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In the arts, media (plural of medium) are the materials and techniques used by an artist to produce a work.



In drawing, "media" refers to the type of held dry tool used and the base onto which it is transferred. The "held dry tool" normally means a pencil, or stick medium, referred to as a "crayon". Small particles of broken-off stick medium are transferred to a base or plane of production on which the artwork is produced. A typical base is paper, but canvas and other surfaces can also be used.


Common drawing media


In painting, "media" refers to both the type of paint used and the base (or ground) to which it is applied. A paint's medium refers to what carries a paint's pigments, and is also called a "vehicle" or a "base". A painter can mix a medium with solvents, pigments, and other substances in order to make paint and control consistency.

Common paint media

Common ground media

Application tools and methods

Muralism techniques

Muralists use many of the same media as panel painters, but due to the scale of their works, use different techniques. Some such techniques include:





In the art of printmaking, "media" tends to refer to the technique used to create a print. Common media include:

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