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Maryland's 8th congressional district
United States House of Representatives, Maryland District 8 map.png
Current Representative Chris Van Hollen (D)
Area 297 mi²
Distribution 98.8% urban, 1.2% rural
Population (2000) 662,060
Median income $68,306
Ethnicity 62.6% White, 16.7% Black, 10.9% Asian, 13.7% Hispanic, 0.3% Native American, 5.9% other
Occupation 10.6% blue collar, 77.1% white collar, 12.2% gray collar
Cook PVI D+21

Maryland's eighth congressional district elects a representative to the United States House of Representatives every two years. The district mostly consists of the larger part of Montgomery County, also including a small portion of Prince George's County. The district is currently represented by Democrat Chris Van Hollen.



The district was created after the 1790 census in time for the 1792 election, was abolished after the 1830 census, and was reinstated after the 1960 census. During Carlton R. Sickles's tenure, the district was at-large and covered the entire state.

During redistricting after the 2000 census, the Democratic-dominated Maryland legislature sought to unseat then-incumbent Republican Connie Morella. One proposal went so far as to divide the district in two, effectively giving one to state Senator Christopher Van Hollen, Jr. and forcing then-incumbent Connie Morella to run against popular Maryland State Delegate and Kennedy political family member Mark Kennedy Shriver. The final redistricting plan was less ambitious, restoring an eastern, heavily Democratic spur of Montgomery County removed in the 1990 redistricting to the 8th District. Although it forced Van Hollen and Shriver to run against each other in an expensive primary, the shift pushed the district into the Democratic column, and Van Hollen defeated Morella in 2002.

Recent elections

List of Representatives

Representative Took office Left office Party Notes/Events
District created in 1793
1 William Vans Murray March 4, 1793 March 3, 1795 Pro-Administration Redistricted from the 5th district
March 4, 1795 March 3, 1797 Federalist
2 John Dennis March 4, 1797 March 3, 1805 Federalist
3 Charles Goldsborough March 4, 1805 March 3, 1817 Federalist
4 Thomas Bayly March 4, 1817 March 3, 1823 Federalist
5 John S. Spence March 4, 1823 March 3, 1825 Adams-Clay DR
6 Robert N. Martin March 4, 1825 March 3, 1827 Adams
7 Ephraim King Wilson March 4, 1827 March 3, 1829 Adams
March 4, 1829 March 3, 1831 Jackson
8 John S. Spence March 4, 1831 March 3, 1833 Anti-Jackson
9 John T. Stoddert March 4, 1833 March 3, 1835 Jackson
This seat was abolished after the 1830 census, but was reinstated after the 1960 census.
However, its boundaries were not established until 1967. Democrat Carlton R. Sickles served as Maryland's At-large congressional district representative in the interim from 1963–1967.
10 Gilbert Gude January 3, 1967 January 3, 1977 Republican
11 Newton Steers January 3, 1977 January 3, 1979 Republican
12 Michael D. Barnes January 3, 1979 January 3, 1987 Democratic
13 Connie Morella January 3, 1987 January 3, 2003 Republican
14 Chris Van Hollen January 3, 2003 Present Democratic Incumbent

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