2009, Marvell ships over 250 million chips per quarter, most of them including a CPU core. [2][3]





On June 27, 2006, the sale of Intel's XScale assets was announced. Intel agreed to sell the XScale business to Marvell for an estimated USD 600 million in cash and the assumption of unspecified liabilities. The acquisition was completed on November 9, 2006.[4]


In October 2006, Marvell was criticized for failing to publicly provide specifications of their hardware in enough detail to support their wireless devices in the One Laptop Per Child program. Marvell was criticized by Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation and Theo de Raadt of OpenBSD. [5]

In 2009 Marvell announced that the SheevaPlug, a small, competitive, low-power, SoC-based ARM architecture computer, would be released with full schematics.[6][7][8][9]

Consumer design wins

  • Marvell supplied the Wi-Fi chip for the original (1st generation) Apple iPhone.


Through the years, Marvell has acquired smaller companies to enter new markets.

Date Acquired company Expertise Cost
October 2000 Galileo Technology Ethernet switches, system controllers $2700M in stock
June 2002 SysKonnect PC networking
February 2003 RADLAN Embedded networking software $49.7M
August 2005 Hard disk controller division of Qlogic $180M in cash + $45M in stock
December 2005 SOC division of UTStarcom $24M in cash
February 2006 Printer ASIC business of Avago $240M in cash
February 2006 Xscale product line from Intel Communications processors and SOCs $600M in cash
January 2008 PicoMobile Networks Communication software for IWLAN and IMS

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