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Maverick may refer to:

  • Maverick (animal), an unbranded range animal, derived from U.S. cattleman Samuel Maverick (see below)



Film and television

  • Maverick (TV series), an American western series starring James Garner and Jack Kelly
  • Maverick (film), a 1994 film based on the television series, starring Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, and James Garner
  • Maverick, the callsign of the main character, played by Tom Cruise, in the film Top Gun




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Maverick is a 1994 film about Bret Maverick, a gambler needing money for a poker tournament, who faces various comic mishaps and challenges, including a charming woman thief.

Directed by Richard Donner. Written by William Goldman
The greatest gambler in the West has finally met his match.


Bret Maverick

  • Maverick: From the moment I slapped eyes on this hombre, I smelled trouble. And re-fried beans.
  • Maverick: Lord... whatever I've done to piss you off... if you could just get me out of this and somehow let me know what it was I promise to rectify the situation.


  • Annabelle: You thought that was fast? I thought it was fast. Well was it?
  • Annabelle: If I can't touch you, I can touch your shirt and dream.


Annabelle: [speaking in a very southern drawl] Ah shouldn't be doin' this.
Maverick: You're just standing in the hallway, Mrs Bransford, I think that's still legal in this state.

Annabelle: There isn't a Mrs. Maverick is there?
Maverick: Oh I'm sure I would have remembered.

Maverick: You tend to breathe hard when you get excited.
Annabelle: How did you - oh.

Maverick: So, are you gonna miss me?
Annabelle: Are you gonna miss me?
Maverick: You ARE gonna miss me.

Zane Cooper: Well, Bret, you know what we ended up with? A half a million dollar silk shirt.
Maverick: Nope, we ended up with a quarter million dollar silk shirt, because my old pappy always used to say "Don't put the chicken in front of"... no, wait "Never cut the cards before"... no, wait, "Don't put all you eggs in one basket".
Zane Cooper: Now that, I said.


Zane Cooper: I've never committed a cold blooded murder in my life, and I'm not about to. Not till I find Maverick.
Angel: Almost got hung once myself. Didn't care for it much.


  • The greatest gambler in the West has finally met his match.
  • In their hands, a deck of cards was the only thing more dangerous than a gun.


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