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Meganekko (メガネっ娘 ?) (メガネ, also めがね or 眼鏡, pronounced megane ("glasses") and 娘 ko for "girl") is a Japanese word which translates to "glasses(-wearing) girl". It is also often used in anime and manga fandom to refer to females who wear glasses, especially when it is considered their most attractive trait. Their usage may or may not have anything to do with a character's eyesight, and they are often a "neutral" costume not as closely associated with more obvious fetishes such as meido (maid) or seifuku (school uniform), though they are very often depicted with a pageboy haircut. They sometimes have the connotations of geekish or bookish behavior, but in a complimentary fashion.

The most common stereotype associated with the term, especially in youth-oriented stories, is the ubiquitous "Class Representative" (iinchō); a well-doing, charismatic but sometimes bossy student who is respectful of authority. This usually earns them the respect of good students or contempt of slackers.

Male characters who wear glasses are referred to as megane.[1]

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