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Mater and the Ghostlight
Directed by John Lasseter
Dan Scanlon
Produced by Mark Nielsen
Starring Larry the Cable Guy
Owen Wilson
Bonnie Hunt
Paul Newman
Michael Wallis
Cheech Marin
Music by Bruno Coon
Brad Paisley (Behind the Clouds)
Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures
Release date(s) November 7, 2006 (with Cars DVD)
Running time 7 minutes, 58 seconds
Language English

Mater and the Ghostlight is a 2006 Pixar computer animated short created for the DVD of Cars, which was released on October 25, 2006 in Australia and in the United States on November 7, 2006. It is about a mysterious blue light haunting Larry the Cable Guy's character, Mater. As it shows a brand new story using characters from previous films, it is similar to Mike's New Car (with characters from Monsters, Inc.) and Jack-Jack Attack (with characters from The Incredibles).



This short is based on the day to day shenanigans of Mater after the story shown in the feature film, once life has returned to normal in Radiator Springs. It is Lightning McQueen's very first Radiator Springs adventure since he decided to stay in the town.

The short film starts with Mater playing scary yet harmless pranks on the other residents of the sleepy town on Route 66, such as

  • Pulling some flowers out from underneath Red as he waters them.
  • Jumping out of Luigi and Guido's carefully stacked tire replica of the Coliseum to frighten them (causing them both to faint and the tires to fall all over).
  • Frightening Sally by appearing as a "traffic cone vampire" in her office window.
  • Attempting to wake Lizzie from her afternoon slumber (the single prank that fails).
  • Confusing Fillmore by replacing his organic fuel cans as he stores them.

His final prank is his most successful: Lightning McQueen sees a tow hook hanging from behind a stack of cans and, assuming that Mater is hiding behind it, approaches to foil the prank. Mater then jumps off of the roof of Flo's café, screaming behind McQueen, who then is startled and knocks over the pile of cans, revealing that the hook was actually from the sign of Mater's place of business, thus a decoy. At that point, Doc and the others laugh at McQueen for falling into such a trick. Mater teases, "You look like you seen the Ghostlight!"

Sheriff admonishes him for "mocking the Ghostlight," a character of urban legend amongst the cars. The Ghostlight is described as a "glowing orb of blue, translucent light" that haunts Radiator Springs, and hates nothing more than the sound of clanking metal - a sound frequently made by Mater's rickety shell. Sheriff continues to tell the story of a young couple lost in the area, whose only remains were "two out-of-state license plates." He then concludes with an overly cheerful "Well, g'night." The population of Radiator Springs then leaves within seconds, leaving a very nervous Mater by himself.

Post-credits closing shot: Mater and the Banshee.

Mater drives home, looking about him for the Ghostlight. As he reaches his garage he is first frightened by a "lightning bug" (a tiny flying Volkswagen Beetle with bright headlights). As he relaxes, a bright blue glow suddenly appears behind him and he goes into a blind panic, driving around in a frenzy, first going along the main road, then going through the tractor field (unintentionally engaging in tractor tipping), past Frank, then around Willy's Butte, and doing a lock-strafe move after that, until he is exhausted. The Ghostlight however was revealed to be a glowing blue lantern to Mater's towing cable hunged up by McQueen and Guido.

The short ends with Mater finally collapsing on the road with the rest of the folks surrounding him, revealing the joke to him as retribution for the pranks he did to them. Sheriff tells him that the only thing to be afraid of on Route 66 is "your imagination." Doc Hudson adds, "Yep. That, and of course, the Screamin' Banshee. After saying good night, the cars once again disappear in seconds, shutting off the streetlights and leaving Mater all alone on the road outside of town. "The... screamin' what?", Mater whimpers and starts trembling again.

The credits roll and after them there is a closing shot where the frightened Mater finds he has a huge construction vehicle behind him, snarling and carrying the license plate "Banshee." Mater doesn't realize who it is though and warns it of the Screaming Banshee before driving off, bidding the Banshee good night. The bewildered and confused Banshee exclaims, "Huh?"

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UK: Disney Channel (UK & Ireland)
Ireland: RTE Two (The Den)
USA: Disney Channel


  • Jim Hill Media: A Special Where's WALL-E Edition of why for [1]

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