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Granny Goose is the name of an American brand of potato chips and other snack foods.

Its logo and mascot, also named Granny Goose, is an anthropomorphic cartoon goose. In a series of television commercials first aired in the 1960s, the company's spokesperson, who self-identified as "Granny Goose", was portrayed by actor Philip Carey as a tough James Bond-style spy.[1]

Granny Goose Foods, Inc., was originally founded in Oakland, California, by Matthew Barr in 1946. In 1993, the company acquired the Laura Scudder brand from Borden, Inc., but still could not make a profit due to intense competition from PepsiCo's Frito-Lay and Anheuser-Busch's Eagle Snacks, so the entire company was put up for sale in 1995.[2] The company moved most of its operations from its corporate headquarters in Oakland to Kaysville, Utah in 2000.

The brand is still claimed by Snack Alliance, Inc.[3], who also produce and market chips under the Laura Scudder brand. Several products formerly produced by the original Oakland-based Granny Goose are also still available from their new owners, such as the Hawaiian Kettle Style line from Tim's Cascade Snacks. An idiomatic use of the company was popular in 60's California "hippie" speak. One would say so and so has more of x than Granny Goose has potato chips.


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