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The Magister Artium, Magister in Artibus, or Master of Arts degree is an academic degree of medieval origin which has later acquired different characteristics in different educational systems. It may refer more specifically to:

  • Master of Arts (postgraduate), a graduate degree in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, India, and some European countries
  • Master of Arts (Oxbridge and Dublin), a degree from the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, or the University of Dublin (Trinity College), conferred after an interval on holders of the Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree (and certain others) without further study
  • Master of Arts (Scotland), an undergraduate degree from the ancient universities of Scotland and the University of Dundee


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Master of Arts

Masters of Arts

Master of Arts (plural Masters of Arts)

  1. A postgraduate degree usually in a non-science subject.
  2. A person holding such a degree.

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  • Artium Magister
  • AM
  • MA


  • Japanese: 文学修士 (bungaku shūshi)
  • Macedonian: магистeр (magíster) m.

Simple English

A Master of Arts (Latin:Magister Artium) is a postgraduate academic master's degree given by universities in many countries.


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