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MediEvil 2
MediEvil 2 Cover.jpg
Game cover art for the European release
Developer(s) SCE Studios Cambridge
Publisher(s) SCE
Platform(s) PlayStation
Release date(s) NA May 9, 2000
EU May 9, 2000
Genre(s) Platform
Mode(s) Single-player
Rating(s) ELSPA: 11+
ESRB: Teen

MediEvil 2 (MediEvil II in North America) is the sequel to MediEvil. It was released in 2000 by Sony Entertainment for the popular PlayStation console. It originally based upon a Gothic horror platform game that allows the user to explore several themed levels, collect items and activate sequences in order to complete tasks. This sequel also contains several new characters, and an entire new range of levels set in 19th Century London. However, it still follows similar beasts, demons, traps and encounters with bosses. It is unknown as to what exact date the game takes place, but the year is defined as 1886 AD, 500 years after Sir Daniel Fortesque laid to rest, only to be awoken again by the spell book.



After Sir Daniel Fortesque slew the evil sorcerer Zarok, he went to the Hall of Heroes and his body went to rest for all eternity in peace as a true hero. Now, 500 years later, Dan has been awakened in a Victorian museum in 1886 and found by a helpful ghost named Winston. He learns that Zarok's spell book has unfortunately been found by another sorcerer named Lord Palethorn. Now, Palethorn has released zombies across London (as well as turned himself into an elf with red skin) and it's up to Sir Dan and his new allies, a professor with metal hands and a mummy princess named Kiya (who he eventually falls in love with) to stop Palethorn from collecting all the lost pages of the spell book to take over all of London.

During his adventure, Dan gathers pieces of a Frankenstein body to take part in a boxing match. Unfortunately, Professor Kift drops the head. Dan puts his head on the body, transforming him into Dankenstein. In the boxing ring, Palethorn introduces him to a powerful robot called Iron Slugger. Once Dan defeats Iron slugger, the robot's head rolls right in front of Palethorn's feet. Seething with rage, he leaves the ring.

After fighting many more monsters, including the notorious Jack the Ripper (who at first kills Kiya, but is thwarted after Dan travels back in time to save her), Dan eventually finds the final page at Cathedral Spires. This makes the building come down, but Dan survives and wonders the ruins till he gets to a small room. Palethorn then shows up in a hovercraft and takes the page from him, then offers Dan the chance to join him. Dan declines it, so Palethorn sends his henchmen, Mander and Dogman (who were also affected by the spell, but unlike their master, they were turned into animals) to kill him. Once Dan slaughters them, Palethorn summons a large blue demon from Zarok's book with a bull's skull for a head and white wings. Dan defeats Palethorn by getting him to accidentally shoot the demon with his machine guns with whatever projectile weapons he has, which results in getting his hovercraft hit by the demon. When the demon throws the final blow on Palethorn, the hovercraft crashes onto the ground and the demon disappears. Palethorn, before dying, plants a bomb to take Dan with him, but he escapes. The professor, Dan and Kiya reunite and like the first game, the ending will differ, depending if the player did the following:

  • No chalices: The professor takes Dan and Kiya back to Kiya's tomb in Kesington. After saying their goodbyes, the undead couple go inside the coffin and then happily die together, waiting for when they are given the task of saving the world once again. Then the credits roll.
  • All chalices: The time machine Dan used earlier will appear before the three. Dan and Kiya decide to go back in time and wind up in Zarok's lair. There's a thumping sound and then the couple encounter a fused form of Zarok and Palethorn. It has Zarok's dragon form body with Palethorn's head. The monster then goes towards them with its mouth wide open and the screen goes black. Then the credits roll.

Game design

MediEvil 2 contains several of the original forms of gameplay, weaponry and graphics that were present in the first title of the series. Whilst featuring many of the classic swords and other medieval weaponry, long range weapons are more modern, taking the form of pistols, shotguns and portable Gatling guns. Progress through the game is a bit more linear and story driven, with levels chosen from a hub instead of a map screen, and in-game cutscenes replace the dialogue boxes of the first game. You are also able to save the game at certain points in a level, generally before a boss battle. The spiv replaces the gargoyles from the first game, and can repair shields and armour as well as sell ammo for Dan's weapons.

There are a few new features in this game:

  • Weapon toggle: In this system, two weapons can be selected from the inventory, and players can switch between them. For example, the most common use of this is to equip a close range weapon like a sword or an axe, and a projectile weapon like a crossbow or a gatling gun.
  • Dan-hand: Unlocked halfway through the game, Dan can place his heads on one of the scuttling green hands in order to get into small areas to solve puzzles or access hidden treasure. Whilst in this mode, Dan can freely swap between his head and his body. This does come with risks, as Dan-hand has no attacks and is quite vulnerable.
  • Dankenstein: One of the levels involve Dan fighting in a boxing match, using a Frankenstein-esque body, against a large robot. The fighters fight each other, with limbs coming off after certain amounts of damage. Lost limbs can be recovered between rounds, but Dan will lose if he loses all his limbs, or if he is unable to defeat his opponent in three rounds.


  • Sir Daniel Fortesque - The protagonist of the game. He was the captain chosen to lead the fight against Zarok, but was killed by an arrow during the first charge. He was later resurrected when Zarok returned to terrorize the land once again. This time Sir Dan was able to defeat his nemesis, restoring his name and proving himself to be a true hero. He is a skeleton with no lower jaw, therefore he humorously mumbles in speech although unlike the first game, the player can hear him. Jason Wilson and Kenyu Horiuchi reprise their roles in the respective language versions.
  • Professor Hamilton Kift - A nervous, fast-talking professor in the laboratory near an unused underground rail station. He's a somewhat short man with mechanical hands and a large head. He is skilled in different forms of science, philosophy, the occult and has a knack for creating inventions. Collecting the Chalice in each level provides him the materials to earn a new weapon. Collecting the Chalice from a level you've already done before earns a load of money. Dan can access new levels as well as levels he's already completed via the Professor's projector in the lab.
  • Kiya - A soft spoken mummy who has been dead inside The Tomb for thousands of years and enunciates every word she says carefully. She is actually blue in skin color and wears bandages. She knows embalming techniques and is grateful to Sir Dan for having rescued her from her eternal prison. Later, their relationship becomes deeper after Dan goes through a huge ordeal to rescue her from Jack the Ripper in Whitechapel.
  • Winston Chapelmount - A cheery young ghost with large eyes. His name is a play on Winston Churchill. His history creates a spectral shadow, upon which he can be called to provide help for Dan. He teaches Dan how to find and use ancient magic. He also provides save points on long levels and on a few occasions relays Dan's earned weapon to him when he is unable to access the Professor's lab.
  • Lord Palethorn - The villain of the game. His motive is to find all the lost pages of Zarok's spellbook so he can gain control of London. He was once an acquaintance of the Professor and was the one responsible for damaging his hands before being banished from the cult. He is voiced by Steve Blum in English, and by Toshiyuki Morikawa in Japanese.
  • Mander - Lord Palethorn's associate, he was turned into a lizard during the spell and is notably smarter than Dogman.
  • Dogman- Dogman is Lord Palethorn's muscle man. He was also another victim of Palethorn's spell, turning him into a dog.
  • The Ripper - The notorious murderer who attacks Kiya. To defeat him, Dan must wait until the killer starts draining Kiya's life. He will then become transparent, so that is Dan's chance to attack him. Once he defeats the Ripper, he begs for mercy. Dan ignores it and kills him with a single shot from his pistol.

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