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Typical McGill Ghetto street, Aylmer looking north from the corner with Milton, in August.

The McGill Ghetto (also known as Milton Park or officially, Milton-Parc, after the neighbourhood's two main streets, Milton and Park) is a neighbourhood in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, named after McGill University, situated directly to the east of the university campus. The Ghetto is located in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough of Montreal. Many McGill students live in this area, which is characterized by a mix of rowhouses and low- to mid-rise apartment buildings. The area is roughly bordered by rue University and the university campus to the west, rue Sherbrooke to the south, avenue des Pins to the north, and avenue du Parc to the east, though McGill University considers this area to extend as far east as Saint Laurent Boulevard.

The neighbourhood has many historic townhouses built in the late 1800s, which housed affluent businessmen and their families. The area remained a wealthy enclave throughout the early half of the 20th century. Eventually, many of the affluent residents of the area moved to other boroughs such as Westmount or to the suburbs.

While the space is colloquially known as the "Ghetto", the name for the area is used with the original definition of the word "ghetto": a socioeconomically homogeneous area. It is well-kept and quite safe. In recent years, more students have begun to move out of the Ghetto because of rising rent prices, with fewer moving in for the same reason.[1]


Development and preservation

In the 1970s, community activists were concerned that the vast La Cité mixed-use complex (consisting of apartments, offices, a mall, and a hotel - now McGill's New Residence) would destroy the neighbourhood's character.[2] A campaign to stop further redevelopment was led by a residents' coalition and the then-newly formed historic preservation group Heritage Montreal.[3]

When McGill University acquired the hotel component of La Cité (at Parc and Prince Arthur) and transformed it into an undergraduate student residence (called New Residence Hall), the student population in the Ghetto increased by 650 people. In 2009, McGill University purchased and transformed second hotel (Four-Points on Sherbrooke) into another student residence for use starting in the 2009-2010 school year.[citation needed]

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