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Metal Mickey , robot on UK television early 1980s

Metal Mickey was a five-foot-tall fictional robot, which was created, controlled and voiced by Johnny Edward.

A modernised vision of a 1950's space toy, Metal Mickey first appeared on British television in the ITV children's magazine show The Saturday Banana, produced by Southern Television in 1978. The commercial television rights were subsequently purchased by Edwards friend Micky Dolenz, formerly of The Monkees pop group.


The Metal Mickey TV Show

The Metal Mickey TV Show ran from 1980 to 1983. Controlled and voiced by Edward, Dolenz produced the entire series and directed some of the early episodes. The show was set in the home of an ordinary British family, whose youngest child was a science boffin, who had created Metal Mickey to help around the home. The family consisted of a mother and father, three children and a grandmother. The show was made by London Weekend Television and shown on ITV.

British comedy actress Irene Handl played the grandmother, whom Mickey affectionately called "my little fruitbat". Handl was never at home with science fiction, either watching it or appearing in it. She famously told BBC presenter Noel Edmonds, when he asked her whether she cried over the death of E.T., "Why should I cry over a bleedin' Hoover attachment?"

Metal Mickey's catchphrase was "boogie, boogie, boogie", and his favourite treat was Atomic Thunderbusters (which had the appearance of lemon bonbons).

More recently Metal Mickey made a public appearance at a Toy and Model Fair in Portsmouth on 13th September 2008. On this occasion, Johnny Edward was available for photos and autographs, while Mickey was operated and voiced by Liverpudlian actor Lee Jackson. Jackson is part of the move to bring Mickey back to TV screens, having worked on script material with 'Professor' Jemma Gross. After appearing in three national theatre tours of the musical Rumplestiltskin, Lee has involved its script writer and children's author, Tommy Donbavand in writing new sitcom scripts about Mickey's return from fame after being left in a lock up for years. In recent months, Gross appears to have been dropped from the project as she is part of the burlesque troupe Pinned Up. The new 'Professor' is Yvonne Delahaye, Jackson's TV 'wife'. They have worked on TV shows together including Head to Head with Toyah Wilcox.


  • Michael Stainton ... Father
  • Georgina Melville ... Mother
  • Ashley Knight ... Ken
  • Lucinda Bateson ... Haley
  • Lola Young ... Janey
  • Gary Shail ... Steve
  • Metal Mickey ... Metal Mickey
  • Irene Handl ... Granny

Production Credits

  • Directors: Michael Dolenz, David Crossman, Nic Phillips
  • Producer: Michael Dolenz
  • Writer: Colin Bostock-Smith
  • Designers: Mike Oxley, Rae George, David Catley, James Dillion, Phil Coulter
  • Music: Phil Coulter

DVD Releases

The first two series of Metal Mickey have so far been released on DVD. The third series is due later sometime in mid-2009.

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