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Megas XLR
Title card
Format Animated Series
Science Fiction
Created by Jody Schaeffer
George Krstic
Voices of David DeLuise
Wendee Lee
Steven Jay Blum
Scot Rienecker
Clancy Brown
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 26 (List of episodes)
Running time 26 minutes
Original channel Cartoon Network
Original run May 1, 2004 (2004-05-01) – January 15, 2005 (2005-01-15)

Megas XLR (short for Extra Large Robot) is an American animated television series that aired on the Toonami block on Cartoon Network and was produced by Cartoon Network Studios. It was created by Jody Schaeffer and George Krstic. Its opening song is "Megas XLR Theme (Chicks Dig Giant Robots)" by Ragtime Revolutionaries (now Deathwish IX).

Originally entitled Lowbrow, the pilot episode was shown during Cartoon Network's 2002 Summerfest, wherein eight original Cartoon Cartoon pilots were shown. It was chosen as the most popular among viewers, and Lowbrow was greenlit and retitled Megas XLR. Originally to debut in December 2003, Megas XLR was delayed and finally debuted on Toonami on May 1, 2004. It ran for two seasons before being canceled on April 26, 2005.

Before and since the show being canceled, characters have appeared in Cartoon Network's branding in both 2D and 3D CGI form, most recently being the FusionFall Online MMORPG. Both seasons are now available for download from Microsoft's Zune service[1] and the iTunes Store. And although there has been no official DVD release, series co-creator George Krstic has made a promotional Downtown DVD set available via his blog that features numerous Megas behind-the-scenes easter eggs.



In the distant future of 3037, humanity is fighting a doomed war against an alien race known as the Glorft. In order to save the Earth and their species from total annihilation, the human resistance steals a prototype giant robot from the Glorft and modifies it, renaming it "Megas" (Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System). The plan was to send Megas back in time to the Battle of the Last Stand in 3035, which was the last major offensive fought by humanity against the Glorft. Humanity lost that battle, and the war moved more and more in the Glorfts' favor ever since, but the members of the resistance believe that Megas can tip the scales and hand the Glorft a decisive defeat.

Before the plan can be executed, an attack by the Glorft forces the human resistance to send Megas back in time ahead of schedule. Kiva, one of the main architects of the plan, decides to pilot it and attempts to transfer into it from her own mech. During the attempt, Megas' head is blown off by enemy fire, destabilizing its timedrive and sending the robot to 1936. Megas languishes in a junkyard, otherwise known as Jersey City, New Jersey, until it ends up in the hands of Coop (who bought it for two dollars, and never bothered to actually pay for it), around the year 2004. Coop turns Megas into a hot rod project and names it XLR, for Xtra Large Robot.

Kiva and the Glorft also go back in time in the hopes of retrieving Megas, arriving in Coop's time. When Kiva finds it she discovers that she is unable to pilot it because of Coop's modifications; because the Glorft attack destroyed Megas' head, Coop had to jerry-rig together a new set of controls using a car and various videogame controls. Coop's constant video game playing has made him the perfect pilot for the remodeled Megas, so Kiva grudgingly decides to train Coop in Megas' proper use until she can repair the timedrive.


The series follows a fairly consistent villain of the week format. Few villains ever recur, and those that do serve much the same capacity.

Each episode begins with some mundane or seemingly unimportant task Coop is trying to perform. In doing so, Coop will often awaken, irritate, or otherwise incur the wrath of some alien force, usually possessing a mecha or some other threat beyond the scope of normal weaponry. This threat will inevitably interrupt whatever task Coop is trying to perform, leading him to fight the threat with Megas.

During the battle, Coop or the enemy will wreck a fair portion of the battleground, Coop usually doing more damage than the villain. In one instance, a Glorft-controlled clone of Megas (with a gray paint scheme) is assumed to be Coop because of the destruction it causes. When on Earth, they often wreck comically implausible buildings like a "Conveniently Placed Oil Refinery" or an "Entirely Abandoned Factory". In almost every episode, an advertisement for PopTV is destroyed, in reference to MTV canceling Downtown, a show made by the creators of Megas XLR.

Eventually a standoff results. At this point, Coop will reel off a list of unforgivable things his enemy has done, although more often than not they are actually Coop's fault. The third one is invariably the most "heinous" of all the crimes, but is almost always the most trivial one of the three, i.e. "You destroyed my city, wrecked my robot, and you interrupted a wrestling match!". Once this is finished, he proceeds to defeat the enemy. For the final showdown, Coop often uses a new ability surprisingly fitting the situation, at one point activating it via a button literally labeled "5 Minutes Until the End of the Episode"; essentially a deus ex machina presented in a humorous fashion.

After the threat is defeated, Coop will return to the task he was performing, usually to discover that his battle has rendered doing so impossible. At this point, he sometimes accidentally destroys whatever was spared during the battle, and learns that he's caused more damage than he prevented, such as "freeing" an alien prison colony from the "oppressive" warden and guards.

The show parodies or references many cartoon/anime/giant robot tropes and cliches. For example, when teaming up with a Super Sentai/Power Rangers/Voltron parody team, Coop transfers data on Megas to the team's robots, and attempts to combine with them. As opposed to Sentai shows, where this would traditionally result in an elaborate transformation sequence and greatly increased power, Coop merely jams Megas' limbs into the foreign robots, mangling them and giving Megas a barely-noticeable power-up.


The Jammer (first appeared in "Battle Royale") – A weapons-grade karaoke system that, when teamed with Coop's (very) off-key singing, is capable of generating a wave of sonic destruction capable of annihilating a space station. Use of The Jammer may very well constitute a war crime—not to mention a crime against all that is music.

Super-Destructor Mode (first appeared in "S-Force S.O.S.") – A mode that covers Megas from head to toe in missile launchers. It would be devastating—if only Coop had finished debugging the targeting system.

Mazer Refractor (first appeared in "Universal Controller") – Fires a beam that creates an invincible, deflecting force field around whatever it hits (although weapons that are inside the shield can still be shot out). If the polarity is reversed, it creates a reverse shield that lets everything in and nothing out.

Energy Sword (first appeared in "Battle Royale") – The hands of Megas can create a huge energy sword in a manner similar to that of Voltron.

Cool Blade Thingy (first appeared in "Junk in the Trunk") – Blades surround Megas's entire body. Spinning blades have also appeared.

Nitrous (first appeared in "The Fat and the Furious") – A mode that accelerates Megas's speed a thousand times, enabling it to move at lightning-like speed and leave dead mechas in its path.

Manual Overdrive (first appeared in "The Fat and the Furious") – A Dance Dance Revolution-style system used as a back-up when the automatic driving gears fail. Coop dances, and Megas mimicks Coop's exact movements. Despite the silliness of the system, this can actually be very handy for use in combat.

5 Minutes Till End of Episode (first appeared in "Coop D'Etat") – Coop will slam his face onto this button, usually exactly five minutes till the end of the episode. Megas's fists burst into flames, enabling it to melt anything it touches.

The Do Not Touch Button This launches multiple nuclear warheads. Fortunately, Kiva is able to keep Coop from actually using it. (first appeared in Viva las Megas)

Something Bigger (first appeared in "Universal Remote" Taken from Macross, based on the "Monster" destroid) - Coop makes his opponent invisible by accident so then he decides to use a bigger attack, so he transforms in to a what looks like a battle ship on two mechanical legs complete with cannons, missile launchers and rocket launchers.

Wave Motion Gun (Taken from Space Battleship Yamato, appeared in "Test Drive") – This highpowered weapon comes out of the front of Megas, consisting of not only the cannon, but a sizable portion of the bow of the Yamato as well. Accuracy is an issue, however.

Autobot Matrix of Leadership (Taken from Transformers, appeared in "The Fat & the Furious") – Though not called by its name, the Matrix somehow wound up in Megas, where Coop and Jamie promptly injected pasteurized cheese spread into it and somehow created a cheese monster.

Reflex Cannon (Taken from Robotech's adapted name for the super dimension energy cannon in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, appeared in "Viva Las Megas") – The ultimate weapon of the Macross is now part of Megas's armament. The weapon was part of a giant fortress; the front of it; and when the ship transformed, the front of the ship made two huge cannons. Secondary Command Centre is an obvious allusion to the Enterprise Ds rather less than high tech secondary bridge. It includes various old monitors and control pad with twist buttons, and, surprisingly, a CB radio. Appeared in "Dude, where's my head?")

Save Jamie Gear Though not technically a weapon, Coop will switch on this gear whenever Jamie is in trouble, which happens quite frequently. Once switched on,this gear will cause Megas to do something completely random, thereby saving Jamie.


Main characters

Harold "Coop" Cooplowski (David DeLuise)

Coop is an overweight, always-hungry video-game obsessed car enthusiast, who, against all odds, has come into possession of Megas. He usually wears a shirt with the number 12 on it. His best friend is Jamie. Due to years of playing video games, he is an excellent, if unconventional, pilot. He's not exactly the brightest person around, often lacking awareness of how serious the situation he and his robot are in—his amazing heroics are mainly just accidents, and he usually ends up destroying more than he protects. However, he has the capacity to display a strong sense of justice and compassion, as seen in the finale when he fights Gorrath in a completely destroyed Jersey City (which was actually an alternate reality).

In spite of his apparent lack of intelligence, Coop possesses exceptional skill in mechanics, artistry, and electronics. He frequently "upgrades" Megas, though more often than not his upgrades malfunction, and despite his apparently great knowledge of robotics and engineering, he still destroys his garage every time he brings Megas into battle. Coop has an insatiable appetite, which is a running gag throughout the series; the trick (according to him) is pacing. Coop is quite proud of his size, once correcting someone who called him "chubby" by saying he's "fat." Despite his physique, Coop is quite strong, capable of punching through a television barehanded.

Coop is known to sometimes go into a long rant before fighting a villian for the last time. During which he trashes the villian with insults and, burns them for all the bad stuff they did, while the sound of Megas' engine revs in the background to show how mad he's getting. The last thing he usually burns the villian for is for destroying Jersey city, which he usually says only he himself is allowed to do.

In an alternate timeline, Coop destroyed the Glorft, but his lust for challenge and battle gradually turned him into an evil warlord, which may provide insight into his character and motivations. This Coop got into shape and abandoned Megas for a more war-oriented robot; he also became less reckless in combat, retreating from the Glorft army and Megas while the old Coop would have just barreled into combat (and probably win). However, this Coop may be fundamentally different from the Coop from the known timeline. Coop was sent into an alternate dimmension with this timeline during a fight with the Glorft and in the resulting battle, his original Megas was destroyed. However, realizing the evil Coop had abandoned Megas, he steals his Megas (hinted at to be even more destructive than the normal model) and eventually vanquishes his evil counterpart in battle.

Commander Kiva Andru (Wendee Lee)

Born September 15, 3012[citation needed], 25-year-old Kiva is a military pilot and engineer who traveled back in time from over a thousand years in the future. Kiva is intelligent, tough, and fearless. She has a no-nonsense personality, but adopts a small sense of humor as the series progresses such as developing a fondness for slurpees, and seems to grow more comfortable in the present time but still annoyed with Coop and Jamie's antics. However, her presence in Coop's time does not seem to alter the timeline.

Kiva is highly skilled in both robotic and hand-to-hand combat. Originally meant to be the pilot of Megas, she can no longer pilot it due to Coop's extensive modifications, and finds herself stuck in the present. Instead of piloting Megas herself, she tries to train Coop, who would usually rather eat, play video games, or tinker with Megas.

Kiva has some cybernetic enhancements including a brain-computer interface socket at the back of her head (which was used to control her mech in the future) and a holographic communicator on her right wrist.

In the series finale, the Kiva of an alternate dimension had started a relationship with Jamie, but decided to follow Coop as she was unwilling to abandon her attempts to get home. Abandoning efforts to return to the future, she continued to follow Coop (now evil), eventually becoming an uncaring cyborg ruling the alternate world with Coop.

Jamie (Steve Blum)

Coop's best friend and slacker comic sidekick, Jamie spends much of his time pondering schemes to use Megas to get rich and hitting on cute girls (usually failing). He is a stark contrast to Coop, whose only thoughts tend to center around food. He appears to offer nothing of use during Megas combat other than criticism, but is almost always the first one to spot potential dangers, and his advice (usually ignored by fight-minded Coop) is generally prudent. Physically slight of build, Jamie would rather run away than fight; despite this cowardly nature, he always remains loyal to his friends and saves them in a few episodes. Even so, Coop has a gear marked Save Jamie.

In the second season's series finale, "Rearview Mirror, Mirror", an alternate dimension Jamie had a romantic relationship with Kiva, but it fell apart after Coop and Kiva became evil. This Jamie became the heroic, muscular, and deadly serious leader of the resistance against the evil Coop.

Goat (Scot Rienecker)

The owner of the junkyard in which Coop found Megas, Goat unwittingly sold the destructive machine to Coop after Coop's pestering about a pile of junk prompted the response "anything in that pile - two bucks"—Megas, of course, happened to be in that very pile. Goat dreams of finding a robot of his own. Like Jamie, he often tries to hit on girls (usually Kiva), though he has shown a small amount of success compared to Jamie. Goat also appeared in the MTV series Downtown and another Cartoon Network series, Metalocalypse. In the first episode Coop mentioned that he's never seen Goat leave the junkyard, he has left the junkyard on occasion. In "Junk in the Trunk", he left the junkyard with Coop, Kiva, and Jamie to go a junk planet and live his dream of having a giant robot. His robot, "Darlene," was made completely out of junk and wasn't held together correctly; when he tried to move it forward, it completely fell apart.

Gorrath (Clancy Brown, voiced by Mick Foley in Lowbrow)

The leader of the Glorft, Gorrath followed Kiva and led a significant fraction of his military forces back in time to try and retrieve Megas; he not only failed, but found that he and his soldiers, like Kiva and Megas, were trapped in the present. Gorrath is a straightforward strategist, fond of overwhelming force or spectacularly destructive weapons, ramming Earth's moon into the planet being one example. He dislikes failure with a passion, which he usually takes out on his second in command. Gorrath is fond of threatening to remove the "jhorbloks" of others. Despite his passion to destroy the Earth, he helps Coop fend of an alternate universe Coop from enslaving Earth, claiming "If anyone is going to enslave this planet, it's going to be me!"

Gorrath, completely unwilling to accept that the "primitive monkeys" that are humans could defeat him, hates Coop and often launches attacks to try to kill him and reclaim Megas. He always fails in some way or other, usually because of sheer dumb luck on Coop's part. Despite this he has grudgingly admitted that Coop is a skilled if a bit strange fighter. In the series finale, Gorrath almost decides to make peace with Coop. In the process of shaking hands, Coop trips on a piece of debris and accidentally destroys Gorrath's army, thus ending any possible friendship, with Gorrath putting it off to "the spur of the moment".

Gorrath appears to be more muscular than most of the other Glorft seen and also walks on two legs (these characteristics are also seen with a special group of Glorft guards in the episode The Driver's Seat). Unlike other Glorft, his facial tentacles are moved to the side, exposing his mouth and jaw to full view. He also wears a full body mech suit that resembles the one he pilots.

Recurring characters

Magnanimous (Bruce Campbell)

Magnanimous is the head of the Intergalactic Robot Fighting Tournament. He uses Coop to make money in his battle arena, but when Coop refuses to lose for him they have a big fight resulting in Magnanimous being thrown into a quantum singularity. In a later episode, Magnanimous comes to earth to challenge Coop for his title and to get revenge. When asked how he escaped, he simply replies "It wasn't easy."

Magnanimous' appearance is a combination of MODOK from Marvel Comics and Bruce Campbell, consisting of an enormous, large-chinned head with tiny limbs. He often quotes Ash's lines from the Evil Dead films. The mechs he creates are Elvis parodies, in reference to Campbell playing Elvis in Bubba Ho-Tep, and in The Return he fights Coop with a mech that has a chainsaw on its right arm and a gun in the left hand, another reference to Ash. Coop has trouble pronouncing his name.


A group of superheroes from another galaxy, the S-Force is modeled after various Sentai groups (taking elements from Gatchaman's Battle of the Planets dub, Super Sentai, Silverhawks, Power Rangers and Voltron). Their name is a reference to the G-Force from Battle of the Planets, who they also resemble. They first suspected Coop to be a bad guy because of his senseless destruction, but they later deem him to be unintelligent, rather than evil. They pilot Zorps which resemble animals (a direct parody of Zords - Red Falcon, Gray Rhinoceros, Green Gorilla, Purple Kangaroo and Pink Panther). The pilots are Mac (the gray one, voiced by Frank Welker), Argo (the red one, voiced by Scott Innes), Jax (the purple one, voiced by Alan Young), Sloan (the green one, voiced by Ronnie Schell), and Duchess (the pink one, voiced by Jennifer Hale). Their adviser is Targon (also voiced by Frank Welker), a floating holographic head (a reference to Zordon). Due to their interaction with Coop, the S-Force have picked up his habits, becoming fast-food loving, less than serious, video game junkies. However, in S-Force SOS, they appear to have reverted back to their serious selves, though they still have some of Coop's more harmless tendencies.


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Megas XLR (2004-2005) was an American animated television series that aired on the Toonami block on Cartoon Network and is produced by Cartoon Network Studios.



  • (After breaking something) ...I meant to do that.

  • Chubby? Ladies, this is fat!"

  • (About to confront a colossal Glorft robot) Where do I get one of those?
    Kiva: Nice going. Now we're done for!
    Jamie: (whimpers) I'm too pretty to die!

  • All right, you alien chumps. You in my town, and nobody gets to wreck it...uhh...except for me.

  • (After squeezing through a window into a moving car)
    Coop: I've always wanted to do that.
    Kiva: You've always wanted to do that?
    Coop: Guy thing.

  • No smashing? But I like smashing!

  • No way! This guy sended a giant worm-thingy on me, chased my pals around with zombie-robots and made me brake a perfectly good Photonic Stabilizer! I'm putting you in a hurt-locker and slam in the door, junkman!

  • (After using a flamethrower in response to Kiva's command of "No smashing") That wasn't smashing, now was it?

  • No one. No robot, no alien, no alien-robot does that to me and gets away with it!

  • (After thinking how to stop the Ultimate Planet Destroyer - how to overload its digestive system) It's too bad we can't force it to over-eat. I mean, it always does me in. [Jamie: No it doesn't.] Well, yeah, but regular people get sick if they eat too much.

  • I've got one word for you: GAME OVER!

  • (Angry and attacking) WAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  • (After fantasizing about obliterating the DMV) I'll give ya 'fall apart'...

  • It takes many years of intensive training to cultivate this kind of refined appetite. (Cutscene of Coop eating tons of food as he grows up) Many years...

  • (After Coop is accused of being a Bad Guy by the S-Force)
    Coop: Who, me? It's just an eating contest. Is it a crime to eat?
    Jamie: The way you do it should be.

  • Piece of cake! ...ooh, I could go for some cake. Or some ice cream...or some ice cream cake [Kiva: are you serious?]

  • I'm a good guy. It's who I am and what I do.

  • I may not be the best guy, but I sure am no Bad Guy!

  • (After activating the S-Force's Omnicron-13) Not too impressive, for an ultimate weapon.

  • (After Kiva stops him from using his nukes) What's the point of having nukes if you can't use them?

  • [Gorrath: Try anything smart, and I'll have you vaporized.] Smart? That ain't my style.

  • (After Quarrel tried to brainwash Megas and he sees Megas has 'no intelligence') Hah! We ain't got no intelligence!

  • (Realizing Jersey City is destroyed after the Trans-D Drive is activated) No. No! You maniacs! You blew it up! You blew it all to...wait...hope I didn't do this.

  • (To Gorrath, about an evil alternate self) Listen, the only thing I hate more than you, is me! Er...him! Me! Him! You know what I mean!

  • I got your consequences right here.

  • Bummer.


  • (After burping and smelling its stench) Don't remember eating that...

  • Woah, Flames of Fury!!! Rock on!!

  • (After the Karrajor is sucked into null space, destroying it) Man, now I need another Big Glug...and a Philly Cheesesteak....or twenty-eight.


  • (After Coop first shows him Megas by having it smash through the garage) Your Mom's so gonna kill you!

  • Chicks dig giant robots.

  • Nice.

  • Once again, nice.

  • (Sees Ender strode off to destroy Juvie Hall) Let him have it!

  • Coop, we have got to stop that thing. Before it hurts ME!

  • [Coop: We've beaten things that were bigger than that.] No we haven't! The thing's a flippin' PLANET.

  • (After Coop fired a refridgerator at the Ultimate Planet Destroyer) Wait, hold on. You just fired rock pops and soda into the stomach of a planet-sized space monster? This is gonna be so cool

  • (After being recruited by alien women to fight a giant monster) Note to self: when space chicks ask if you're a hotshot pilot, you say NO!

  • (After #14 gets blown up) Yeah! Make another one remember something!

  • (To a food-replicator) Vampire cheerleader. (Machine buzzes) Regular cheerleader? (Machine buzzes again). Hey, this thing's busted!
    (later) Solid gold. (Machine buzzes again) Goth Chicks?! (Machine buzzes again) ...A doughnut? (machine dings then makes one appear)


  • (After deducing that Coop released Grrkek from the video game cartidge) Copp your so-called "video game" is a trans-dimensional prison meant to contain intergalactic criminals. And you'ver let one out!
    Coop: (in Megas, staggered by Grrkek) I sort of figured as much...
    Kiva: I need to find a way to contain hims again. In the mean time you try to pre-occupy him.
    Coop: Okay. But be sure not to mess up my games. Okay? (felled by Grrkek) Then again. If you really wanted to, you can figure out how to put them back.

  • (After using duct tape on Goat) When in doubt, duck it!

  • (Telling Coop's cousin Skippy about the future) We take little boys like you and use them as target practice for "chicks" like me.

  • (After Coop activates Super Destructor Mode) Uh...were you going to tell me you installed this?


  • (Referring to how much he charged Coop for Megas as the giant robot flies over him) WHERE'S MY TWO BUCKS?!?!?!

  • (after a woman goat is talking to runs away as megas walks toward goat's car, goat smells his breath) sour cream and onion, who doesn't like that?

  • (After being on the receiving end of MEGAS's jet exhaust) Man, I HATE it when he does that.

  • Junk planet? A PLANET!? of JUNK!?

  • (after day dreaming about finding his own robot) I think I'll call her...Darleen


  • You are no match for the Glorft!

  • First I'm trapped in the past, then I'm trapped in a dimension where you rule... shoot me now.

  • (After Coop accidentally teleports his Big Glug onto the mothership, spilling on the controls) How did that primitive know where to hit us?

  • I'll have your jhorbloks for this!

  • I must admit that your strategies are strange and cunning...but mostly strange.

  • I have never been defeated
    Coop: I don't remember it that way


  • [Kiva: This is about revenge, isn't it?] It's about more than that, red. You put me in a quantum singularity, destroyed my empire, made me broke! And gave me this twitch. (eye twitches) It's about hurting you and I wish to go on hurting you, so I am going to humiliate you live. And while I'm at it, I think I might do a little destruction on this planet of yours! ...Oh wow, I guess it is about revenge.


  • There is no way you can defeat the superior power of my massive 56 kilobyte processor!

  • But I must protect and destroy!

  • All enemies must be destroyed, because all enemies are my enemy!

  • I was designed to defend this land, and I will do it by destroying everyone!

  • Now you will be locked up here to rot as I was.

  • The enemy? (Tapes whirr and click, followed by patriotic music and a waving flag background) EVERYTHING is the enemy!


  • Now to add some more zeroes to my bounty!
  • They won't have enough zeroes to put on my bounty!

R.E.G.I.S. Mark V

  • Stand aside or you WILL be struck down. (brief pause) Die then. (Slices open a fire hydrant) You are no match for the superior tactical abilities of the R.E.G.I.S. Mark V.

  • Your feeble and non-fuel-efficient modes of transportation are no match for the R.E.G.I.S. Mark V, which will destroy all.

  • The R.E.G.I.S. Mark V is the ultimate fighting machine. Unstoppable, merciless, glorious. No one is safe from the R.E.G.I.S..

  • Do not panic. You will all die.

  • I am the Replicant Engineered for Galactic Infiltration and Sabotage Mark V.

  • Who dares challenge R.E.G.I.S.? R.E.G.I.S. is the destroyer of worlds, consumer of their rubble, bringer of despair. R.E.G.I.S. is- (Gets crushed by Megas)

  • The R.E.G.I.S. Mark V is invincible. No weapon forged by such a primitive species can defeat R.E.G.I.S., which is invincible.

  • You will all beg for mercy. In vain. The debris of your planet will litter the solar system. I shall supper upon your very atoms.

  • Surrender and I will destroy you peacefully.


  • I am Ender. I end things. people. planets. galaxies.

  • Now I am free to conquer and destroy! Or destroy and conquer! Or just destroy!

  • (Referring to Coop accidentally creating a matter-antimatter rift) You've doomed us all! Not only this world, but this entire universe! I knew you were evil, but I had no idea! Bwahahahahahahaha!


  • Now you'll see why they call me Grrkek the Planet Killer. (pause) Actually, you'll be too dead to see anything. But you get the idea.

  • I should thank you for releasing me. [Coop: Don't mention it!] Instead I shall destroy you.

  • (captured by Megas) No prison can hold me! I have come back before!
    Coop: Ugh, dude. your embarassing yourself, really

  • (trapped in a video game where he's being approached by smurf-like charaters. One offers him a flower and says, "I love you") I'll give you something to love! (smashes the character)

  • I feel good enough to kill a thousand planets! Guess where I'm going to start!
    Coop: I don't know, your mom's house?

  • I demand that you return me to my maximum security, inter-dimensional prison!


  • Robot prisoner #14: Fly? I can fly? (takes off and flies) I can fly! (gets blown up) I can flll...

  • Ator: All hail the new guardian! We are saved! (Megas destroys a building) ...We are doomed.

  • Little Tommy: (After seeing something unusual, such as an alien) COOL!!!!

  • Evil Coop: Why won't you die!?


  • Kiva:(After Coop bested Kiva's drone with a spectacular wrestling move) I don't understand how you beat me.
    Coop: Yeah .. it kinda ROCKED.(Kiva looks at him)
    Coop: I mean, sorry about that.
    Kiva: How did *you* get to be such a good pilot?
    (Flashback occurs. Mainly showing Coop sitting by the couch playing video games, he gets older, Jamie comes along and they both get older.)
    Jamie: Uh...Coop? She's jacking your ride man
    (Kiva is shown inside the car that happens to be Megas's new head, trying to pilot it, but with great difficulty)

  • (After seeing the R.E.G.I.S. Mark V repeatedly regenerate after being physically beaten down)
    Kiva: Just to reiterate: Smashing bad.
    Jamie: You know, generally I'm pro-smashing, and I hate to agree with future-girl, but maybe smashing isn't the way to go this time.
    Coop: We tried no smashing, and that didn't work. I'm sticking to my strengths, and smashing is my strengths. I just need to find the right way to smash him.

  • Gorrath: (Sees the guards near their mechs) We'll need a diversion.
    Coop: Diversion, eh? (Accidentally leans against alarm button, alarm goes off)
    Gorrath: NO!
    Coop: Eh, I'm sure no one heard that. (Guards surround them) Yeah, they heard that.
    Gorrath: Have I told you how much I hate you?

  • Gorrath: I lead the most feared armada in the universe, and one simple-minded monkeyman continues to thwart me! How!? How does he do it!?
    (Coop has a flashback of his childhood, mostly involving blowing up aliens in video games.)
    Coop: I guess I'm just cool like that.

  • Gorrath: Take us into Null Space, so we can effect repairs.
    Commander: Hmpf! Don't you mean run away because we got our jhorblaks handed to us by one Earther?
    (Gorrath glares at him and the Commander grabs/shields his own face tentacles) Not the face!
    Gorrath: Tread lightly Commander...or you might find yourself at the head of the next assault...WITHOUT A MECH!

  • Coop: All right you intergalactic snots! You busted up my car show!
    Jamie: Yeah!
    Coop: You wrecked my friends' rides!
    Jamie: Yeah!
    Coop: AND! You made me run half a block!
    Jamie: Ye... half a block?
    Coop: Now, it's payback time!

  • Coop: First, he smashed my car, which I was going to fix by the way! Then he breaks my videogame-
    Jamie: Coop, you broke that.
    Coop: I'm on a roll here, man!

  • Coop: This alien chick thinks she can get my ride towed, make me go to the DMV and take a road-test? I don't need no stinking road test!
    Jamie: Eh, dude, none of that stuff is her fault.
    Coop: Yeah... Well she's trying to kidnap Kiva, that ain't cool either.

  • Captain Warlock: Sweet Kiva, I give you one last chance. Stay with me, and forget about these fools.
    Coop: Alright you-
    Kiva: (interrupting) -Arrogant, overblown thief. You tried to break up our team. You almost killed Coop and Jamie, and you made me listen to your endless, cheesy pick-up lines!
    Coop: Nice.
    Captain Warlock: Cheesy?
    Kiva: Get him, Coop!

  • Coop: Alright, squid, you tried to wreck the city again, you made me go to some alternate dimension where Jamie is an even bigger creep than usual AND you got me locked up in a jail cell with no food! It's time to rumble!
    Gorrath: Are you talking to me? I'm on your side now, remember!
    Coop: Oh, sorry. Force of habit, I guess.

  • (In the Glorft mothership)
    Kiva:Where's Megas?
    Coop: The green dudes still got it. How did you fly it here?
    Kiva: Actually, Jamie was a big help.
    Coop: (Looks shocked) This Jamie?
    Jamie Yeah, I got us out. Well, Kiva did most of the work.
    Coop: (Sees them being friendly to each other) Man, what did the Glorft do to you?

  • S-Force: Power...Zorps...are...go!
    (Coop & Jamie laugh)
    Coop: Nice robots!
    Jamie: You said, 'Zorps'!
    Coop: (Later, to Ender) Who the Zorp are you?

  • Coop: (To Gorrath) Come on, that all you've got?I've got only one arm and i'm still whipin the floor with you.I think you'l need a bigger robot if you want to play with me anymore.
    Gorrath: Very Well! (Pushes a button and his warship converts into a giant weapon with Megas flying in the air like a grain of sand.)
    Jamie: You just had to ask if he had a bigger robot didn't you?

  • Coop: (To Ender) The only League I'm in is the Jersey City Bowling League, and we ain't no threat to the universe.
    Jamie: Not even to the other bowlers.
    Coop: Although the shirts are nice.

  • Jamie:(After Kiva suggest going through a nebular cloud to escape Zanzor and Guyvan) that hasn't been done in every sci-fi movie ever made.
    Coop: Let's hope these chumps don't got cable.

  • Kiva: My robot wasn't meant to be a toy for some prehistoric yahoo and his pet monkey-thing!
    Jamie: 'Monkey-thing'? 'MONKEY-THING'?! BLAST HER, COOP!

  • Evil Kiva: (to Evil Coop about regular Coop) DNA Match Confirmed, He's you.
    Evil Coop: And then some. (chuckles at Coop's gut) How do you even fit in that old hunk of scrap?

  • (Robot prisoners are coming to attack Megas)
    Jamie: C'mon, Coop! What're you waiting for?! Tear them apart!
    Coop: I Can't. They're not the badguys.
    Jamie: So? That's never stopped you before!

  • Jamie: (Seeing the Glorft armada approaching) So, these Glofts. Are like these invincible aliens driving-super-sized ugly snot-green robots?
    Kiva: Yes, how did you know?
    Jamie: 'cuz that kinda looks like them.

  • Evil Coop: You know you don't stand a chance.
    Coop: I dont know nothin' .

  • Evil Kiva: Your obsolete mech is a disgrace.
    Coop: Does this look obsolete? (Megas strikes a dramatic pose, a piece falls of)
    Evil Kiva: Yes, it does.

Various buttons on the dashboard

  • You heard him kids! Super Destructor Mode!

  • This Better Then

  • Missiles
    More Missiles
    ALL the Missiles!

  • (Warning signs for the nuke button)

  • Do something STUPID, Coop!

  • The same button Coop pressed like, five minutes ago.

  • Exactly the same button Coop used like five minutes ago.

  • Pounding
    More Pounding

  • Rip Arms Out Of Sockets

  • Destroy the world
    Smite the world
    Destroy the world worse
    Save the world (Button missing, wires hanging all over)

  • Five minutes 'til end of episode

  • Big Red Button of Irony

  • Bet You Can't Guess What This Button Does (Passenger side ejector seat)

  • Hurt the Good Guys- I mean, Don't Hurt the Good Guys

  • (Heater settings) Warm - Hot - DANG!

  • Trans D Drive ACTIVE (In small print at the bottom) Hang on to your hats...

  • Been Hit with a giant taser? PRESS HERE

  • Destroy Moth Like Creature

  • Anti Coccoon

  • Eject Skippy

    Keep lookin' Bro.

  • HAM

  • (Transmission gears) Park, Neutral, Reverse, Drive, Save Jamie

  • (Alternative Transmission) Reverse, Neutral, 1, 2, 3, Drive, Space!

  • Cruise Control
    Cruise Out-Of-Control
    Cruisin' USA
    Kelly Crews

  • (Power levels) Low Energy - Fair Amount - Normal - Too Much! - Getting Ridiculous - Are You Kidding?

  • (Oil level) None - Good Enough - Plenty - More Than Enough - No, Really I'm Fine - PLEASE STOP


  • (While a robot is flying, on fire) Conviently Placed Oil Refinery

  • (Building about to be rammed into by Megas) This building was scheduled for demolition anyway

  • (Building just destroyed by a the Zorp-Megas) Museum of Irreplaceable Art

  • (One of the things Coop envisions that would be destroyed after learning what would happen to the planet if Megas's photonic stabilizer imploded) Chubby's Bacon Factory

  • (Building next to POPTV water tower) .Com...And therfore obviously empty.

  • (Building that Gorrath's mech rams into) Jersey City gun powder, shrapnel, and ball bearings factory.

  • (Coop has to deliver a video tape in time, but is held back by Magnanimous)(on the shop where Coop has to deliver the tape) Clock is ticking, big guy.

  • (Coop squashes a cheese monster and cheese goes everywhere, Building nearby that fills with cheese) Convieniently Empty Building

  • Jamie's idea of megas: Fort Knox please do not smash.

  • Coop's ideas of megas: burger plant please do not smash.

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