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Max Power
Frequency Monthly
Company Bauer
Country United Kingdom United Kingdom
Website Max Power official website

Max Power is a UK-based magazine, headquartered in Peterborough, covering the performance-tuning car market, launched in 1994 by EMAP. It is also published in Greece, Denmark, Norway, South Africa, and in France under the name ADDX. After EMAP acquired Petersen in 2000, a U.S. edition was published which featured cars from America as well as articles from the UK stablemate. This version ceased publication the same year when the publisher sold its U.S. arm to Primedia, having fared poorly in competition with its sister magazine, Super Street.

The slang term for automobile performance tuning, "Maxing", is derived from Max Power magazine, where a modified car was said to be "Maxed" and modifiers featured in the magazine were known as "Maxers". The whole automotive aftermarket has also picked up on the slang, often being referred to as the "maxing" market.

The magazines caters to all owners and admirers of modified, customised and performance cars by highlighting the best examples of modified and performance cars from around the world. It also covers modified car events around the world where owners can exchange advice and display their own cars. Glamour models frequently do photoshoots for the magazine, also.

Max Power Live was a popular tuning show in the UK taking place each summer, attracting in excess of 50,000 enthusiasts from all over the world. Due to unforeseen circumstances the show was canceled, but the team have plans to re-kindle the Max Live spirit in the not too distant future.



AT the magazine's beginning it was aimed to appeal to enthusiasts and young lads with a passion for modifying, later referred to as a demographic known as the "boy racers". The magazine was the first to feature cruises and the more notorious side of the modified car scene. Features cars often sported in car entertainment (ICE) systems that take up the majority of boot space, high power and other modifications which could make daily driving impractical. It would also influence other boy racer magazines including the long running Fast Car and Redline

The magazine was widely criticised for promoting unauthorised cruise events which the magazine had a rating system that score highly when a large police presence is at the event.

Max Power occasionally campaigns against the presence of speed cameras, and was criticised for an article it featured over 5 years ago which encouraged vandalism of GATSO cameras. Entitled GATSO Terror Squad, the article depicted two balaclava wearing readers dressing up cameras. Despite disclaimers, the magazines often prints articles about dangerous driving on public roads.

Where it was once widely regarded as a joke by enthusiasts who prefer to solely focus on the engine/handling modification side of car tuning, the editorial change is designed to bring the magazine back to its performance inspired roots, but with an inspiring and informative wealth and cross section of cars being featured.

The other joke about the magazine is despite being not the first to do so, as used to feature a large content of half naked women, and tended to be referred to as bottom-shelf porn. However this issue has been addressed with the recent relaunch in 2007.

Throughout its print, Max Power have always campaigned against elderly drivers, labelled as "coffin dodgers", stating that "they are a danger to our roads".

Advanced Driving Scheme

Max Power in 2006 started the Max Driver advanced driving scheme, in conjunction with the Institute of Advanced Motorists, Adrian Flux Insurance Services, Honda and Ripspeed. It was designed to offer young, inexperienced drivers the chance of professional tuition in handling their cars responsibly. Those who pass are guaranteed at least 25% discount on their insurance by Adrian Flux.

Editorial Staff

  • Mark Guest - Editor
  • Andrew Baxter - Associate Editor
  • Nick Thackray - Art Editor
  • Ben Hackney - Production Editor
  • Alex Grant - Consumer Writer
  • Mark Riccioni - Staff Writer
  • Jason Aughton - Website Developer

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