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Melinoe (Μελινοε, "Dark Thought", from melas, black, and noe, mind) was the ancient Greek goddess of ghosts, and propitiation-offerings made to the deceased. She wandered the earth every night with a train of ghosts, scaring anyone in their path. This was said to be the reason that dogs would bark at seemingly nothing at night. (She and her ghost train stalked the earth invisibly). She was said to be the daughter of Zeus, who took the guise of Hades and seduced Persephone by the river Styx. Because of this, Melinoe's limbs were half light and half dark reflecting the light king of Olympus, Zeus, and the dark queen of the underworld, Persephone. Melinoe seems to have only been worshipped in the Orphic Mysteries. Some traditions have attributed Melinoe as a daughter of Hades himself.




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