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Shihab ud-Dawlah Maw'dud (d. 1050 CE) seized the throne of the Ghaznavid Empire from Mohammad Ghaznavi in revenge for the murder of his father Ma'sud I. His brother in Lahore did not recognize him however his sudden death paved the way for Maw'dud to exercise his control on the eastern portion of the empire.


  • 1042 Failed expedition to recover Tocharistan and Balkh. Boost defended against Toghril Beg
  • 1043 Delhi leads a revolt in Thanesar, Hansy and Nagarkot. Siege of Lahore for seven months before being repelled.
  • 1044 Rebellion in Seistan quelled.
  • 1044 Ghazni sacked and recaptured and defeat of Kuzil-Bash Turkmen in Kandahar
  • 1046 Toghril Beg rebels (not the Seljuk but the Ghaznavid General who led the successful campaigns against them)
  • 1046 Ghur recaptured. Seljuks defeated at Boost.
  • 1047 Peshawar rebels subdued
  • 1047 Recaptured Seistan from the Seljuks
  • 1049 Captured Bamiyan

Maw'dud inherited an empire whose entire western half was overrun by the Seljuks and was battling to continue existing. During his reign the further reaches of the Indian conquests and vassal states also broke away. Maw'dud was able to hold on to his Afghan realms and Indus valley territories while stabilizing while pushing north into central Asia and stabilizing his western front with the Seljuks.

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  • Ferishta, History of the Rise of Mohammedan Power[1]
Preceded by:
Ghaznavid Ruler
Followed by:
Ma'sud II


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