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Measure can mean:

In law:


  • Measurement, the process of establishing the magnitude of some attribute of an object relative to some unit of measurement
  • Measure (mathematics), a way to assign non-negative real numbers to subsets
  • Measure (physics), a way to integrate over all possible histories of a system in quantum field theory
  • Bar (music) or measure is a unit of time in Western music representing a regular grouping of beats
  • Countermeasure, is a system designed to prevent weapons from acquiring and/or destroying a target
  • Coal measure is a seam of coal
  • Measure (termination), a way to describe termination of processes, algorithms, or functions
  • Measure (bartending) (also called a "jigger"), a bartending tool used to measure liquor

Bible wiki

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Several words are so rendered in the Authorized Version. (1.) Those which are indefinite. (a) Hok, Isa. 5:14, elsewhere "statute." (b) Mad, Job 11:9; Jer. 13:25, elsewhere "garment." (c) Middah, the word most frequently thus translated, Ex. 26:2, 8, etc. (d) Mesurah, Lev. 19:35; 1 Chr. 23:29. (e) Mishpat, Jer. 30:11, elsewhere "judgment." (f) Mithkoneth and token, Ezek. 45:11. (g) In New Testament metron, the usual Greek word thus rendered (Matt. 7:2; 23:32; Mark 4:24).

(2.) Those which are definite. (a) 'Eyphah, Deut. 25:14, 15, usually "ephah." (b) Ammah, Jer. 51:13, usually "cubit." (c) Kor, 1 Kings 4:22, elsewhere "cor;" Greek koros, Luke 16:7. (d) Seah, Gen. 18:6; 1 Sam. 25:18, a seah; Greek saton, Matt. 13:33; Luke 13:21. (e) Shalish, "a great measure," Isa. 40:12; literally a third, i.e., of an ephah. (f) In New Testament batos, Luke 16:6, the Hebrew "bath;" and choinix, Rev. 6:6, the choenix, equal in dry commodities to one-eighth of a modius.

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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Simple English

For Measure in music notation see bar (music)
Simple English Wiktionary has the word meaning for:

To measure something is to give a number to some property of the thing. Measuring something puts the amount of the thing into numbers.


What can be Measured?

Many things can be measured. Some properties of things that can be measured:

  • Distance: For example, distance measurements can be used to answer the following questions;
    • How far is the city from here?
    • How far apart are these two trees?
    • How long is this stick?
  • Weight: For example, weight measurements can be used to answer the following questions;
    • What is more heavy, this group of apples or that group of bananas?
    • Did John gain weight in the last year?
    • Will putting this rock in the boat make the boat sink?
  • Temperature: For example, temperature measurements can be used to answer the following questions;
    • Is it hotter today in London or in Paris?
    • Will this ice turn into water if I put it inside?
    • Is Sally sick? Does Sally have a fever?
  • Volume: For example, volume measurements can be used to answer the following questions;
    • How many pails of water do I need to fill up the bath tub?
    • How much olive oil do I put in this food I am making?
    • How many blocks can I fit in this box?
  • Pressure: For example, pressure measurements can be used to answer the following questions;
    • How much air should I put in this automobile tire?
    • Will the weather stay good or will we have a storm?
    • Will my ears pop when I climb that hill?

One can measure many other things.

Units of Measurement

Most properties are measured using a number and a unit of measurement. The unit of measurement is a standard amount. The number compares the property to that standard amount. This means a tree that is ten times as tall as a meter stick is 10 meters tall.

Measure Theory

There is an advanced part of mathematics that is about measuring things with unusual characteristics. This is called measure theory.

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