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This article provides an overview of the communications infrastructure of the country of Lithuania.


Telephone system

  • Telephones - main lines in use: 803,710 (2005 Q3) /819,147 (2004)
  • Telephones - mobile cellular: 4,609,031 (2005 Q3) /2,300,000 (2004)
  • Telephone system: inadequate but is being modernized to provide an improved international capability and better residential access
    • Domestic telephone system: a national fiber-optic cable interurban trunk system is nearing completion; rural exchanges are being improved and expanded; mobile cellular systems are being installed; access to the Internet is available; still many unsatisfied telephone subscriber applications
    • International telephone system: landline connections to Latvia and Poland; major international connections are to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway by submarine cable for further transmission by satellite

Broadcast media



  • Radio broadcast stations: AM 29, FM 142, shortwave 1 (2001)
  • Radios: 1.9 million (1997)

Radio stations

Main article: List of radio stations in Lithuania


  • Television broadcast stations: 27
Lithuania has approximately 27 broadcasting stations, but may have as many as 100 transmitters, including repeater stations (2001)
  • Televisions: 1.7 million (1997)


  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs): 32 (2001)
  • Internet users: 700,000 (2004)
  • Country code (Top-level domain): LT

Broadband Internet access

ADSL carrier services in Lithuania are provided by monopoly Teo LT. In the future this service might be used by other ISPs for their retail services. Find more about "Zebra DSL"

According to the study carried out by, Lithuania has the fastest internet upload speed in the world and fourth by download speed.[1][2]



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