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Medusa: Dare to Be Truthful
Directed by Julie Brown
John Fortenberry
Produced by Julie Brown (executive)
Steve Natt (supervising)
Christine A. Sacani (line)
Written by Julie Brown
Charlie Coffey
Starring Julie Brown
Bobcat Goldthwait
Carol Leifer
Wink Martindale
Chris Elliott
Music by Julie Brown
Charlie Coffey
Editing by Vic Lowrey
Distributed by Columbia TriStar Home Video
Release date(s) 1992
Running time 51 min.
Country United States
Language English

Medusa: Dare to Be Truthful is an American 1992 mockumentary film starring comedienne Julie Brown as the title character, with Kathy Griffin and Donal Logue in supporting roles. Comedians Tom Kenny and Bobcat Goldthwait and game show host Wink Martindale also made cameo appearances in the film.

The film lampoons the legitimate documentary Madonna: Truth or Dare (also known as In Bed With Madonna outside the United States and Canada). In the original, pop superstar Madonna allowed cameras to follow her around for a no-holds-barred peek into her life during her Blond Ambition Tour. In this spoof, Brown plays Medusa, a controlling, hyper-sexual blonde bombshell who has allowed a documentary crew to follow her on her "Blonde Leading the Blonde Tour."

The film, about one hour long and originally produced as a Showtime television special, goes to great pains to recreate costumes, sets and situations that occurred in the original documentary.

In an interview with celebrity columnist Michael Musto of the Village Voice, Brown recalled how Madonna first reacted when saw the film:

"At first I heard she really liked it. Then I heard she didn't like the scene where I rolled around on my dog's grave. She'd rolled around on her mother's — like that wasn't offensive enough? Then she didn't like the scene with the dancers suing me, because that really happened to her."

Shortly after seeing the film, Madonna sent over a half-finished bottle of warm champagne as a dubious gift, to salute Brown's deadpan impersonation. Brown's reaction upon receiving the gift was surprising:

"It was really expensive champagne, but it had Madonna spit in it!"

According to Brown, she drank the bottle.

After its debut on cable television, the film was released on VHS for a limited time until it went out-of-print in the mid-1990s. The DVD version of the film is now available only on Julie Brown's official website.


Comparison of the original and the spoof

  • ORIGINAL: Madonna visits the cemetery where her mother is buried. While lying on the ground next to the grave, she says, "I wonder what she looks like now."
    SPOOF: Medusa visits the cemetery where her dog "Boomer" is buried. While lying on ground next to the grave, she says, "I wonder what he looks like now," and starts to dig him up with a shovel.
  • ORIGINAL: Kevin Costner visits Madonna backstage and says her show was "neat". When he leaves, Madonna puts her finger in her mouth and pretends to gag.
    SPOOF: Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait visits Medusa backstage and calls her show "nice," and Medusa responds in kind, only he sees her and becomes violently enraged..."I coulda gone to Monster Trucks, you know!"
  • ORIGINAL: Madonna sings her hit song "Vogue."
    SPOOF: Medusa performs her smash hit "Vague"
  • ORIGINAL: Madonna, in a game of truth or dare, simulates oral sex on a water bottle.
    SPOOF: Medusa does the same to a watermelon until it is sucked empty and only the rind remains
  • ORIGINAL: Madonna's boyfriend Warren Beatty quips "Why would you do anything if it wasn't on camera?"
    SPOOF: Medusa's boyfriend Wallace Blatty refuses to visit her in Japan, prompting her to "have sex with the first man I see".
  • ORIGINAL: Madonna is threatened with arrest for lewd content because of her show.
    SPOOF: Medusa is threatened with arrest if she bares "her muffin" during a dance number. She does, and instead is harassed by police for autographs.
  • ORIGINAL: Madonna refuses to remove sexual elements of her show because it would be "compromising my artistic integrity".
    SPOOF: Medusa refuses to eliminate a giant ceramic penis (upon which she dances) from her show, even though it fell on her and almost killed her, because it would be "compromising my artistic integrity".
  • ORIGINAL: Madonna complains about sound problems during a show and yells at people around her. Stage crew try to soothe the artist by telling her she sounded great.
    SPOOF: Medusa accidentally gets electrocuted on stage and yells at persons around her. Stage crew try to soothe the artist by telling her it looked great. Medusa then decides to keep the electrocution in the show, but with a lot less voltage.
  • OTHER SPOOF: Medusa sings "Expose Yourself" ("Express Yourself" parody), and "Party in My Pants" ("Like A Prayer" parody).


  • Film Director: You were amazing tonight, Medusa. You're so sexy!
    Medusa: Duh.
  • Film Director: I want to cast you in my film. It's an update of "Heidi"...
    Medusa: You mean like Shirley Temple Heidi?
    Film Director: Yes, but in my movie, Heidi is all grown up. She's exploring her sexuality and she's joined a neo-Nazi regime.
    Medusa: (Looking at script title) What's this? "Do the Rich Thing?"
    Film Director: No. It's "Do the REICH! Thing".
  • "I went to the Paws and Claws cemetery to visit the grave of my dead dog Buster. My grandmother used to say 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.' But you can't make lemonade out of a dead dog no matter how hard you try!"
  • "There's the phone booth where I lost my virginity!"
  • "I hear the crowd in the Puh-hillipines spent millions of dollars on my tickets so there was no way I could cancel. I mean, that's more than some people make in a whole year! They tell me a couple of people in the back row were consumed by molten lava; that's like a real compliment!"
  • "The prettiest girl in the mirror is Me
    But am I still pretty
    When there's no one to see?
  • "Life can be so strange when you're all alone
    I tried to call you up but they turned off your phone...
    No need to pay this time
    This boink's on me
    Let's set our brains free
    C'mon, you know, you're invited
    to the party in my pants...
    I'll be a virgin for you and lay my body down
    'cause I know more tricks than a rodeo clown"
  • "C'mon girls! Do you wanna be a Vixen? Well I'm gonna show you how and it goes like this
    Expose yourself! You've got to make him expose himself!
    Dare to go bare, just wear your underwear
    You'll get a ride home every time!
    Don't let your thunderthighs get you down..."
  • "Ever since I got cable
    I'm only able
    To do it with you...
    Like a video
    I want to play you all the time..."
  • "Darkness I do dread
    It's hard to party when you're dead."


  1. ^ La Dolce Musto from the Village Voice dated June 14, 2000

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