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Narnia character
Maugrim. Art by Leo and Diane Dillon
Race Talking Wolf
Nation Narnia
Gender Male
Title Captain of the Secret Police
Major character in
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Portrayals in adaptations
1988 BBC miniseries: Martin Stone
2005 Walden/Disney film: Michael Madsen (voice)

Maugrim is a fictional wolf and one of the White Witch's servants in the book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. He is captain of the Witch's Secret Police (though only one of his lieutenants is ever seen). His name was changed to Fenris Ulf in early United States editions of the book. Since 1994, the name Maugrim has been used in all editions.[1]

Maugrim is one of the few Talking Animals who sided with the Witch during the Hundred-Year Winter, although based on the words of Nikabrik in Prince Caspian, a majority of Narnian wolves sided with the Witch at this time. Wolves were, however, among the former-statues (brought to life by Aslan's breath) who side with Peter Pevensie during the Battle of Beruna. By Mr. Tumnus' statement that Giant Rumblebuffin would not have been turned to stone by the Witch if he had been evil, it is evident that the wolves she turned to stone were indeed against her.




The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Maugrim is first named when the Pevensie children find a notice signed by him in Mr Tumnus's cave, announcing his capture by the Secret Police as punishment for not handing Lucy Pevensie over to the White Witch.

Maugrim is first seen when he is acting as a gateguard and messenger for the White Witch at her castle. He takes Edmund's message to the White Witch and bids him come to her presence. Later, Maugrim and one of his lieutenants are sent to the Beaver's house in order to "kill whatever they find there", and to make "all speed" to the Stone Table if the beavers and the three other children had already gone. When Maugrim and the other wolf reach the house, they find it empty and the harshness of the Witch's imposed winter prevents them from finding any tracks. They head for the Stone Table to wait for the witch, but by the time they reach it the snow has melted and the witch has been forced to continue her journey on foot.

Maugrim then rushes onto the Stone Table and terrifies Aslan's followers who are standing nearby, but he is then killed by Peter Pevensie, who gains the title Sir Peter Wolfsbane.

Prince Caspian

Maugrim is briefly alluded to in Prince Caspian when Peter retrieves his sword from Cair Paravel's treasury, stating; "It is my sword Rhindon... with it I killed the Wolf."

Media appearances

Maugrim, as portrayed by Martin Stone in The Chronicles of Narnia
Maugrim, as portrayed in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Maugrim appears in the 1988 BBC production on The Chronicles of Narnia, portrayed by Canadian actor Martin Stone. Maugrim is portrayed in the serial as a shape shifter (wer-wolf), who assumes the form of a humanoid wolf-like creature when speaking or fighting, and an actual wolf when standing guard at the witches castle or when mortally wounded. Martin Stone would return in Prince Caspian as the werewolf.

Maugrim features in the 2005 motion picture The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in which he is voiced by American actor Michael Madsen. He appears in the film much more prominently than in the book and the BBC serial. In two sequences invented for the film, Maugrim and his wolves (which are more numerous than in the book) threaten a red fox into revealing the children's whereabouts after they leave the Beaver's house. Maugrim later taunts Peter by calling him a coward, citing an earlier confrontation between the two where Peter had not been able to strike a killing blow for fear of harming his friends.

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