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McClure's Magazine
Volume 19

Volume 19 Contents


May 1902

  • (p.1 & 2): Illustrations for Ellen Stone article
  • (p.3): Ellen M. Stone - Six Months among the Brigands
  • (p.17): William D. Williams - The Devotion of John Dubbs
  • (p.27): Robley D. Evans - Prince Henry's American Impressions
  • (p.38): Ellsworth Kelley - A Matter of Providence
  • (p.41): J. George Frederick - Breezy, Grocer's Clerk
  • (p.48): Eden Phillpotts - Spring
  • (p.49): George W. Smalley - English Statemen and Rulers - II
  • (p.60): Paul Kester - The Lonely Room
  • (p.61): George Madden Martin - The Confines of Consistency
  • (p.69): H. R. Martin - The Conversion of Elviny
  • (p.78): Clara Morris - Sarah Siddons's Tryst
  • (p.84): Frank H. Spearman - A Night with Whispering Smith

June 1902

  • (p.98): Illustration for The Two Vanrevels
  • (p.99): Ellen M. Stone - Six Months among the Brigands continued
  • (p.110): Ellsworth Kelley - The Man Who Found Himself
  • (p.118): Harold Spender - The End of a Great Mountain Climber
  • (p.130): Rudyard Kipling - Cecil Rhodes (poem)
  • (p.131): Booth Tarkington - The Two Vanrevels
  • (p.143): Ida M. Tarbell - Louis Pasteur
  • (p.152): Ray Stannard Baker - The Roping at Pasco's
  • (p.159): John La Farge - Rubens
  • (p.173): Brooks Adams - John Hay
  • (p.183): Edwin Lefèvre - His First Suicide
  • (p.186): Henry Wallace Phillips - Billy the Buck
  • (Supplementary pages): Herbert Wallace - A Great American Enterprise

July 1902

  • (p.194): Illustration for The Two Vanrevels
  • (p.195): Sterling Heilig - The Over-Sea Experiments of Santos-Dumont
  • (p.207): George Madden Martin - A Ballad in Print o' Life
  • (p.213): Charles Francis Saunders - Sancta Humilitas
  • (p.214): John D. Long - Rear-Admiral William T. Sampson
  • (p.217): A. T. Mahan - Sampson's Naval Career
  • (p.222): Ellen M. Stone - Six Months among the Brigands continued
  • (p.232): R. E. Young - Mrs. Shanklin's Ambitions
  • (p.241): Henry C. Rowland - Fighting Life in the Philippines
  • (p.248): Mary Stewart Cutting - In the Married Quarters
  • (p.256): Norman Duncan - The Fruits of Toil
  • (p.262): Herminie Templeton - Until You Came
  • (p.263): Booth Tarkington - The Two Vanrevels continued
  • (p.274): Cyrus Townsend Brady - George Rogers Clark, and the Great Northwest
  • (p.281): Author:Frederick Walworth - Our Red-Headed Kid

August 1902

September 1902

  • (p.386): William Allen White - Cuban Reciprocity - A Moral Issue
  • (p.395): Hermann Knickerbocker Vielé - The Guest of Honor
  • (p.401): August F. Jaccaci - Pelée, The Destroyer
  • (p.417): Stewart Edward White - The River Boss
  • (p.421): Marie van Vorst - Love Poems
    "In the Window"
    "Though All Betray"
    "Old-Time Melody"
    "The Sign"
  • (p.424): Mary Stewart Cutting - The Happiest Time
  • (p.432): George Madden Martin - Venus or Minerva?
  • (p.440): Booth Tarkington - The Two Vanrevels continued
  • (p.454): Alberto Santos-Dumont - How I Became an Aëronaut and My Experience with Air-Ships concluded
  • (p.464): Ellen M. Stone - Six Months among the Brigands continued
  • (p.471): L. A. Coolidge - Attorney-General Knox, Lawyer
  • (p.474): Hamlin Garland - Hippy, The Dare-Devil
  • (p.480): Cale Young Rice - The Victory

October 1902

  • (p.482): photograph of Woodrow Wilson
  • (p.483): Ralph M. Easley - What Organized Labor has Learned
  • (p.492): Eugene Manlove Rhodes - His Father's Flag
  • (p.497): John La Farge - Velasquez
  • (p.514): H. R. Martin - The Disciplining of Mathias, A Story of the New Mennonites
  • (p.522): Margaret Steele Anderson - Work
  • (p,523): A. C. Post - Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes
  • (p.525): Clara Morris - Rachel
  • (p.534): Jesse Lynch Williams - Woodrow Wilson
  • (p.535): Cyrus Townsend Brady - George Groghan and the Defense of Fort Stephenson
  • (p.541): Mary Stewart Cutting - The Strength of Ten
  • (p.548): Josephine Dodge Daskam - The Secret Playmate
  • (p.549): Booth Tarkington - The Two Vanrevels continued
  • (p.562): Ellen M. Stone - Six Months among the Brigands continued
  • (p.571): Henry C. Rowland - In the Whale-Boat
  • (p.577): Claude H. Wetmore and Lincoln Steffens - Tweed Days in St. Louis, Joseph W. Folk's Single-handed Exposure of Corruption, High and Low
  • (p.587): S. S. McClure - A. A. Gargiulo
  • (p.588): Editorial announcement - Miss Tarbell's History of the Standard Oil Company


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