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Me Myself I

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Pip Karmel
Written by Pip Karmel
Starring Rachel Griffiths
David Roberts
Sandy Winton
Release date(s) April 7, 2000 (US)
April 20, 2000 (Australia)
Running time 104 minutes
Country Australia
Language English

Me Myself I is a 2000 Australian comedy film.



Pamela Drury (Rachel Griffiths) is single and works as a serious journalist. She is unsatisfied and looking for a man in her life, but keeps thinking of Robert Dickson (David Roberts), whom she rejected 13 years ago. She then meets an interesting man, Ben (Sandy Winton) and follows him home, only to see through the window that he has a family. Later she is hit by a car.

The woman who drove the car is Pamela Dickson (Griffiths) - herself in another possible life, married to Robert. She takes her home, and the two of them talk in the kitchen. Suddenly the kids come home and Pamela Dickson disappears, leaving 'our' Pam in a house she has never seen before with three children she does not know. The children assume she is their mother, although they do not quite recognize her sometimes.

She soon finds out that her alter ego Pamela Dickson lives in a dull marriage, and writes lightweight articles for a mainstream ladies magazine. She happens to meet Ben again, who in this time-line is a widower. She also manages to wake up Robert's interest and possibly enliven her marriage, but at the end of the movie the two women are switched back to their former lives. Pamela Drury is single again, but goes toward a happy ending, when she meets Ben again, and finds out he is divorced, and that he seems to have dated the other Pamela for a while.


The film won two awards for sound at the Australian Screen Sound Guild awards and won First Works Section at the Festroia International Film Festival.[1]


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