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Mekanika Uirapuru
Type General Purpose Machine Gun
Place of origin  Brazil
Service history
Used by Brazilian Army
Production history
Designer Olympio Vieira de Mello
Manufacturer Mekanika Industria e Comercio Ltd
Weight 13.0 kg
Length 1300 mm
Barrel length 600 mm

Cartridge 7.62x51 mm NATO
Action Gas
Rate of fire 650-700 rounds/min (rpm)
Muzzle velocity 850 m/s
Effective range 1400 m
Feed system Belt
Sights Iron

The Mekanika Uirapuru is a General Purpose Machine Gun of Brazilian origin and is chambered in the 7.62x51mm NATO calibre.

Standard fare for the Brazilian armed forces, the Uirapuru features design simplicity and ease of operation. This home-grown GPMG replaced the FN MAG. Brazil's arms industry may have been slow in getting started, but today it is a major domestic consumer and exporter of weapons systems, as in aircraft, fighting vehicles and small arms, light weapons like the Uirapuru GPMG in 7.62mm NATO.

The Uirapuru is a conventional gas-operated machine gun that is suited for all military occasions-infantry support; armor- and aircraft-mounted or ship-borne, It is belt-fed and capable of cycling 700 rounds per minute, For sustained fire mode, the Uirapuru can be mounted on a tripod and also comes with a top-mounted carrying handle. It weighs 28 pounds with the bipod. This weapon is 51 inches and change in length and sports a quick-change 23 1/2-inch barrel with a flash suppressor. The Uirapuru is the brainchild of Brazilian Olympio Vieira de Mello, manufactured by Brazil's Mekanika Industria e Comercio Ltd.




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