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Master “K” is one of the most respected and widely known North American educators, authors and authorities on the art and history of shibari/kinbaku (Japanese erotic bondage).[1] He began his studies in Japan in the early 1970s and has spent over thirty years researching and translating original materials concerning this centuries old art form.[2 ] He is the author of two books on this subject, the most recent being 2008's "The Beauty of Kinbaku". In this work Master "K" presents for the first time in English a serious, scholarly and in depth look into this legendary erotic art form. Utilizing many rare historical documents, he convincingly shows how shibari/kinbaku evolved from a mix of various Japanese cultural activities including societal customs, religion, Kabuki theatre, Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, Japanese martial arts and 18th C. judicial practices.[3] This book was recently added to the holdings of Fuuzoku Shiryoukan [1], Tokyo, Japan (the most famous library devoted to sadomasochism in the world) because of, according to Head Librarian Rutsu Nakahara, its "remarkable scholarship, grasp of kinbaku history and beautiful and artistic photographs." [4] Master "K" and his writings have also been praised by two other legenday Japanese kinbaku authorities. Yukimura Haruki (producer and rope master) called his most recent book, "Wonderful ... a most impressive job of researching and writing...(Master "K") knows the entire history and development of Japanese kinbaku."[5] And Arisue Go (noted author and rope master for the mainstream feature film "Flower and Snake") said, "Master "K" is the most notable and expert overseas kinbaku researcher. He has touched upon the very essence of Japan's culture in his excellent work ..." Master "K"'s writings and carefully composed and often colorful photographs are full of the mood, mystery and dramatic emotion to be found in the intense ballet of shibari and erotic SM play.[6] They aspire to the best traditions of "kinbaku-bi" (the beauty of traditional shibari art). He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where he teaches and lectures on his specialty.[2 ][7]

Cover Image
Cover Image of book "The Beauty of Kinbaku" by Master "K"


Published works


  • Master "K". Shibari: The Art of Japanese Bondage. Secret Publications, 2004. ISBN 90-807706-2-0.
  • Master "K". The Beauty of Kinbaku (Or everything you always wanted to know about Japanese erotic bondage when you suddenly realized you didn't speak Japanese.). King Cat Ink, 2008. ISBN 978-0-615-24876-9.

Articles: Since 1999 Master “K”’s work has appeared internationally in various magazines, galleries and on web pages dedicated to the art of shibari/kinbaku.[6] These include:

  • RopeMarks (Netherlands): A photo series.
  • Fetish Japan (Japan): Writings, shibari study work and 3 photo series.
  • Kholer Gallery (NY, USA): A 2 week exhibit of his photographs was presented.
  • Kikkou (Japan): A photo gallery of his work and a piece about the legendary 19th/20th century artist and rope master, Itoh Seiyu
  • Schlagzeilen Magazine (Germany): Photographs
  • Japan Bondage (Germany): 4 Photo galleries.
  • Immortal Shibari (Brazil): A small gallery and an educational tutorial.
  • Secret Magazine #20 (Belgium): A lengthy article on the history of shibari and a photo gallery.


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External links

  • Master "K" Files Weekly articles (and archive) on the history, famous personalities & development of kinbaku/shibari. Video, gallery, slideshow.

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