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Masshole is a portmanteau of the words "Massachusetts" and "asshole", sometimes used to express a derogatory view of residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. However, the term 'Masshole' is used by in-state residents themselves as a term of affection. It is also used by non-native Commonwealth residents as well. These upwardly-mobile residents of Massachusetts stigmatize life-long Massachusetts residents as having a lower perceived social status.

'Masshole' is also flagrantly used by residents of other Northeastern states, often in reference to what they perceive as an obnoxious, elitist attitude and aggressive dangerous driving habits.[1]

In the United States Merchant Marine, "Masshole" is frequently used to refer to graduates of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, regardless of whether they are from Massachusetts or not.

"Masshole" is a trademark registered with the US Patent & Trademark Office by Mass Industries, Inc. [2][3]

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  1. (pejorative, slang) An asshole automobile driver from Massachusetts.
    This damn Masshole cut in front of my car!


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