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Memorial Series
Memorial Series Logo.png
Memorial Series logo.
Developer(s) Microvision
Publisher(s) Sunsoft
Platform(s) PlayStation
Release date(s) JP 2001-2002
Genre(s) Compilation

The Memorial Series (メモリアル☆シリーズ ?) is a series of re-released Famicom video game titles for the Sony PlayStation game console by Japanese developer Sunsoft. Each volume costed 1575 yen (including tax).

Utsshochan of the domestic game software put on the market with the Famicom is collected a hundred-percent.

Even Vol.3 is delivered in the game archives as of September 27, 2007.




SunSoft Vol. 1

Released on October 4, 2001

SunSoft Vol. 2

Released on December 6, 2001

SunSoft Vol. 3

Released on December 27, 2001

SunSoft Vol. 4

Released on February 14, 2002

SunSoft Vol. 5

Released on March 28, 2002

SunSoft Vol. 6

Released on November 21, 2002

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