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1 megametre =
SI units
1,000.00 km 1.000×10^6 m
Astronomical units
6.685×10^−6 AU 105.7×10^−12 ly
US customary / Imperial units
621.37 mi 3.281×10^6 ft

A megametre (American spelling: megameter, symbol Mm) is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one million metres, the SI base unit of length, hence to 1,000 km or approximately 621.37 miles.

Megametres (from the Greek words megas = big and metro = count/measure) are rarely seen in practical use, e.g. "5000 km" is much more common than "5 Mm". Their symbol (Mm) can also be confused with millimetres (mm). Megametres are also occasionally found in science fiction.

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A megameter is also a type of astrometrical instrument used for determining longitude by observation of the stars.


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