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Mediox, Inc.
Type Private
Founded 2007 1
Headquarters Seattle, Washington
 United States
Key people Robert Lamson, PhD, CEO
Alex Zhavoronkov,PhD President
Peter Siao, PhD, CTO
Roman Kyrychynskiy, CFO
Richard Oh, VP Marketing
Nicholas Joujou, VP Sales
Industry Digital Signage
Services Advertising
Content distribution

Mediox is a company specializing in the design of high tech multimedia equipment for the food service industry. The company has a patent pending in the United States for both a product and a method of content delivery that, together, are capable of revolutionizing the fast food industry. Mediox Smart Tray, an advanced multimedia-enabled food service tray, is a wide-reach advertising medium that the company has created for the food service industry. This restaurant media technology is projected to deliver $10 billion in advertising revenue while allowing advertisers to reach over 30 million customers per day [1].


Mediox Smart Tray

Mediox Smart Tray Top Menu Restaurant media

Fast food restaurants and food courts often use reusable plastic food trays for customers to carry their food through the establishment. These trays can vary in size, shape, form, color, material and design but generally have an oval or rectangular form. Most restaurants place a paper or plastic cover sheet on the tray before placing food on the tray. This sheet may contain marketing, promotional or advertising materials for the restaurant or its partners. However, this information is static and fails to ignite customer interest. The customer is not motivated to pay attention to paper tray cover and the amount of information on the tray cover is limited. It also provides no way of soliciting feedback or further input from the customer.

To address the challenges of content delivery via the food tray Mediox, Inc developed a new form of restaurant media - a fast food tray with an interactive multimedia display called Mediox Smart Tray. The multimedia tray allows visitors of quick service restaurants (QSRs) can scroll through local news, weather, watch movie previews, sports scores, play games, take surveys and make purchases.

Mediox Smart Tray can be used to deliver multimedia content to customers of food service restaurants, cafeterias, shopping malls, hospitals, military, etc. The tray is configured to the shape of a regular food service carrying tray, albeit with an embedded multimedia display in the bottom-left corner. Multimedia content may include video, still images, text or computer instructions, or interactive content such as puzzles, games or quizzes related to advertising partners or other nearby locations. In addition, Mediox Smart Tray can be used to distribute multimedia content such as mobile phone ring tones and wallpaper, digital music, video clips, electronic books, computer and cell phone software, and games etc. via Bluetooth or WiFi interface.

The potential of Mediox Smart Tray technology is explosive. In 2001 Americans spent over $110 billion on fast food, more than they spent on movies, books, magazines, newspapers, videos, and recorded music combined.[2]

Company Background

The concept of multimedia content delivery on a fast food tray has been invented by Alex Zhavoronkov in 2006. During his tenure as a director of sales for ATI Technologies, he envisioned the possibility of selling electronics in restaurant chains following the model developed by Medion in Germany. Later, he invited his colleague Roman Kyrychynskiy to join the effort and together they filed a patent application for their invention. Medion, one of the most famous consumer electronics brands in Europe, distributes millions of PCs via grocery store chains, introducing limited number of PC models several times a year. Fast food restaurants are more ubiquitous than grocery stores and with proper communications tools can be converted into a powerful distribution network. Mediox Smart Tray may be used to place online orders for products or distribute product discounts.

Happy QSR Visitor

The potential of Mediox business model was immediately recognized by Dr. Robert Lamson, who joined the company as CEO. Dr. Lamson re-focused Mediox from a product-oriented company to an advertising and content delivery medium. Together with Alex Zhavoronkov, he successfully secured design and manufacturing partnerships with leading contract manufacturers and software development companies. A partnership with a large publicly-traded Taiwanese design and manufacturing company resulted in Dr. Peter Siao joining the team as Chief Technical Officer.

In November 2007 Mediox showcased the first working interactive Mediox Smart Tray system. Presently, Mediox is looking for seed-level venture capital.

Mediox Name

The name Mediox stems from "Medio", meaning "channel" or "medium" [3]. The name clearly reflects company's main purpose as a new medium for content delivery.

Mediox Old Logotype

The first logo of the company was designed to reflect its connection with Chinese manufacturing partners and was later changed to a simple, easy to read logo with a slogan "Mediox - Simply Smart".

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