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Melhem Barakat
Birth name Melhem Barakat
Born 1944
Origin Kfarshima, Lebanon
Genres Lebanese music
Occupations Singer
Years active 1980s—present

Melhem Barakat also known as Melhim Barakat is a famous Lebanese singer and song-writer. Who is also nick named by his fans as Abou Majd'. Melhem Barakat started his career back in thes, Barakat has arguebley established a genre of his own in both the way he sings and composes, which makes him one of the most esteemed and popular stars in Lebanon today. He has toured Australia,South America,Canada and the USA.[1][2]


He mainly sings in colloquial Lebanese, by 2000s he hadn't had huge stardom in most of the Arab world . Still, he remains a respected artist at home - despite the constant rumors surrounding his personal life and passionate love affairs. Barakat started singing more than twenty years ago, but he only entered the limelight after teaming up with the Rahbani brothers and Fairouz. Barakat participated as an actor and singer in many of their musicals,to some Lebanese even saying he has established himself as one of the strongest voices in the country.[3] He also appeared in many lebanese movies back in the 80s.Melhem Barakat hit song from the 80s was called Kboush El Touti and Wahdi Ana (I am alone). During the 90s Melhem Barakat acted with Lebanese dancer Dani Boustros in a Lebanese theatre play entitled Wemsheet Bee Tariki (I walked my way). Since the year 2000 Melhem Barakat had serveral hit songs, such as Habibi Enta, which was later sung by his ex-wife May Hariri.[4] He has also collaborated with current famous singers such as Najwa Karam,Karol Sakr,Shatha Hassoun.[5]


Melhem Barakat, a Lebanese singer, was born in 1944 in Kfarshima, Lebanon. Melhem Barakat grew up with the sound of legendary Egyptian composer and singer Mohammed Abdelwahab. Still a child, Melhem many people around him thought he showed a special talent while singing in school parties. One day, he composed a text from the school journal and sang it first before his classmates and teachers who appreciated a lot his performance and then before leader names of Lebanese musical scene who thought he was an exceptional talent and a charming voice. Melhem Barakat career was a series of successes. His best works were “Amarine”, “Abouha Radi”, “Farah Ennass” and “Habibi Inta”. Later on, he entered the prestigious Rahbani school that married western classical and folk music with old Lebanese traditional gigs and gave birth to numerous legendary artists.[6]




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