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The main protagonist (and, for the most part, the controlled character) of the Halo series.

The Master Chief was taken from his home in Elysium City in the Eridanus System, Eridanus II to be exact, at the age of six years old. He was taken by Dr. Catherine Halsey and Lieutentant Jacob Keyes to be trained on the UNSC planet Reach for Spartan training and augmentations. While on Reach, he quickly distinguished himself as the best leader of the SPARTAN II supersoldiers. His real name is John (his last name was deleted from military records, replaced with a numerical tag), but he has been referred to as John-117 or Spartan-117 since his forced induction into the Navy. He continues to lead the few remaining SPARTAN II's, but these soldiers were not present during the events of either game in the series. He is currently awaiting rescue along with the Artificial Intelligence Cortana on the back half of the Forward Unto Dawn in cryonic sleep.

The Master Chief's MJOLNIR battle armor, now up to Mark VI, is designed to be able to hold the most advanced AI's. Cortana is the AI that inhabits the Master Chief's suit, in a crystal network and also an implant that interfaces directly with the Chief's brain. The Chief himself also has a ceramic reinforced skeleton, making his bones virtually unbreakable. This is necessary for him to survive the incredible forces exerted by his armor. He is also more than twice as strong as a regular human the same size (nearly 7 ft. tall) due to chemical enhancements. He is also much faster, and also his reflexes are incredibly fast thanks to a brain surgery specifically designed to cause such effect. These enhancements alone killed 30 of the original SPARTAN II's when they were implemented at the age of 14.

The Chief and the few remaining Spartan II's have all been fighting the Covenant for almost thirty years, since the beginning of the war, when they were still teenagers (all were age 14 when the war started). This was not the original intent of the project (where they were to hold off rebels in the UNSC controlled system), the SPARTAN II's were proved useful in holding off the Covenant, as their augmentations and MJOLNIR powered assualt armor suits were the ultimate weapons. They are all about the same age, either 41 or 42 depending on birthdate, with the exception of the Chief, as he has been in cryonic sleep most of the time, which stops celluar aging completely. Chief's age can be guessed to be 20 or 21.

The Chief has long been accustomed to doing things for the greatest good at the sacrifice of individuals, but as of late has realized the importance one person can have.

Since he has been in military rule for most of his life, he has never known love.


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Master Chief, or Spartan-117, is the main protagonist of the Halo video game series. He appears in Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2 and Halo 3 as a playable unit but is absent in Halo Wars.

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