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The Metaphysics of Morals (Die Metaphysik der Sitten, 1797) is a major work of moral and political philosophy by Immanuel Kant. It was not as well known or as widely read as his earlier works, Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals and the Critique of Practical Reason, but it experienced a renaissance through the pioneering work of Mary J. Gregor in her Laws of Freedom of 1963.

The work is divided into two main parts. The first one Science of Right is grounded in republican interpretation of origins of political community as civil society and establishment of positive law. Published separately in 1790, Science of Right is one of the last examples of classical republicanism in political philosophy[1]. The Science of Right contains the most mature of Kant's statements on the peace project and a system of law to ensure individual rights. The second part Science of Virtue touches issues of moral development of human entity.

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The Metaphysics of Morals. Trans. Mary J. Gregor. Cambridge U. Press, 1996. ISBN 0-521-56673-8.


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