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Telephones - main lines in use:

1,151 Million (2007)

Telephones - mobile cellular:

6.068 Million (2007)
providers: T-Mobile (former name Eurotel), Orange (former name Globtel), Telefónica O2 (use brand O2)
In Slovakia as of 2006/7 the population is 5,400,000 and there are 6,500,000 mobile phone SIM Cards. (2006 /data from Orange and T-Mobile/, 2007 /data from O2/)

Telephone system:

  • general assessment: a modernization and privatization program has increased the accessibility of the telephone service. The waiting time for new subscribers has been reduced to zero, and service quality has improved dramatically.
  • domestic: Still predominantly an analogue system, being upgraded with digital equipment and being enlarged with fiber-optic cable, especially in the larger cities. Cellular phone capability now been added covering over 97% of area of Slovakia
  • international:
    • country code - +421
    • There are three international exchanges, one in Bratislava and two in Banska Bystrica
    • Slovakia is participating in several international telecommunications projects that will increase the availability of external services.


Radio broadcast stations:

AM 15, FM 78, shortwave 2 (1998)


3.12 million (1997)


Television broadcast stations:

6 national broadcasting, 7 regional, 67 local (2004)


2.62 million (1997)


Internet country code:


Internet hosts:

717,744 (2007)

Internet Service Providers (ISPs):

6 (2000)

Internet users:

2.35 Million (2007)
435 per 1000 ppl (2007)

Broadband access

Slovakia currently has a large number of full-area ISP's that offer wired broadband internet connections. They are: Slovak Telekom (known under the business brand T-Com) this is the major telecommunication company. Also available is: T-mobile, Orange Slovensko, Chello, Wimax, and others. They offer a range of connections, from ADSL / ADSL2+ to "Fibernet". ADSL or ADSL2+ is available in almost every town in Slovakia.

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