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Mata Sahib Kaur is known as the "Mother of the Khalsa". She earned the distinction by instilling the first Amrit with the sweetness that balances its fierceness.

Mata Sundari (Sundari as in one with a beautiful appearance) nicknamed from her actual name Mata Jito Ji was the wife of Guru Gobind Singh; had a gurdwara to her memory in a village called Agampur near Anandpur Sahib. Mata Sundri has a memorial to her at the Bala Sahib Gurdwara in Delhi along with Mata Sahib Kaur.

Many historians try to incorrectly suggest Guru Gobind Singh ji of committing polygamy (having more than one wife) and of having 3 wives the mistake arises in separation of Mata Sundri and Mata Jito as being 2 different people, and of Mata Sahib Kaur being married to Guru Gobind Singh.

Mata Sahib Kaur, who was called 'Sahib Devan' before receiving Amrit, was the Spiritual Mother of the Khalsa, however some historians have mistakenly confused Mata Sahib Kaur as having been married to Guru Gobind Singh.

Mata Sahib Devan's father wished her daughter to marry Guru Gobind Singh, however as the Guru was already married, her father asked the Guru's permission for Mata Sahib Devan to live in the Guru's house as Sikh and serve the Guru and his family. Therefore, Mata Sahib Devan was never married and never had a physical relationship with the Guru. As a consequence of not marrying Mata Sahib Devan and her not being able to have children, Guru Gobind Singh made her the "Mother of the Khalsa". Up to this day in history, all Sikhs who take Amrit consider Mata Sahib Kaur as their (spiritual) Mother, and Guru Gobind Singh as their (spiritual) Father.



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