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MeAnda - Don is a satirical Video clip created by non-profit Mexican independent organization VideoGENTE. The name of the song is "Don" and is performed by a fictitious band called "MeAnda". The name of the fake band and the song are both a parody of the Argentine band Miranda! and his 2004 pop hit "Don".

The lyrics are about a young gay man who is telling his boyfriend (called "mayate" in the local slang) that he (the boyfriend) is becoming as gay as him (the gay man). This is understandable in the cultural context of Alvarado, the city where the video was shot.

The video has clearly the format of a home-amateur video and a very cheap look-and-feel.


Viral distribution

In January 2006, VideoGENTE was invited to make a satiric video for a local contest of video parodies in a night club, in the town of Alvarado, Veracruz, in Mexico. They wrote the lyrics of "MeAnda - Don" and shot the video clip later, mostly in the night club where the contest was taking place and picking up random local people to satirize the members of the Miranda band and their performance in their original video.

The song was instantly a local hit. The kids of Alvarado started to spread it in MP3 format, and later someone upload to the internet in popular video sites like YouTube and Dailymotion. It started to be referred and commented in numerous blogs in Spanish and published on websites, given to the fact that the video is free.

Cultural context of gay references

The video clip and the song lyrics were made with a crude sense of humor, poking fun at the gay population of Alvarado, where young homosexuals often make fun of themselves and frequently use vulgar references to their queer lifestyle in the town. In other cultures this might be offensive but in the cultural context of the town, allegedly to be "liberal", the incisive humor is celebrated with laughs, and even little kids sing the song[1] as if their content were appropriated for them.

The question about that the boyfriend of the gay (called "mayate" in Alvarado and many Mexican places) is not gay is a widely discussed issue in Alvarado and all of Mexico. Being a macho culture by history, it's commonly accepted that the "mayate" (term taken from a small bug) is not gay, he may have a girlfriend and perform every man's activities in the community despite his active role in the homosexual relationship. The true nature of this sexual condition is generally ignored and openly accepted as something normal by the conservative and religious sector.


Some letters were received in VideoGENTE's site, complaining about the video and the song considering them discriminatory to the homosexual community and that it shows strong homophobic tendencies. The organization states that they are only playing at the rythmm of their culture and that the video is not meant to laugh at homosexuals, but to laugh along with them, taking the issue with a tongue-in-cheek, deliberatedly unworried attitude.


The lyrics use very crude language and rude slang terms to tell the story. They were not censored in their local town.

Quiero saber qué me pasa
que me duele mi trasero desde ayer
Siento cosquillas, tengo ganas
que me ensartes otra vez.
Pero tú ya no quieres.
Dices que prefieres las mujeres.
Aunque yo estoy muy seguro
que mayate debes ser
En el preciso momento
en que agarrastes
lo que te ibas a poner
en ese instante yo te dije
que te ibas a "volver",
pero no me escuchastes
y de todos modos te largastes.
En el Encierro de Burros
te vestistes de mujer.
Ah, una mañana te veré llegar
crudísimo y con dolor,
con el culo en coliflor
y me pedirás ahora el mío
y yo te me sentaré
en tu dura rigidez.
Podría ser que al final
te guste al igual que a mí.
Podría pasar que no sientas mal,
yo creo que tienes el don
de volverte puñal.
Deberé tranquilizarme y esperar
que te des cuenta de una vez
que si los pedos tú me sacas
ahora yo te sacaré.
Que eres tú tan jotote
que te gusta el arroz con popote
y tocando la trompeta
nos daremos más placer.
Siento que debo encontrarte
y avisarte que
te estás volviendo gay.
Serás el mismo, pero ahora
te darán a ti también.
Y cagar para adentro
te pondrá a ti también muy contento
porque el puto del mañana
es el mayate del ayer.
Ah, una mañana te veré llegar... etc.
Es un choto
que no tiene el culo roto
Podría ser que al final
te guste al igual que a mí.
Podría pasar que no sientas mal
que muerdas la almohada
y te empiece a gustar
que soplen tu nuca
y que sepas gozar
que tengas el culo
como un carnaval
Tú tienes el don
que requiere volverse puñal
I wonder what’s going on with me
That my ass is hurting since yesterday
I feel tickles
I’d like you to bang me again
But you don’t want anymore
You say you prefer women
Though I am pretty sure
that you’re a top.
Since the very first moment
You picked out
what to wear
From that moment,
I said you would become
But you didn’t listen to me,
and anyway you left
for the "Donkees’ Meeting"
dressed as a woman.
Ah… there'll be a morning I’ll see you arrive...
Hungover and aching,
Having your asshole raw
And you will ask for mine...
And I will sit down
On your hard on
It could happen that at the end
You enjoy it as much as I do,
It could happen that you don’t feel bad,
I think you have the skill
to become a fag.
I should calm down and wait
For you to realize
That if you losen me up
I could losen you up too
That you are super fag
That you like "rice pudding with straw"
And by "blowing the trumpet"
We'll give each other pleasure.
I feel I should find you
and let you know
That you’re becoming gay
You will be the same
But now you'll get banged too
And "packing fudge"
Will make you very happy, too
Because "tomorrow's fag
is yesterday's top".
Ah… there'll be a morning I’ll see you arrive... etc.
He is a gay man
who hasn’t had his ass drilled!
It could happen that at the end
You enjoy it as much as I do,
It could happen that you don’t feel bad
That being a pillow biter
will appeal to you,
That you'll enjoy someone
panting on your nape,
That your ass will be
like a big carnival
You have the required skill
to become a fag.

Festivals and TV appearances

VideoGENTE received an invitation to submit the video clip to the 16th Annual InsideOut Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival, for which they presented an English subtitled version in its original video format (version circulating in the web was in a lower definition). The video was programmed in the "Latin Trash" section and was exhibited on May 20, 2006.

The video was also commented in some shows of the Mexican television network TVAzteca.

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