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Matt Morgan
Ring name(s) Beast (American Gladiators)
The Blueprint[1]
Matt Morgan[1]
Billed height 7 ft 0 in (2.13 m)[1]
Billed weight 330 lb (150 kg)[1]
Born September 10, 1976 (1976-09-10) (age 33)[1]
Fairfield, Connecticut, United States[1]
Billed from Fairfield, Connecticut
Trained by Bob Holly
Al Snow[1]
Debut 2002[1]

Matthew Thomas Morgan (born September 10, 1976)[1] is an American professional wrestler, currently working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan. He is currently one half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions with partner Hernandez. He is also known for his work with World Wrestling Entertainment


Basketball career

Morgan originally played college basketball for Monmouth University, and was on the squad which made the 1996 NCAA Tournament, who lost to Marquette in the first round. After a change of coach, Morgan transferred to Chaminade University, from where he graduated. Morgan had professional tryouts with the Indiana Pacers and the Toronto Raptors, but was eventually cut, and decided to pursue a career in professional wrestling.

Professional wrestling career

Ohio Valley Wrestling (2002–2003)

Morgan was first introduced to the World Wrestling Federation when he entered as part of its Tough Enough II program but left the show early due to an injury. In April 2002, Morgan signed a developmental deal with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and was assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). He made his OVW debut on October 2, 2002 at the OVW TV Tapings as "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan teaming with Mark Jindrak, defeating Bane and Lance Cade.[2] He wrestled there sporadically (usually winning handicap matches)[3][4] until October 2003 when he was called up to the SmackDown brand.

SmackDown! (2003–2004)

He made his WWE debut on the October 30, 2003 episode of SmackDown! and was picked with the returning Nathan Jones by then General Manager of SmackDown!, Paul Heyman, to join Team Lesnar, which consisted of Morgan, Jones, Brock Lesnar, Big Show and A-Train.[5] It was hinted that Morgan and Jones would be a tag team, but their only tag team match was at the 2003 Survivor Series pay-per-view took on Team Angle (not the stable introduced one year earlier, but a one-off combination of five wrestlers). They lost to Team Angle in a ten-person elimination tag team match at 2003 Survivor Series. Morgan was eliminated after an Angle Slam.[6] Morgan was then used to make run-ins along with the other members of Team Lesnar, helping Lesnar against his opponents.

Very soon thereafter, Nathan Jones quit WWE, so Morgan occasionally teamed with Lesnar. He teamed up with Lesnar, Big Show, and Rhyno in a four-on-two Handicap match against Chris Benoit and John Cena on the January 22, 2004 edition of SmackDown!, in a losing effort.[7] On January 25, 2004, he competed in the 2004 Royal Rumble match, in which the winner would get a title shot against their brand's champion at WrestleMania XX; he got rid of The Hurricane but was eliminated by Benoit, who would go onto win the match and the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XX.[8]

Two nights later, Paul Heyman announced a second Royal Rumble to air on television. This shortened match would only feature Royal Rumble participants from the SmackDown brand. But during the announcement, he claimed (accurately) that Morgan had sustained a shoulder injury and be would be replaced by eventual match winner Eddie Guerrero.

Return to OVW (2004–2005)

After Lesnar quit the WWE, Morgan was sent back to OVW for further development and experience, wrestling again as "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan and on April 14, 2004 he defeated Nick Dinsmore to become the OVW Heavyweight Champion.[9][10] He would hold the belt for almost six months before losing it to Chris Cage on October 13, 2004.[10] Since the stipulation was that if Morgan lost he would "never show his face again" in OVW, he began wearing a mask to the ring and tweaked his name to simply The Blueprint. He would regain the OVW Heavyweight Championship on April 13, 2005 at an OVW live event after defeating Elijah Burke, but lost the title 17 days later to Brent Albright on April 30 after Albright hit Morgan with a crowbar.

Return to SmackDown! and departure (2005)

Morgan returned to the WWE on the April 21, 2005 episode of SmackDown!, with a new gimmick as a stuttering big-man who was defensive over his speech disorder, and quickly defeated a jobber.[11] On the May 19 episode of Smackdown!, he allied himself with Carlito Caribbean Cool and became his "backup".[12] Morgan helped Carlito defeat The Big Show at Judgment Day, using Lesnar's former finisher, the F-5.[13][14] This partnership ended when Carlito was drafted to Raw,[15] and Morgan was subsequently released by WWE on July 5, 2005.[16][17] His last match in the WWE was on the July 4, 2005 episode of SmackDown! against William Regal, although technically the match never took place as Morgan was attacked by The Mexicools before Regal ever got to the ring.[18]

Japanese and European promotions (2005–2006)

Morgan toured with New Japan Pro Wrestling in late 2005, defeating Yuji Nagata in his debut match. He was being pushed as a "monster gaijin" and along with Brock Lesnar, was expected to become one of NJPW's top foreign wrestlers, but plans for this were abandoned when he decided to leave NJPW to go to All Japan Pro Wrestling. Morgan debuted in All Japan Pro Wrestling as a member of Taka Michinoku's foreigner-oriented RO&D faction. He and Mark Jindrak wrestled for HUSTLE as a tag team under the names of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Morgan also worked for NWE Wrestling in Italy and Rings of Europe in Austria, where he participated as the Monster Heel in a 20 Men Rumble Match. He and Joe Legend became allies but were unable to defeat Austrian Hero Big Van Walter in the end.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (2007–present)

Morgan debuted in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) on the August 7, 2007 episode of TNA Today, appearing briefly in the background of a segment featuring Eric Young and Jeremy Borash. On the August 9 episode of TNA Impact!, Morgan appeared alongside former TNA Management Director Jim Cornette, with TNA later identifying him as Cornette's "backup".[19] Morgan was the Special Enforcer in the Samoa Joe and Christian Cage match at Bound for Glory, preventing Christian's Coalition from interfering as Joe gave Cage his first true defeat in TNA.[20]

Morgan had to restrain Tomko and A.J. Styles on the October 18 edition of Impact! when they tried interfering in the main event helping Christian defeat Samoa Joe in a Fight For The Right Qualifying match.

On the April 3, 2008 edition of TNA Impact!, it was revealed that Morgan allowed Team Tomko to add James Storm to their team, giving them a five-to-four advantage heading into Lockdown; however, at the end of the program, it was revealed that Morgan himself had joined Team Cage.[21] The next week, Jim Cornette relieved Morgan of his assistant duties to become a full-time wrestler. With Morgan joining Team Cage, he established himself as a fan favorite, and due to his wrestling abilities, Morgan developed the nickname "The Blueprint". Morgan teamed up with Kip James at Sacrifice as a result of the Deuces Wild Tournament draw.[22] They failed to win the tag titles as James and Morgan couldn't get along long enough.[22] He then began to feud with The Rock 'n Rave Infection after defeating Jimmy Rave in less than two minutes on July 17.[23] Lance Rock immediately challenged Morgan to a match right there, and Morgan squashed him.[23]

Feud with Abyss and heel turn (2008–2009)

Morgan teamed with Abyss in late 2008.

Morgan entered a tag team up with Abyss, a team affectionatly, but not officially, referred to as 'The Monster and The Beast' (Abyss nickname was "The Monster" and Morgan played "Beast" in American Gladiators). The storyline was an additional chapter in the "Abyss' Humanisation" storyline. Since his return to television, Abyss had portrayed an emotionally vulnerable character, exaggerating the meaning behind every gesture he received. Abyss saw Morgan as his best friend, and was desperate not to displease him. But Abyss' new sensitivity made him more naive, thus causing him to make simple errors that cost the team matches. Through time, Morgan would go from understanding to frustrated over Abyss' errors. They feuded briefly with Team 3D. The duo defeated Team 3D at No Surrender, but lost at Bound for Glory IV in a Monster's Ball match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship, which Beer Money, Inc. won.[24][25] On the November 6 episode of Impact! Morgan and Abyss won a four team ladder match to earn a future TNA World Tag Team Championship match against Beer Money, Inc., which they lost at Final Resolution when Storm hit Abyss with brass knuckles when the referee was distracted.[26][27] They gained a third opportunity at the belts at Genesis in a three-way match against Beer Money, Inc. and then-champions Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed. During the match, Abyss accidentally knocked Morgan out with one of the championship belts, causing him to be pinned by Beer Money.[28]

On the following Impact!, the team fought against Lethal and Creed in a number one contenders match for the tag team championship, which ended with Morgan once again being pinned because of Abyss.[29] On the January 23 edition of Impact!, Morgan and Abyss battled Beer Money, Inc. in a non-title first blood match. Towards the end of the match, Morgan turned on Abyss after hitting him with a steel chair, causing him to bleed, giving Storm and Roode the win and turning into a villain.[30] This action turned Morgan heel and began a feud between the pair. Abyss was so distraught over losing Morgan's friendship that he started having therapy sessions with his psychiatrist, Dr. Stevie at shows. At Against All Odds, Abyss defeated Matt (who wrestled despite having a staph infection right to the bone of his shoulder) in a standard match. Three weeks later, Matt challenged Abyss to a Match of 10,000 Tacks at Destination X, which Abyss accepted the following week, after Matt threatened his girlfriend Lauren. Matt defeated Abyss in the match after knocking him off the entrance ramp with his "Carbon Footprint" bicycle kick, onto two table covered in tacks. The feud ended at Lockdown, in a Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match, in which neither wrestler could be legally pinned were he not bleeding. Matt won after interference by Abyss' psychiatrist, Dr. Stevie, by hitting Abyss with a back low blow and then a chokebomb onto a pile of tacks. This ended the feud, with Abyss now feuding with Dr. Stevie.

Alliance and feud with Main Event Mafia and face turn (2009)

The following weeks Morgan began a campaign to convince the heel stable The Main Event Mafia to allow him to join them and become a member. He was aware that the current members of the Mafia were all former World Champions (each having held the WCW World Heavyweight title), but realising that Team 3D, Kip James and Al Snow had been invited into the Mafia (Team 3D refused, and James and Snow were rejected), Morgan felt he should've been invited too. Kurt Angle then hired Morgan to perform a series of tasks, constantly promising that the Mafia were considering inducting him. He faced Sting at Slammiversary, but was unable to defeat him and was thus barred from joining the Mafia.[31] At Victory Road he defeated Daniels to regain the Mafia's favour.[32] On the August 13, 2009, episode of Impact!, Morgan defeated A.J. Styles in the deciding match of a "Best of Three Series" to secure his place in a triple threat match at Hard Justice also involving Sting and Kurt Angle.[33] He lost at the event after Angle hit him with a steel chair.[34] At No Surrender competed in a re-match that also featured A.J. Styles and Hernandez (Hernandez used his "Feast or Fired" contract to include himself in the match, but was removed after a few minutes when he sustained an injury at the hands of Eric Young). During the match, Styles attempted a front flip senton from the apron onto Morgan outside of the ring, at the same moment Angle attempted to attack Morgan, but accidentally got struck by Styles instead. Morgan seemingly took this as a friendly gesture and agreed to assist Angle for the remainder of the match. But when Angle seemed set to win, Morgan turned on Angle and cost him the World Heavyweight Title, turning into a fan favorite in the process. Styles became the new Champion.[35] On the September 24, 2009, episode of Impact!, Morgan cemented his newfound disinterest in the Main Event Mafia when he teamed with Hernandez to defeat Kurt Angle and Eric Young, which also solidified his status as a face.[36] On October 5 Morgan announced on his twitter page that he had signed a new 5-year deal with TNA.[37] Morgan's feud with Angle culminated in a singles match at Bound for Glory, where despite Morgan's loss, he managed to gain Angle's respect.[38] This match practically ended the Main Event Mafia.

Teaming with Hernandez (2009–2010)

Since then Morgan teamed up with Hernandez and D'Angelo Dinero and moved on to feuding with Rhino and Team 3D, who accused TNA of favoring the younger talent of the company.[39] At Turning Point, Rhino and Team 3D defeated Morgan, Hernandez and Dinero in a street fight.[40] The next night, the two teams had a re-match which ended the same way after Jesse Neal returned and attacked Hernandez with a steel chair. It was announced that the both teams would face of at Final Resolution in an elimination match, but both teams were required to have four members. Team 3D immediately enlisted Neal, while Dinero pursued Suicide's help. Both teams fought in a regular tag match to determine an additional stipulation on the forthcoming match at Final Resolution. The match at Final Resolution would begin as a 4-on-1 handicap match, but the disadvantaged wrestler could have his partners join the match if he survived the first 5 minutes. Neal pinned Hernandez, meaning that Hernandez and his team would be disadvantaged at Final Resolution. Morgan, Hernandez, Dinero and Suicide defeated Jesse Neal, Team 3D and Rhino in an eight-man elimination tag team match, with Morgan scoring the deciding fall on Brother Ray.[41]

On the January 4, 2010, live, three hour, Monday night edition of Impact! Morgan and Hernandez defeated Dr. Stevie and Raven to become the number one contenders to the TNA World Tag Team Champions British Invasion (Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams) at Genesis.[42] At the pay-per-view Morgan and Hernandez defeated the British Invasion to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship, his first major championship.[43] At Against All Odds as part of the 8 Card Stud Tournament Morgan and Hernandez were forced to face each other in the first round. Morgan defeated Hernandez by taking advantage of his injured shoulder and pinning him, while grabbing a hold of his trunks. However, in the semifinals Morgan was defeated by the eventual winner of the entire tournament, D'Angelo Dinero.[44]

Other media

In 2008, Morgan accepted an offer to appear on the third series of American Gladiators as one of the Gladiators. Morgan, under the name Beast, made his Gladiator debut during the first night of the semi-finals in the joust. He defeated each of his two opponents in less than eight seconds.[45][46]

Personal life

Morgan announced on an episode of TNA Impact! during the TNA Webography segment where TNA Superstars give an insight into their life that he has been married to his college sweetheart, a Hawaiian/Filipino woman named Larissa Vasper from Hawaii for five years. During that Webography, he also announced that when he was five, he was dignosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).[47]

In an interview with Pro Wrestling Report on 540 ESPN Radio, he stated "I'm a big Jay-Z fan" and that "The Blueprint" moniker was inspired by the album of the same name.[48]

In August 2008, it was announced that Morgan would contribute a sample of his DNA to be launched into space as part of game designer Richard Garriott's "Operation Immortality" project.[49]

In wrestling

  • Nicknames
    • "The Blueprint"[55]
    • "The Most Genetically–Jacked, Athletically–Stacked Giant Walking Today"[57]
    • "The (self–proclaimed) DNA of TNA"[58]

Championships and accomplishments

  • Far North Wrestling
    • FNW Heavyweight Championship (1 time)[59]


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