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7th Dáil (1932)
8th Dáil (1933)
9th Dáil (1937)
10th Dáil (1938)
11th Dáil (1943)

This is a list of members who were elected to the 9th Dáil Éireann, the lower house of the Oireachtas (legislature) of the Irish Free State. These Teachtaí Dála (Members of Parliament) were elected at the 1937 general election and served until 1938. The 9th Dáil lasted 351 days. There were no by-elections during the 9th Dáil.

Composition of the 9th Dáil

Party July 1937
Fianna Fáil 68
Fine Gael 48
Labour Party 13
Independents 8
Ceann Comhairle 1

Government party denoted with bullet ()

TDs by constituency

The list of the 138 TDs elected, is given in alphabetical order by constituency.

Members of the 9th Dáil
Constituency Name Party
Athlone–Longford Matthew Davis Fianna Fáil
Seán Mac Eoin Fine Gael
James Victory Fianna Fáil
Carlow–Kildare Thomas Harris Fianna Fáil
Francis Humphreys Fianna Fáil
Sydney Minch Fine Gael
William Norton Labour Party
Cavan John Cole Independent
Patrick McGovern Fine Gael
Michael Sheridan Fianna Fáil
Paddy Smith Fianna Fáil
Clare Patrick Burke Fine Gael
Thomas Burke Independent
Éamon de Valera Fianna Fáil
Seán O'Grady Fianna Fáil
Patrick Hogan Labour Party
Cork Borough Richard Anthony Independent
W. T. Cosgrave Fine Gael
Thomas Dowdall Fianna Fáil
Hugo Flinn Fianna Fáil
Cork North Patrick Daly Fine Gael
Timothy Linehan Fine Gael
Con Meaney Fianna Fáil
Seán Moylan Fianna Fáil
Cork South East Brook Brasier Fine Gael
Martin Corry Fianna Fáil
Jeremiah Hurley Labour Party
Cork West Timothy J. Murphy Labour Party
Timothy O'Donovan Fine Gael
Daniel O'Leary Fine Gael
Eamonn O'Neill Fine Gael
Timothy O'Sullivan Fianna Fáil
Donegal East Neal Blaney Fianna Fáil
John Friel Fianna Fáil
Daniel McMenamin Fine Gael
James Myles Independent
Donegal West Brian Brady Fianna Fáil
Cormac Breslin Fianna Fáil
Michael Óg McFadden Fine Gael
Dublin County Seán Brady Fianna Fáil
Henry Dockrell Fine Gael
Patrick Fogarty Fianna Fáil
Cecil Lavery Fine Gael
Gerrard McGowan Labour Party
Dublin North East Alfred Byrne Independent
James Larkin Independent
Oscar Traynor Fianna Fáil
Dublin North West Cormac Breathnach Fianna Fáil
Alfred P. Byrne Independent
Archibald Heron Labour Party
Patrick McGilligan Fine Gael
Seán T. O'Kelly Fianna Fáil
Dublin South Robert Briscoe Fianna Fáil
Peadar Doyle Fine Gael
Joseph Hannigan Independent
Thomas Kelly Fianna Fáil
Myles Keogh Fine Gael
Thomas Lawlor Labour Party
Seán Lemass Fianna Fáil
Dublin Townships Ernest Benson Fine Gael
John A. Costello Fine Gael
Seán MacEntee Fianna Fáil
Galway East Patrick Beegan Fianna Fáil
Seán Broderick Fine Gael
Frank Fahy Ceann Comhairle
Mark Killilea, Snr Fianna Fáil
Galway West Gerald Bartley Fianna Fáil
Joseph Mongan Fine Gael
Seán Tubridy Fianna Fáil
Kerry North Stephen Fuller Fianna Fáil
Eamonn Kissane Fianna Fáil
Tom McEllistrim Fianna Fáil
John O'Sullivan Fine Gael
Kerry South Frederick Crowley Fianna Fáil
John Flynn Fianna Fáil
Fionán Lynch Fine Gael
Kilkenny Denis Gorey Fine Gael
Thomas Derrig Fianna Fáil
James Pattison Labour Party
Leitrim Stephen Flynn Fianna Fáil
Bernard Maguire Fianna Fáil
Mary Reynolds Fine Gael
Leix–Offaly Patrick Boland Fianna Fáil
William Davin Labour Party
Jack Finlay Fine Gael
Patrick Gorry Fianna Fáil
Thomas F. O'Higgins Fine Gael
Limerick Daniel Bourke Fianna Fáil
George C. Bennett Fine Gael
Michael Colbert Fianna Fáil
Michael Keyes Labour Party
Donnchadh Ó Briain Fianna Fáil
John O'Shaughnessy Fine Gael
Robert Ryan Fianna Fáil
Louth Frank Aiken Fianna Fáil
James Coburn Fine Gael
Laurence Walsh Fianna Fáil
Mayo North Patrick Browne Fine Gael
John Munnelly Fianna Fáil
P. J. Ruttledge Fianna Fáil
Mayo South Micheál Clery Fianna Fáil
James FitzGerald-Kenney Fine Gael
Edward Moane Fianna Fáil
Martin Nally Fine Gael
Richard Walsh Fianna Fáil
Meath–Westmeath Charles Fagan Fine Gael
Patrick Giles Fine Gael
James Kelly Fianna Fáil
Michael Kennedy Fianna Fáil
Matthew O'Reilly Fianna Fáil
Monaghan James Dillon Fine Gael
Eamon Rice Fianna Fáil
Conn Ward Fianna Fáil
Roscommon Gerald Boland Fianna Fáil
Michael Brennan Fine Gael
Daniel O'Rourke Fianna Fáil
Sligo Frank Carty Fianna Fáil
Martin Roddy Fine Gael
Patrick Rogers Fine Gael
Tipperary Dan Breen Fianna Fáil
Séamus Burke Fine Gael
Andrew Fogarty Fianna Fáil
Daniel Morrissey Fine Gael
William X. O'Brien Labour Party
Martin Ryan Fianna Fáil
Jeremiah Ryan Fine Gael
Waterford Patrick Little Fianna Fáil
Michael Morrissey Fianna Fáil
Bridget Redmond Fine Gael
Nicholas Wall Fine Gael
Wexford Denis Allen Fianna Fáil
Richard Corish Labour Party
John Esmonde Fine Gael
John Keating Fine Gael
James Ryan Fianna Fáil
Wicklow James Everett Labour Party
Séamus Moore Fianna Fáil
Dermot O'Mahony Fine Gael

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