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Mega Man 10
Promotional artwork depicting Mega Man and Proto Man
Developer(s) Inti Creates, Capcom
Publisher(s) Capcom
Composer(s) Ippo Yamada
Ryo Kawakami
Hiroki Isogai
Manami Matsumae
Yasuaki Fujita
Minae Fujii
Mari Yamaguchi
Yuko Takehara
Makoto Tomozawa
Shusaku Uchiyama
Akari Kaida
Series Mega Man
Platform(s) WiiWare, PlayStation Network, Xbox 360 (XBLA)
Release date(s) WiiWare
NA March 1, 2010[1]
EU March 5, 2010
JP March 9, 2010[2]

JP March 9, 2010
NA March 11, 2010[1]
EU March 11, 2010

NA March 31, 2010[1]
EU March 31, 2010
JP March 31, 2010
Genre(s) Platform, Action
Mode(s) Single-player
Rating(s) CERO: A
Media Download
Input methods Wii Remote, Gamepad

Mega Man 10 (ロックマン10 宇宙からの脅威!! Rokkuman 10: Uchū kara no Kyōi!!?, lit. Rockman 10: Threat From Outer Space!!)[2] is the tenth main entry of the classic Mega Man series (not including Mega Man & Bass). Like its predecessor, Mega Man 9, it is a downloadable title for the same services -- WiiWare, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade - and is based on the look and feel of the early NES titles.



A robotic illness known as Roboenza starts infecting robots, causing them to malfunction, with Roll becoming one of the victims. A month following the outbreak, the infected robots go berserk and attempt to take over the world. Dr. Wily comes to Mega Man and Dr. Light, claiming that he was building a medicine making machine to cure the disease before one of the infected robots stole it. Reluctantly, Mega Man decides to help Dr. Wily retrieve the machine and soon runs into Proto Man, who decides to join him. Mega Man halfway finishes his journey when Dr. Wily completes a prototype antidote, and it is given to Roll. After all eight robot masters are defeated, Mega Man himself appears to have caught Roboenza, making it look like all is lost once Dr. Wily appears on television and reveals that he created the virus, and only developed a cure so he could bribe all the infected robots into coming to work for him. After this, Roll gives Mega Man her medicine, saying she had saved it in case "a really sick robot was brought in." Mega Man reluctantly takes Roll's medicine so that he can go defeat Wily and bring back enough medicine for everyone.[3][4]. After confronting Wily in his space fortress, Mega Man defeats him and Wily ends up catching a fever. Mega Man brings Wily to the hospital and days later, he escapes, leaving multiple cure medicines in his bed.


Mega Man 10 has three playable characters: Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass (via downloadable content). The Robot Masters in the game are Sheep Man, Commando Man, Blade Man, Strike Man, Solar Man, Chill Man, Nitro Man, and Pump Man.[5][6][7] An easy mode is also included in the game. Similar to a feature offered in Mega Man Powered Up, this option alters levels, such as placing platforms over spike pits, and decreases AI and damage done to Mega Man. Also similarly to Powered Up, there is a Challenges mode where players can practice their skills in 88 mini-stages, which typically require Mega Man to reach a goal or defeat an enemy. Many of these challenges require Mega Man to complete the stage unharmed to receive full credit, a gold crown, for the challenge, though simply completing the stage awards a silver crown. Returning features from the previous game include an in-between-level item shop and downloadable content.[8] Players can also cycle through their available weapons during gameplay without needing to switch to the weapons menu.

Playable characters

  • Mega Man, the main hero of the series, returns with his default abilities from Mega Man 2: An arm-mounted Mega Buster, which fires up to three small pellets of energy at a time, and his robot dog companion, Rush, who can transform into the springboard-like Rush Coil mode and the aerial transport Rush Jet mode (obtained after defeating four Robot Masters). Similarly to Mega Man 9, he does not retain his slide ability introduced in Mega Man 3 nor his Mega Buster shot charging capability introduced in Mega Man 4.
  • Proto Man, first seen as "Break Man" in Mega Man 3, is a prototype robot and Mega Man's "brother", also constructed by Mega Man's creator, Dr. Light. He is once again playable similarly to Mega Man 9. Unlike that game, in which he can only be played through downloadable content, he is available from the beginning of the game by default. In addition to Mega Man's running, jumping, shooting, and Master Weapon copying capabilities, he carries a shield that can block small shots and projectiles, and he can slide and charge his arm cannon. He also has simple items to replicate the function of Mega Man's Rush Coil and Rush Jet, both of which are initially available without defeating any robot masters. To balance out his additional capabilities, he takes twice the damage that Mega Man does, is knocked back twice as far when hit, and can only have two shots onscreen at a time.
  • Bass, a robot constructed by Dr. Wily, first appeared in Mega Man 7 and was previously playable in Mega Man & Bass as a default character in addition to Mega Man. He can only be played with the purchase of downloadable content, available for all platforms in North America on April 5, 2010. Similarly to that game, according to the WiiWare operations manual, his rapid-fire arm cannon can fire in seven directions at 45-degree angles with the exception of straight down at his feet. An official trailer released by Capcom[9] revealed that he also retains his dash maneuver for longer jumps and the ability to summon his robotic dog Treble to allow him to fly from Mega Man & Bass. In addition to his previous abilities, Bass can also call Treble to provide him with power-ups, and his buster can destroy certain shielded enemy defenses.


Mega Man 10 was developed by Inti Creates, a company which developed games in the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series.

Like Mega Man 9, the game's graphics and music resemble the look and sound of the Nintendo Entertainment System's hardware, on which the first six Mega Man games were released.

This game is the first in which Proto Man is fully playable. However, according to the WiiWare Operations Guide, only Mega Man is compatible with Rankings. Additionally, Proto Man can utilize a charge shot and a slide maneuver, which were utilized by Mega Man in most games prior to Mega Man 9.

Downloadable content

According to the operations guide for the WiiWare version of the game and[10][11], downloadable content for the WiiWare version will become available for purchase on April 5 and April 26 in North America. On April 5, the ability to play as Bass will be added for 200 Wii Points, and a special level with a unique boss will be added for 100 Wii Points. On April 26, an endless stage similar to that included in Mega Man 9 will be added for 300 Wii Points in addition to two more special levels for 100 Wii Points each. The bosses to the special levels are Enker, Punk, and Ballade, from Mega Man in Dr. Wily's Revenge, III and IV on Game Boy, respectively. The manual also indicates that Bass will not be compatible with challenges or rankings.


The game has two official albums planned on release. Rockman 10 Original Soundtrack is the first of two albums to be made. It is to be released on March 24, 2010 by Inti Creates.[12] The album contains the music from the original game itself. The second is Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack, which contains remixes of the songs from the game. The 2nd album is stated to be released on April 30, 2010


IGN gave the game a score of 8.5, praising its gameplay and its challenge mode, although expressed disappointment in its length.[13] gave the game a B grade, calling it fun but failing to capitalize on its predecessor in a meaningful way.[14] Kotaku praised the game for its Easy mode, making it accessible to gamers who are less keen on old-school games.[15] GameTrailers gave the game 8.3.[16]


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Mega Man 10

Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Capcom
Status In development
Release date TBA
Genre 2D platformer
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s) ESRB: RP
Platform(s) WiiWare, PSN, Xbox Live Arcade
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Mega Man 10, not to be confused with Mega Man X, is the 10th game in the Mega Man classic series.

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