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Meteorite falls are those meteorites that were witnessed by people or automated devices as they moved through the atmosphere or hit the Earth, and were subsequently collected. As of November 2009, there are about 1,083 documented falls that are listed in widely used databases,[1][2][3] most of which have specimens in modern collections.



Below is an alphabetized, complete list of the well-documented meteorite falls, showing the name of the meteorite, the date it fell, the place of fall, and the type of meteorite. More information can be obtained on all of these in the databases cited below. For statistical summaries of these data, see Meteorite fall statistics.

Not included are meteorite falls referred to in the literature (e.g., Yao et al., 1994[4]), but lacking enough evidence to have confidence in their authenticity.


Aac - Lum

Aachen - Bialystok

Meteorite name Date Country State or province Classification
Aachen unknown Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen L5
Aarhus 1951-10-02 Denmark Arhus H6
Abee 1952-06-10 Canada Alberta EH4
Acapulco 1976-08-11 Mexico Guerrero Acapulcoite
Achiras 1902 Argentina Córdoba L6
Adhi Kot 1919-05-01 Pakistan Punjab EH4
Adzhi-Bogdo (stone) 1949-10-30 Mongolia Govi-Altay LL3
Agen 1814-09-05 France Aquitaine H5
Aguada 1930-09 Argentina Córdoba L6
Aguila Blanca 1920-01-15 Argentina Córdoba chondrite
Aioun el Atrouss 1974-04-17 Mauritania Hodh el Gharbi Diogenite
Aïr 1925 Niger Agadez L6
Aire-sur-la-Lys 1769 autumn France Nord-Pas-de-Calais stone
Akaba 1949-09-21 Jordan Ma'an L6
Akbarpur 1838-04-18 India Uttar Pradesh H4
Akwanga 1959-07-02 Nigeria Plateau chondrite
Akyumak 1981-08-2 Turkey Agri IVA iron
Al Rais 1957-12-10 Saudi Arabia Al Madinah CR2
Al Zarnkh 2001-02-08 Sudan Kurdufan LL4
Alais 1806-03-15 France Languedoc-Roussillon CI1
Albareto 1766-07 Italy Emilia-Romagna L/LL4
Alberta 1949-11-13 Congo - Dem. Rep. Haut-Zaire chondrite
Alby sur Chéran 2002-02 France Rhone-Alpes Eucrite
Aldsworth 1835-08-04 United Kingdom England LL4
Aleppo 1873 Syria Halab L6
Alessandria 1860-02-02 Italy Piemonte H5
Alexandrovsky 1900-07-08 Ukraine Chernigov H4
Alfianello 1883-02-16 Italy Lombardia L6
Allegan 1899-07-10 United States Michigan H5
Allende 1969-02-08 Mexico Chihuahua CV3
Almahata Sitta 2008-10-07 Sudan Ash Shamaliyah Ureilite-anomalous
Alta'ameem 1977-08-20 Iraq At Ta'min LL4
Ambapur Nagla 1895-05-27 India Uttar Pradesh H5
Andhara 1880-12-02 India Bihar stone
Andover 1898-08-05 United States Maine L6
Andreevka 1969-08-07 Ukraine Donetsk L3
Andura 1939-08-09 India Maharashtra H6
Angers 1822-06-03 France Pays de la Loire L6
Angra dos Reis (stone) 1869-01 Brazil Rio de Janeiro Angrite
Ankober 1942-07-07 Ethiopia Shewa H4
Anlong 1971-05-02 China Guizhou H5
Aomori 1984-06-30 Japan Tohoku L6
Appley Bridge 1914-10-13 United Kingdom England LL6
Apt 1803-10-08 France Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur L6
Arbol Solo 1954-09-11 Argentina San Luis H5
Archie 1932-08-10 United States Missouri H6
Arroyo Aguiar 1950 summer Argentina Santa Fe H5
Asco 1805-11 France Corse chondrite
Ashdon 1923-03-09 United Kingdom England L6
Ash Creek 2009-02-15 United States Texas L6
Assisi 1886-05-24 Italy Umbria H5
Atarra 1920-12-23 India Uttar Pradesh L4
Atemajac 1896-02-26 Mexico Jalisco L6
Athens 1933-07-11 United States Alabama LL6
Atoka 1945-09-17 United States Oklahoma L6
Aubres 1836-09-14 France Rhone-Alpes Aubrite
Aumale 1865-08-25 Algeria Bouira L6
Aumieres 1842-06-03 France Languedoc-Roussillon L6
Ausson 1858-12-09 France Midi-Pyrenees L5
Avanhandava 1952 Brazil São Paulo H4
Avce 1908-03-31 Slovenia IIAB iron
Avilez 1855-06 Mexico Durango chondrite
Awere 1968-07-12 Uganda Northern L4
Aztec 1938-02-01 United States New Mexico L6
Bachmut 1814-02-15 Ukraine Donetsk L6
Bahjoi 1934-07-23 India Uttar Pradesh IAB complex iron
Bald Mountain 1929-07-09 United States North Carolina L4
Baldwyn 1922-02-02 United States Mississippi L6
Bali 1907-11-22/23 Central African Republic Nana-Mambere CV3
Ban Rong Du 1993-06-13 Thailand Phetchabun Ungrouped iron
Bandong 1871-12-10 Indonesia Jawa Barat LL6
Bansur 1892 India Rajasthan L6
Banswal 1913-01-12 India Uttar Pradesh L5
Banten 1933-05-24 Indonesia Jawa Barat CM2
Barbotan 1790-07-24 France Aquitaine H5
Barcelona (stone) 1704-12-25 Spain Catalunya chondrite
Barea 1842-07-04 Spain La Rioja Mesosiderite
Barnaul 1904-05-22 Russia Altayskiy kray H5
Barntrup 1886-05-28 Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen LL4
Baroti 1910-09-15 India Himachal Pradesh L6
Barwell 1965-12-24 United Kingdom England L5
Bassikounou 2006-10-16 Mauritania Hodh ech Chargui H5
Baszkówka 1994-08-25 Poland Warszawa L5
Bath 1892-08-29 United States South Dakota H4
Bath Furnace 1902-11-15 United States Kentucky L6
Bawku 1989-12-29 Ghana Upper East LL4
Baxter 1916-01-18 United States Missouri L6
Beardsley 1929-10-15 United States Kansas H5
Beaver Creek 1893-05-26 Canada British Columbia H5
Beddgelert 1949-09-21 United Kingdom Wales H5
Bells 1961-09-09 United States Texas C2 ungrouped
Belville 1937-12 Argentina Córdoba chondrite
Benares (a) 1798-12-19 India Uttar Pradesh LL4
Benguerir 2004-11-22 Morocco Tensift LL6
Beni M'hira 2001-01-08 Tunisia Tatawin L6
Benld 1938-09-29 United States Illinois H6
Benoni 1943-07-25 South Africa Gauteng H6
Bensour 2002-02-11 Morocco South LL6
Benton 1949-01-16 Canada New Brunswick LL6
Berduc 2008-04-07 Argentina Entre Rios L6
Béréba 1924-06-27 Burkina Faso Houet Eucrite
Berlanguillas 1811-07-08 Spain Castilla y Leon L6
Berthoud 2004-10-05 United States Colorado Eucrite
Bethlehem 1859-08-11 United States New York chondrite
Beuste 1859-05 France Aquitaine L5
Beyrout 1921-12-31 Lebanon Beirut LL3
Bhagur 1877-11-27 India Maharashtra L6
Bhawad 2002-06-06 India Rajasthan LL6
Bherai 1893-04-28 India Gujarat L6
Bhola 1940-03-27 Bangladesh Barisal LL3
Bholghati 1905-10-29 India Orissa Howardite
Bialystok 1827-10-05 Poland Bialystok Eucrite

Bielokrynitschie - Daniel's Kuil

Meteorite name Date Country State or province Classification
Bielokrynitschie 1887-01-01 Ukraine Khmel'nitskiy H4
Bilanga 1999-10-27 Burkina Faso Gnagna Diogenite
Binningup 1984-09-30 Australia Western Australia H5
Birni N'konni 1923-04 or May Niger Tahoua H4
Bishopville 1843-03-25 United States South Carolina Aubrite
Bishunpur 1895-04-26 India Uttar Pradesh LL3
Bjelaja Zerkov 1796-01-15 Ukraine Kiev H6
Bjurböle 1899-03-12 Finland Uusimaa L/LL4
Black Moshannan Park 1941-07-10 United States Pennsylvania L5
Blackwell 1906 May United States Oklahoma L5
Blanket 1909-05-30 United States Texas L6
Blansko 1833-11-25 Czech Republic Jihomoravsky H6
Bloomington 1938 summer United States Illinois LL6
Bo Xian 1977-10-20 China Anhui LL3
Bocas 1804-11-24 Mexico San Luis Potosi L6
Bogou 1962-08-14 Burkina Faso? Gourma? IAB complex iron
Boguslavka 1916-10-18 Russia Primorskiy kray IIAB iron
Borgo San Donino 1808-04-19 Italy Emilia-Romagna LL6
Bori 1894-05-09 India Madhya Pradesh L6
Boriskino 1930-04-20 Russia Orenburgskaya oblast' CM2
Borkut 1852-10-13 Ukraine Zakarpats'ka L5
Borodino 1812-09-05 Russia Moskovskaya oblast' H5
Botschetschki 1823 Ukraine Sumy L4
Bovedy 1969-04-25 United Kingdom Northern Ireland L3
Bradford Woods 1886-09 United States Pennsylvania chondrite
Braunau 1847-07-14 Czech Republic Vychodocesky IIAB iron
Breitscheid 1956-08-11 Germany Hessen H5
Bremervörde 1855-05-13 Germany Niedersachsen H3
Brient 1933-04-19 Russia Orenburgskaya oblast' Eucrite
Bruderheim 1960-03-04 Canada Alberta L6
Bukhara 2001-07-09 Uzbekistan Bukhara CV3
Bulls Run before 1964 South Africa Iron?
Bunburra Rockhole 2007-07-21 Australia South Australia Eucrite
Bununu 1942-04 Nigeria Bauchi Howardite
Bur-Gheluai 1919-10-16 Somalia Mudug H5
Burnwell 1990-09-04 United States Kentucky H4
Bursa 1946 Turkey Bursa L6
Buschhof 1863-06-02 Latvia L6
Bustee 1852-12-02 India Uttar Pradesh Aubrite
Butsura 1861-05-12 India Bihar H6
Buzzard Coulee 2008-11-20 Canada Sasketchewan H4
Cabezo de Mayo 1870-08-18 Spain Murcia L/LL6
Cabin Creek 1886-03-27 United States Arkansas IIIAB iron
Cacak 1919-06-06 Serbia chondrite
Cali 2007-07-06 Colombia Valle del Cauca H/L4
Calivo 1916-05-26 Philippines Western Visayas stone
Campos Sales 1991-01-31 Brazil Ceara L5
Çanakkale 1964 Jul Turkey Canakkale L6
Cañellas 1861-05-14 Spain Cataluna H4
Cangas de Onis 1866-12-06 Spain Asturias H5
Canon City 1973-10-27 United States Colorado H6
Cape Girardeau 1846-08-14 United States Missouri H6
Capilla del Monte 1934 Argentina Córdoba H6
Carancas 2007-09-15 Peru Puno H4-5
Caratash 1902-08-22 Turkey Izmir LL6
Castalia 1874-05-14 United States North Carolina H5
Castel Berardenga 1791-05-17 Italy Toscana stone
Castine 1848-05-20 United States Maine L6
Castrovillari 1583-01-09 Italy Calabria stone
Caswell County 1810-01-30 United States North Carolina chondrite
Ceniceros 1988-08-20 Mexico Durango L3
Centerville 1956-02-29 United States South Dakota H5
Cereseto 1840-07-17 Italy Piemonte H5
Chadong 1998-09-17 China Hunan L6
Chail 1814-11-05 India Uttar Pradesh H6
Chainpur 1907-05-09 India Uttar Pradesh LL3
Chajari 1933-11-29 Argentina Entre Rios L5
Chandakapur 1838-06-06 India Maharashtra L5
Chandpur 1885-04-06 India Uttar Pradesh L6
Changde 1977-03-11 China Hunan H5
Chantonnay 1812-08-05 France Centre L6
Charlotte 1835-07-31 United States Tennessee IVA iron
Charsonville 1810-11-23 France Centre H6
Charwallas 1834-06-12 India Haryana H6
Chassigny 1815-10-03 France Champagne-Ardenne Martian (chassignite)
Château Renard 1841-06-12 France Centre L6
Chaves 1925-05-03 Portugal Vila Real Howardite
Chela 1988-07-12 Tanzania Shinyanga H4
Chergach 2007-07-02 Mali Gao H5
Chernyi Bor 1964 summer Belarus Mogilev H4
Cherokee Springs 1933-07-01 United States South Carolina LL6
Chervettaz 1901-11-30 Switzerland Fribourg L5
Chervony Kut 1939-06-23 Ukraine Sumy Eucrite
Chetrinahatti 1880-09-06 India Karnataka stone
Chiang Khan 1981-11-17 Thailand Loei H6
Chicora 1938-06-24 United States Pennsylvania LL6
Chisenga 1988-01-17 Malawi Northern IIIAB iron
Chitado 1966-10-20 Angola Cunene L6
Chitenay 1978-02-21 France Centre L6
Cilimus 1979-05-07 Indonesia Jawa Barat L5
Claxton 1984-12-10 United States Georgia L6
Clohars 1822-06-21 France L4
Colby (Wisconsin) 1917-07-04 United States Wisconsin L6
Cold Bokkeveld 1838-10-13 South Africa Western Cape CM2
Coleman 1994-10-20 United States Michigan L6
Collescipoli 1890-02-03 Italy Umbria H5
Conquista 1965-12 Brazil Minas Gerais H4
Cosina 1844-01 Mexico Guanajuato H5
Cranganore 1917-07-03 India Kerala L6
Crescent 1936-08-17 United States Oklahoma CM2
Cronstad 1877-11-19 South Africa Free State H5
Cross Roads 1892-05-24 United States North Carolina H5
Crumlin 1902-09-13 United Kingdom Northern Ireland L5
Cumberland Falls 1919-04-09 United States Kentucky Aubrite
Cynthiana 1877-01-23 United States Kentucky L/LL4
Dahmani 1981-05 Tunisia Al Qasrayn LL6
Dandapur 1878-09-05 India Uttar Pradesh L6
Daniel's Kuil 1868-03-20 South Africa Northern Cape EL6

Danville - Gopalpur

Meteorite name Date Country State or province Classification
Danville 1868-11-27 United States Alabama L6
Darmstadt before-1804 Germany Hessen H5
Dashoguz 1998-09-05 Turkmenistan Tashauz H5
De Cewsville 1887-01-21 Canada Ontario H6
Deal 1829-08-15 United States New Jersey L6
Delhi 1897-10-18 India Delhi L5
Demina 1911-09-06 Russia Altayskiy kray L6
Denver 1967-07-11/1967-07-15 United States Colorado L6
Dergaon 2001-03-02 India Assam H5
Desuri 1962-07-18 India Rajasthan H6
Devgaon 2001-02-12 India Madhya Pradesh H3
Devri-Khera 1994-10-30 India Madhya Pradesh L6
Dhajala 1976-01-28 India Gujarat H3
Dharwar 1848-02-15 India Karnataka chondrite
Dhurmsala 1860-07-14 India Himachal Pradesh LL6
Didim 2007-02 Turkey Aydin H3-5
Diep River 1906-11-04 South Africa Western Cape L6
Distrito Quebracho 1957-03-13 Argentina Entre Rios H4
Djati-Pengilon 1884-03-19 Indonesia Jawa Timur H6
Djermaia 1961-02-25 Chad Chari-Baguirmi chondrite
Djoumine 1999-10-31 Tunisia Banzart H5
Dokachi 1903-10-22 Bangladesh Dhaka H5
Dolgovoli 1864-06-26 Ukraine Volyn L6
Domanitch 1907-02-01 Turkey Bursa L5
Dong Ujimqin Qi 1995-09-07 China Nei Mongol Mesosiderite
Donga Kohrod 1899-09-23 India Madhya Pradesh H6
Dongtai 1970-01-20 China Jiangsu LL6
Doroninsk 1805-04-06 Russia Chitinskaya oblast' H5
Dosso 1962-02-19 Niger Dosso L6
Douar Mghila 1932-08-20 Morocco Centre LL6
Dowa 1976-03-25 Malawi Central stone
Drake Creek 1827-05-09 United States Tennessee L6
Dresden (Ontario) 1939-07-11 Canada Ontario H6
Dubrovnik 1951-02-20 Croatia L3
Dunbogan 1999-12-14 Australia New South Wales L6
Dundrum 1865-08-12 Ireland Munster H5
Dunhua 1976-07-09 China Jilin stone
Durala 1815-02-18 India Punjab L6
Duruma 1853-03-06 Kenya Coast L6
Duwun 1943-11-23 South Korea L6
Dwaleni 1970-10-12 Swaziland Shiselweni H4
Dyalpur 1872-05-08 India Uttar Pradesh Ureilite
Dyarrl Island 1933-01-31 Papua New Guinea New Ireland Mesosiderite
Eagle 1946-10-01 United States Nebraska EL6
Ehole 1961-08-31 Angola Cunene H5
Eichstädt 1785-02-19 Germany Bayern H5
Ekeby 1939-04-05 Sweden Malmohus H4
Ekh Khera 1916-04-05 India Uttar Pradesh H6
El Idrissia 1998-03-10 Algeria Djelfa L6
El Paso de Aguila 1977-11 Mexico Tamaulipas H5
El Tigre 1993-12-23 Mexico Michoacan L6
Elbert 1998-01-11 United States Colorado LL6
Elbogen 1400 Czech Republic Zapadocesky IID iron
Elenovka 1951-10-17 Ukraine Donetsk L5
Ellemeet 1925-08-28 Netherlands Zeeland Diogenite
Emmaville 1900 Australia New South Wales Eucrite
Enshi 1974-12-26 China Hubei H5
Ensisheim 1492-11-07 France Alsace LL6
Épinal 1822-09-13 France Lorraine H5
Erakot 1940-06-22 India Madhya Pradesh CM2
Erevan 1911 or 1912 Armenia Howardite
Ergheo 1889-07 Somalia Shabeellaha Hoose L5
Erxleben 1812-04-15 Germany Sachsen-Anhalt H6
Esnandes 1837-08 France Poitou-Charentes L6
Essebi 1957-07-28 Congo - Dem. Rep. Haut-Zaire C2 ungrouped
Estherville 1879-05-10 United States Iowa Mesosiderite
Farmington 1890-06-25 United States Kansas L5
Farmville 1934-12-04 United States North Carolina H4
Favars 1844-10-21 France Midi-Pyrenees H5
Fayetteville 1934-12-26 United States Arkansas H4
Feid Chair 1875-08-16 Algeria El Tarf H4
Felix 1900-05-15 United States Alabama CO3.3
Fenghsien-Ku 1924-10-05 China Jiangsu H5
Ferguson 1889-07-18 United States North Carolina chondrite
Fermo 1996-09-25 Italy Marche H3
Fisher 1894-04-09 United States Minnesota L6
Florence 1922-01-21 United States Texas H3
Forest City 1890-05-02 United States Iowa H5
Forest Vale 1942-08-07 Australia New South Wales H4
Forksville 1924-07-16 United States Virginia L6
Forsbach 1900-06-12 Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen H6
Forsyth 1829-05-08 United States Georgia L6
Fort Flatters 1944-06-23 Algeria Illizi stone
Frankfort (stone) 1868-12-05 United States Alabama Howardite
Fukutomi 1882-03-19 Japan Kyūshū L5
Fünen 1654-03-30 Denmark Fyn stone
Futtehpur 1822-11-30 India Uttar Pradesh L6
Fuyang 1977-06 China Anhui stone
Galapian 1826-08 or May France Aquitaine H6
Galim (a) 1952-11-13 Cameroon Adamoua LL6
Galim (b) 1952 Cameroon Adamoua EH3/4
Galkiv 1995-01-12 Ukraine Chernigov H4
Gambat 1897-09-15 Pakistan Sind L6
Gao-Guenie 1960-03-05 Burkina Faso Sissili H5
Garhi Yasin 1917-01 Pakistan Sind IIE iron
Garland 1950 summer United States Utah Diogenite
Gashua 1984-04 Nigeria Yobe L6
Gasseltepaoua 2000-08-22 Burkina Faso Soum H5
Geidam 1950-07-06 Nigeria Yobe H5
Gifu (a.k.a. Mino)[1] 1909-07-24 Japan Chūbu L6
Girgenti 1853-02-10 Italy Sicilia L6
Git-Git 1947-01-09 Nigeria Plateau L6
Glanerbrug 1990-04-07 Netherlands Overijssel L/LL5
Glanggang 1939-09-26 Indonesia Jawa Barat H5
Glasatovo 1918-02-27 Russia Tverskaya oblast' H4
Glatton 1991-05-05 United Kingdom England L6
Gnadenfrei 1879-05-17 Poland Walbrzych H5
Gopalpur 1865-05-23 Bangladesh Rajshahi H6

Gorlovka - Kandahar

Meteorite name Date Country State or province Classification
Gorlovka 1974-07-17 Ukraine Donetsk H3
Granes 1964-11-13 France Languedoc-Roussillon L6
Grefsheim 1976-01-25/31 Norway Oppland L5
Grimsby 2009-09-26 Canada Ontario H5
Grosnaja 1861-06-28 Russia Chechenskaya Respublika CV3
Gross-Divina 1837-07-24 Slovakia Stredoslovensky H5
Grossliebenthal 1881-11-19 Ukraine Odessa L6
Grüneberg 1841-03-22 Poland Zielona Gora H4
Grzempach 1910-09-03 Poland Pila H5
Gualeguaychú 1932-10 Argentina Entre Rios H6
Guangmingshan 1996-12-30 China Liaoning H5
Guangnan 1983-02-07 China Yunnan L6
Guangrao 1980-06-21 China Shandong L6
Guareña 1892-07-20 Spain Extremadura H6
Guêa 1891-09-28 Serbia stone
Guibga 1972-02-26 Burkina Faso Namentenga L5
Guidder 1949-01-07 Cameroon Nord LL4
Gujargaon 1982-09-04 India Madhya Pradesh H5
Gujba 1984-04-03 Nigeria Yobe CBa
Gumoschnik 1904-04-28 Bulgaria Lovech H5
Gurram Konda 1814-10 India Andhra Pradesh L6
Gursum 1981-02-10 Ethiopia Hararghe H4
Gütersloh 1851-04-17 Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen H3
Gyokukei 1930-03-17 South Korea Cholla-namdo chondrite
Hachi-oji 1817-12-29 Japan Kanto chondrite
Hainaut 1934-11-26 France Nord-Pas-de-Calais H3
Hallingeberg 1944-02-01 Sweden Kalmar L3
Hamlet 1959-10-13 United States Indiana LL4
Haraiya 1878-08 or-09 India Uttar Pradesh Eucrite
Haripura 1921-01-17 India Rajasthan CM2
Harleton 1961-05-30 United States Texas L6
Harrison County 1859-03-28 United States Indiana L6
Hashima ~1910 Japan Chūbu H4
Hassi-Jekna before 1890 Algeria Adrar IAB complex iron
Hatford 1628-04-09 United Kingdom England stone
Haverö 1971-08-02 Finland Turku Ja Pori Ureilite
Hedeskoga 1922-04-20 Sweden Malmohus H5
Hedjaz 1910 spring Saudi Arabia Tabuk L3
Heredia 1857-04-01 Costa Rica Heredia H5
Hessle 1869-01-01 Sweden Uppsala H5
Higashi-koen 1897-08-11 Japan Kyūshū H5
High Possil 1804-04-05 United Kingdom Scotland L6
Hiroshima 2003-02-01 Japan Chūgoku H5
Hoima 2003-03-30 Uganda Western H6
Hökmark 1954-06-09 Sweden Vasterbottens L4
Holbrook 1912-07-19 United States Arizona L6
Holetta 1923-04-14 Ethiopia Shewa stone
Homestead 1875-02-12 United States Iowa L5
Honolulu 1825-09-27 United States Hawaii L5
Hotse 1956-06-26 China Shandong L6
Hoxie before 1963 United States Kansas chondrite
Hraschina 1751-05-26 Croatia IID iron
Hungen 1877-05-17 Germany Hessen H6
Hvittis 1901-10-21 Finland Turku Ja Pori EL6
Ibbenbüren 1870-06-17 Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen Diogenite
Ibitira 1957-06-30 Brazil Minas Gerais Eucrite
Ibrisim 1949 summer Turkey Nigde chondrite
Ichkala 1936-05-29 Russia Tomskaya oblast' H6
Idutywa 1956-02-01 South Africa Eastern Cape H5
Iguaracu 1977-10 Brazil Parana H5
Ijopega 1975-03-03 Papua New Guinea Eastern Highlands H6
Indarch 1891-04-07 Azerbaijan Baku EH4
Independence 1917 summer United States Missouri L6
Inner Mongolia 1962 China Nei Mongol L6
Innisfree 1977-02-05 Canada Alberta L5
Ipiranga 1972-12-27 Brazil Parana H6
Ishinga 1954-10-08 Tanzania Mbeya chondrite
Isthilart 1928-11-12 Argentina Entre Rios H5
Itapicuru-Mirim 1879-03 Brazil Maranhao H5
Itqiy 1990 Western Sahara Saguia el Hamra Achondrite
Ivuna 1938-12-16 Tanzania Mbeya CI1
Jackalsfontein 1903-04-22 South Africa Western Cape L6
Jajh deh Kot Lalu 1926-05-02 Pakistan Sind EL6
Jalanash 1990-08-15 Mongolia Ureilite
Jalandhar 1621-04-10 India Punjab iron
Jamkheir 1866-10-05 India Maharashtra H6
Jartai 1979-03-15 China Nei Mongol L6
Jelica 1889-12-01 Serbia LL6
Jemlapur 1901-02 India L6
Jhung 1873-06 Pakistan Punjab L5
Jiange 1964-10-09 China Sichuan H5
Jianshi ~1890 China Sichuan IIIAB iron
Jilin 1976-03-08 China Jilin H5
Jodiya 2006-07-31 India Gujarat L5
Jodzie 1877-06-17 Lithuania Howardite
Johnstown 1924-07-06 United States Colorado Diogenite
Jolomba 1974-02-03 Angola Huambo LL6
Jonzac 1819-06-13 France Poitou-Charentes Eucrite
Juancheng 1997-02-15 China Shandong H5
Judesegeri 1876-02-16 India Karnataka H6
Jumapalo 1984-03-13 Indonesia Jawa Timur L6
Junan 1976-05-15 China Shandong L6
Juromenha 1968-11-14 Portugal Evora IIIAB iron
Juvinas 1821-06-15 France Rhone-Alpes Eucrite
Kaba 1857-04-15 Hungary Hajdu-Bihar CV3
Kabo 1971-04-25 Nigeria Kano H4
Kadonah 1822-08-07 India Uttar Pradesh H6
Kaee 1838-01-29 India Uttar Pradesh H5
Kagarlyk 1908-06-30 Ukraine Kiev L6
Kaidun 1980-12-03 Yemen Hadhramaut C2 ungrouped
Kainsaz 1937-09-13 Russia Respublika Tatarstan CO3.2
Kakangari 1890-06-04 India Tamil Nadu K3
Kakowa 1858-05-19 Romania Caras-Severin L6
Kalaba 1951-10-31 Congo - Dem. Rep. Shaba H4
Kalumbi 1879-11-04 India Maharashtra L6
Kamalpur 1942-08-18 India Uttar Pradesh L6
Kamiomi 1913?-03 or-04 Japan Kanto H5
Kamsagar 1902-11-12 India Karnataka L6
Kandahar (Afghanistan) 1959-11 Afghanistan Quandahar L6

Kangean - Lumpkin

Meteorite name Date Country State or province Classification
Kangean 1908-11-27 Indonesia Jawa Timur H5
Kangra Valley ~1897 India Himachal Pradesh H5
Kapoeta 1942-04-22 Sudan Al Istiwa'iyah Howardite
Kaprada 2004-10-29 India Gujarat L5/6
Kaptal-Aryk 1937-05-12 Kazakhstan Dzhambul L6
Karakol 1840-05-09 Kazakhstan Semipalatinsk LL6
Karatu 1963-09-11 Tanzania Arusha LL6
Karewar 1949-09-19 Nigeria Katsina L6
Karkh 1905-04-27 Pakistan Baluchistan L6
Karloowala 1955-07-21 Pakistan Punjab L6
Karoonda 1930-11-25 Australia South Australia CK4
Kasamatsu 1938-03-31 Japan Chūbu chondrite
Kasauli 2003-11-02 India Uttar Pradesh H4
Katagum 1999-09 Nigeria Bauchi State L6
Kavarpura 2006-08-29 India Rajasthan IIE anomalous iron
Kayakent 1961-04 Turkey Eskisehir IIIAB iron
Kediri ~1940 Indonesia Jawa Timur L4
Kendleton 1939-05-02 United States Texas L4
Kendrapara 2003-09-27 India Orissa H4
Kerilis 1874-11-26 France Bretagne H5
Kernouve 1869-05-22 France Bretagne H6
Kesen 1850-06-13 Japan Tohoku H4
Khairpur 1873-09-23 Pakistan Punjab EL6
Khanpur 1932-07-08 India Uttar Pradesh LL4
Kharkov 1787-10-12 Ukraine Sumy L6
Kheragur 1860-03-28 India Uttar Pradesh L6
Khetri 1867-01-19 India Rajasthan H6
Khmelevka 1929-03-01 Russia Omskaya oblast' L5
Khohar 1910-09-19 India Madhya Pradesh L3
Khor Temiki 1932-04-08 Sudan Ash Sharqiyah Aubrite
Kidairat 1983-01 Sudan Kurdufan H6
Kiel 1962-04-26 Germany Schleswig-Holstein L6
Kiffa 1970-10-23 Mauritania Assaba H5
Kijima (1906) 1906-06-15 Japan Chūbu stone
Kikino 1809 Russia Smolenskaya oblast' H6
Kilabo 2002-07-21 Nigeria Jigawa LL6
Kilbourn 1911-06-16 United States Wisconsin H5
Killeter 1844-04-29 Ireland Ulster H6
Kingai 1967-11-07 Sudan Darfur H6
Kirbyville 1906-11-12 United States Texas Eucrite
Kisvarsány 1914-05-24 Hungary Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg L6
Kitchener 1998-07-12 Canada Ontario L6
Klein-Wenden 1843-09-16 Germany Thuringen H6
Knyahinya 1866-06-09 Ukraine Zakarpats'ka L/LL5
Kobe 1999-09-26 Japan Kinki CK4
Kokubunji 1986-07-29 Japan Shikoku L6
Komagome 1926-04-18 Japan Kanto iron
Konovo 1931-05-31 Bulgaria Burgas chondrite
Krähenberg 1869-05-05 Germany Rheinland-Pfalz LL4
Krasnoi-Ugol 1829-09-09 Russia Ryazanskaya oblast' L6
Krasnyi Klyuch 1946-05-04 Russia Respublika Bashkortostan H5
Krutikha 1906 or 1907 Russia Novosibirskaya oblast' chondrite
Krymka 1946-01-21 Ukraine Nikolayev LL3
Kukschin 1938-06-11 Ukraine Chernigov L6
Kulak 1961-03-25 Pakistan Baluchistan L5
Kuleschovka 1811-03-12 Ukraine Sumy L6
Kulp 1906-03-29 Armenia H6
Kunashak 1949-06-11 Russia Chelyabinskaya oblast' L6
Kunya-Urgench 1998-06-20 Turkmenistan Tashauz H5
Kushiike 1920-09-16 Japan Tohoku H5
Kusiali 1860-06-16 India Uttar Pradesh L6
Kutais 1977-11-28 Russia Krasnodar Krai H5
Kuttippuram 1914-04-06 India Kerala L6
Kuznetzovo 1932-05-26 Russia Novosibirskaya oblast' L6
Kyushu 1886-10-26 Japan Kyūshū L6
La Bécasse 1879-01-31 France Centre L6
La Charca 1878-06-11 Mexico Guanajuato chondrite
La Colina 1924-03-19 Argentina Buenos Aires H5
La Criolla 1985-01-06 Argentina Entre Rios L6
Laborel 1871-06-14 France Rhone-Alpes H5
Lahrauli 1955-03-24 India Uttar Pradesh Ureilite
L'Aigle 1803-04-26 France Basse-Normandie L6
Lakangaon 1910-11-24 India Madhya Pradesh Eucrite
Lalitpur 1887-04-07 India Uttar Pradesh L6
Lancé 1872-07-23 France Centre CO3.5
Lancon 1897-06-20 France Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur H6
Långhalsen 1947-02-06 Sweden Sodermanlands L6
Lanxi 1986-06-10 China Heilongjiang L6
Lanzenkirchen 1925-08-28 Austria Niederosterreich L4
Laochenzhen 1987-02-23 China Henan H5
Launton 1830-02-15 United Kingdom England L6
Lavrentievka 1938-01-11 Russia Orenburgskaya oblast' L6
Le Pressoir 1845-01-25 France Centre H5
Le Teilleul 1845-07-14 France Basse-Normandie Howardite
Leedey 1943-11-25 United States Oklahoma L6
Leeuwfontein 1912-06-21 South Africa Gauteng L6
Leighlinbridge 1999-11-28 Ireland Leinster L6
Leighton 1907-01-12 United States Alabama H5
Leonovka 1900-08-23 Ukraine Chernigov L6
Les Ormes 1857-10-01 France Bourgogne L6
Lesves 1896-04-13 Belgium Namur L6
Lichtenberg 1973-09-26 South Africa North West H6
Lillaverke 1930-05-11 Sweden Kalmar H5
Limerick 1813-09-10 Ireland Munster H5
Linum 1854-09-05 Germany Brandenburg L6
Lishui 1978-09-10 China Jiangsu L5
Lissa 1808-09-03 Czech Republic Stredocesky L6
Little Piney 1839-02-13 United States Missouri L5
Lixna 1820-07-12 Latvia H4
Lodran 1868-10-01 Pakistan Punjab Lodranite
Lohawat 1994-10-30 India Rajasthan Howardite
Los Martinez 1894-05 Spain Valenciana L6
Lost City 1970-01-03 United States Oklahoma H5
Louisville 1977-01-31 United States Kentucky L6
Lowicz 1935-03-12 Poland Skierniewice Mesosiderite
Lua 1926-06-26 India Rajasthan L5
Lucé 1768-09-13 France Pays de la Loire L6
Lumpkin 1869-10-06 United States Georgia L6

Lun - Zvo

Lunan - Nagaria

Meteorite name Date Country State or province Classification
Lunan 1980-04-04 China Yunnan H6
Lundsgård 1889-04-03 Sweden Kristianstads L6
Luotolax 1813-12-13 Finland Kymi Howardite
Luponnas 1753-09-07 France Rhone-Alpes H3
Lusaka 1951 before-04 Congo - Dem. Rep. Shaba stone
Mabwe-Khoywa 1937-09-17 Burma Kayah State L5
Macau 1836-11-11 Brazil Rio Grande do Norte H5
Machinga 1981-01-22 Malawi Southern L6
Macibini 1936-09-23 South Africa KwaZulu/Natal Eucrite
Madhipura 1950-05-23 India Bihar chondrite
Madiun 1935-06-20 Indonesia Jawa Timur L6
Madrid 1896-02-10 Spain Madrid L6
Mafra 1941 Brazil Santa Catarina L3
Magnesia 1899 Turkey Aydin IAB complex iron
Magombedze 1990-07-02 Zimbabwe Masvingo H3
Mahadevpur 2007-02-21 India Arunachal Pradesh H4/5
Maigatari-Danduma 2004-08-01 Niger Zinder H5
Malaga 1933-11 (early) United States New Mexico chondrite
Malakal 1970-08-10-15 Sudan A'ali an Nil L5
Malampaka 1930 Sep? Tanzania Shinyanga chondrite
Malotas 1931-06-22 Argentina Santiago del Estero H5
Malvern 1933-11-20-30 South Africa Free State Eucrite
Mamra Springs 1927-05-05 Kazakhstan Kzyl-Orda L6
Manbhoom 1863-12-22 India West Bengal LL6
Manegaon 1843-06-29 India Maharashtra Diogenite
Mangwendi 1934-03-07 Zimbabwe Mashonaland East LL6
Manych 1951-10-20 Russia Kalmykiya-Khal'mg Tangch LL3
Mardan 1948-05-08 Pakistan North-west Frontier H5
Maria Linden 1925-04-15 South Africa L4
Mariaville 1898-10-16 United States Nebraska iron
Maribo 2009-01-17 Denmark Storstrom CM2
Maridi before 1941 Sudan Al Istiwa'iyah H6
Marilia 1971-10-05 Brazil São Paulo H4
Marion (Iowa) 1847-02-25 United States Iowa L6
Marjalahti 1902-06 Russia Respublika Kareliya Pallasite
Marmande 1848-07-04 France Aquitaine L5
Maromandia 2002-07-05 Madagascar Mahajanga L6
Maryville 1983-01-28 United States Tennessee L6
Mascombes 1836-01-31 France Limousin L6
Mässing 1803-12-13 Germany Bayern Howardite
Mauerkirchen 1768-11-20 Austria Oberosterreich L6
Mauritius 1801 before-12 Mauritius L6
Mayo Belwa 1974-08-03 Nigeria Adamawa Aubrite
Mazapil 1885-11-27 Mexico Zacatecas IAB complex iron
Maziba 1942-09-24 Uganda Southern L6
Mbale 1992-08-14 Uganda Eastern L5
Medanitos 1953-07-14 Argentina Catamarca Eucrite
Meerut ~1861 India Uttar Pradesh H5
Meester-Cornelis 1915-06-02 Indonesia Jakarta Raya H5
Menow 1862-10-07 Germany Brandenburg H4
Menziswyl 1903 Jul Switzerland Fribourg L5
Mern 1878-08-29 Denmark Storstrom L6
Meru 1945-02-02 Kenya Eastern LL6
Merua 1920-08-30 India Uttar Pradesh H5
Messina 1955-07-16 Italy Sicilia L5
Meuselbach 1897-05-19 Germany Thuringen L6
Mezel 1949-01-25 France Auvergne L6
Mezö-Madaras 1852-09-04 Romania Harghita L3
Mhow 1827-02-16 India Uttar Pradesh L6
Mianchi 1980-09-04 China Henan H5
Middlesbrough 1881-03-14 United Kingdom England L6
Mighei 1889-06-18 Ukraine Nikolayev CM2
Mihonoseki 1992-12-10 Japan Chūgoku L6
Mike 1944-05-03 Hungary Somogy L6
Milena 1842-04-26 Croatia L6
Millbillillie 1960-10 Australia Western Australia Eucrite
Miller (Arkansas) 1930-07-13 United States Arkansas H5
Min-Fan-Zhun 1952-04-01 China Jiangsu LL6
Minamino 1632-09-27 Japan Chūbu chondrite
Mineo 1826 May Italy Sicilia Pallasite
Minnichhof 1905-05-27 Austria Burgenland chondrite
Mirzapur 1910-01-07 India Uttar Pradesh L5
Misshof 1890-04-10 Latvia H5
Mjelleim 1898-01-24 Norway Sogn Og Fjordane chondrite
Mocs 1882-02-03 Romania Cluj L5
Modoc (1905) 1905-09-02 United States Kansas L6
Mokoia 1908-11-26 New Zealand Taranaki CV3
Molina 1858-12-24 Spain Murcia H5
Molteno 1953-04 or May South Africa Eastern Cape Howardite
Monahans (1998) 1998-03-22 United States Texas H5
Monroe 1849-10-31 United States North Carolina H4
Monte das Fortes 1950-08-23 Portugal Beja L5
Monte Milone 1846-05-08 Italy Marche L5
Montferré 1923 summer France Languedoc-Roussillon H5
Montlivault 1838-07-22 France Centre L6
Monze 1950-10-05 Zambia Southern L6
Moore County 1913-04-21 United States North Carolina Eucrite
Mooresfort 1810-08 Ireland Munster H5
Moorleah 1930-10 Australia Tasmania L6
Moradabad 1808 India Uttar Pradesh L6
Morávka 2000-05-06 Czech Republic Severomoravsky H5
Mornans 1875-09 France Rhone-Alpes H5
Moss 2006-07-14 Norway Østfold CO3.6
Moti-ka-nagla 1868-12-22 India Rajasthan H6
Motta di Conti 1868-02-29 Italy Piemonte H4
Mount Browne 1902-07-17 Australia New South Wales H6
Mount Tazerzait 1991-08-21 Niger Agadez L5
Mount Vaisi 1637-11-29 France Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur stone
Mtola 1944-06-17 Malawi Northern stone
Muddoor 1865-09-21 India Karnataka L5
Mulletiwu 1795-04-13 Sri Lanka Northern chondrite
Muraid 1924-08-07 Bangladesh Dhaka L6
Murchison 1969-09-28 Australia Victoria CM2
Murray 1950-09-20 United States Kentucky CM2
Muzaffarpur 1964-04-11 India Bihar IAB complex iron
Myhee Caunta 1842-11-30 India Gujarat chondrite
Nadiabondi 1956-07-27 Burkina Faso Gourma H5
Nagai 1922-05-30 Japan Tohoku L6
Nagaria 1875-04-24 India Uttar Pradesh Eucrite

Nagy-Borové - Peekskill

Meteorite name Date Country State or province Classification
Nagy-Borové 1895-05-09 Slovakia Stredoslovensky L5
Nakhla 1911-06-28 Egypt Al Buhayrah Martian (nakhlite)
Nakhon Pathom 1923-12-21 Thailand Nakhon Pathom L6
Nammianthal 1886-01-27 India Tamil Nadu H5
Nan Yang Pao 1917-07-11 China Gansu L6
Nanjemoy 1825-02-10 United States Maryland H6
Nantong 1984-06-15 China Jiangsu H6
Naoki 1928-09-29 India Maharashtra H6
Naragh 1974-08-18 Iran Esfahan H6
Narellan 1928-04-08 Australia New South Wales L6
Narni 0921 Italy Umbria stone
Nassirah 1936-07-15 New Caledonia H4
Natal 1973 South Africa stone
Nawapali 1890-06-06 India Orissa CM2
Neagari 1995-02-18 Japan Chūbu L6
Nedagolla 1870-01-23 India Andhra Pradesh Ungrouped iron
Nejo 1970-05-11 Ethiopia Welega L6
Nerft 1864-04-12 Latvia L6
Neuschwanstein 2002-04-06 Germany Bayern EL6
New Concord 1860-05-01 United States Ohio L6
New Halfa 1994-11-08 Sudan Ash Sharqiyah L4
New Orleans 2003-09-23 United States Louisiana H5
Ngawi 1883-10-03 Indonesia Jawa Timur LL3
N'Goureyma 1900-06-15 Mali Mopti Ungrouped iron
Nicorps 1750-10-11 France Basse-Normandie stone
Niger (L6) 1967-08-01 Niger L6
Niger (LL6) 1967-08-01 Niger L6
Nikolaevka 1935-07-11 Kazakhstan Pavlodar H4
Nikolskoe 1954-03-06 Russia Moskovskaya oblast' L4
Ningbo 1975-10-04 China Zhejiang IVA iron
Ningqiang 1983-06-25 China Shaanxi C3 ungrouped
Nio 1897-08-08 Japan Chūgoku H3
N'Kandhla 1912-08-01 South Africa KwaZulu/Natal IID iron
Nobleborough 1823-08-07 United States Maine Eucrite
Noblesville 1991-08-31 United States Indiana H4
Nogata 0861-05-19 Japan Kyūshū L6
Nogoya 1879-06-30 Argentina Entre Rios CM2
Norfork 1918-10 United States Arkansas IIIAB iron
Norton County 1948-02-18 United States Kansas Aubrite
Noventa Vicentina 1971-05-12 Italy Veneto H4
Novo-Urei 1886-09-04 Russia Respublika Mordoviya Ureilite
Novy-Ergi 1662-12-10 Russia Novgorodskaya oblast' stone
Novy-Projekt 1908-04-25 Lithuania chondrite
Noyan-Bogdo 1933-09-25 Mongolia Omnogovi L6
Nuevo Mercurio 1978-12-15 Mexico Zacatecas H5
Nulles 1851-11-05 Spain Cataluna H6
Numakai 1925-09-04 Japan Hokkaidō H4
Nyaung 1939-12-24 Burma Magwe IIIAB iron
Nyirábrany 1914-07-17 Hungary Hajdu-Bihar LL4
Ochansk 1887-08-30 Russia Permskaya oblast' H4
Oesede 1927-12-30 Germany Niedersachsen H5
Oesel 1855-05-11 Estonia L6
Ofehértó 1900-07-25 Hungary Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg L6
Ogi 1741-07-08 Japan Kyūshū H6
Ohaba 1857-10-11 Romania Alba H5
Ohuma 1963-04-11 Nigeria Benue L5
Ojuelos Altos 1926-12-10 Spain Andalucia L6
Okabe 1958-11-26 Japan Kanto H5
Okano 1904-04-07 Japan Kinki IIAB iron
Okniny 1834-01-08 Ukraine Volyn LL6
Oldenburg (1930) 1930-09-10 Germany Niedersachsen L6
Oliva-Gandia 1520-05-26 Spain Valenciana stone
Olivenza 1924-06-19 Spain Extremadura LL4
Olmedilla de Alarcón 1929-02-26 Spain Castilla-La Mancha H5
Omolon 1981-05-16 Russia Magadanskaya oblast' Pallasite
Orgueil 1864-05-14 France Midi-Pyrenees CI1
Orlando 2004-11-08 United States Florida Eucrite
Ornans 1868-07-11 France Franche-Comte CO3.4
Ortenau 1671-02-27 Germany Baden-Wurttemberg stone
Orvinio 1872-08-31 Italy Lazio H6
Oterøy 1928-10-15 Norway Telemark L6
Otomi 1867-05-24 Japan Tohoku chondrite
Ottawa 1896-04-09 United States Kansas LL6
Oued el Hadjar 1986-04 Morocco South LL6
Oum Dreyga 2003-10-16 Western Sahara Rio de Oro H3
Ourique 1998-12-28 Portugal Beja H4
Ovambo ~1900 Namibia Owambo L6
Oviedo 1856-08-05 Spain Asturias H5
Owrucz 1775 or-1776 Ukraine Zhitomir chondrite
Pacula 1881-06-18 Mexico Hidalgo L6
Padvarninkai 1929-02-09 Lithuania Eucrite
Paitan 1910-05 Philippines Ilocos H6
Palahatchie 1910-10-17 United States Mississippi chondrite
Palca de Aparzo 1988-09-14 Argentina Jujuy L5
Palinshih 1914-07 China Nei Mongol iron
Palmyra 1926-01-20 United States Missouri L3
Palolo Valley 1949-04-24 United States Hawaii H5
Pampanga 1859-04-05 Philippines Central Luzon L5
Pantar 1938-06-16 Philippines Central Mindanao H5
Paragould 1930-02-17 United States Arkansas LL4
Parambu 1967-07-24 Brazil Ceara LL4
Paranaiba 1956 Brazil Mato Grosso do Sul L6
Park Forest 2003-03-26 United States Illinois L5
Parnallee 1857-02-28 India Tamil Nadu LL3
Parsa 1942-04-14 India Bihar EH3
Pasamonte 1933-03-24 United States New Mexico Eucrite
Patora 1969-10-20 India Madhya Pradesh H6
Patrimonio 1950-08-06 Brazil Minas Gerais L6
Patti 1922 Italy Sicilia iron
Patwar 1935-07-29 Bangladesh Chittagong Mesosiderite
Pavel 1966-02-28 Bulgaria Lovech H5
Pavlodar (stone) 1938-05-23 Kazakhstan Pavlodar H5
Pavlograd 1826-05-19 Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk L6
Pavlovka 1882-08-02 Russia Saratovskaya oblast' Howardite
1989-06-14 Burkina Faso Houet L6
Peace River 1963-03-31 Canada Alberta L6
Peckelsheim 1953-03-03 Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen Diogenite
Peekskill 1992-10-09 United States New York H6

Peña Blanca Spring - San Pedro Jacuaro

Meteorite name Date Country State or province Classification
Peña Blanca Spring 1946-08-02 United States Texas Aubrite
Peramiho 1899-10-24 Tanzania Ruvuma Eucrite
Perpeti 1935-05-14 Bangladesh Chittagong L6
Perth 1830-05-17 United Kingdom Scotland LL4
Pervomaisky 1933-12-26 Russia Vladimirskaya oblast' L6
Pesyanoe 1933-10-02 Russia Kurganskaya oblast' Aubrite
Pétèlkolé 1995-04-10 Niger Niamey H5
Petersburg 1855-08-05 United States Tennessee Eucrite
Pettiswood 1779 Ireland Leinster stone
Phillips County (stone) 1901-05-09 United States Kansas L6
Phu Hong 1887-09-22 Vietnam Binh Thuan H4
Phum Sambo 1933-01-09 Cambodia Kampong Cham H4
Phuoc-Binh 1941-07-18 Vietnam Quang Nam-Da Nang L5
Piancaldoli 1968-08-10 Italy Emilia-Romagna LL3
Picote 1843-09 Portugal Braganca stone
Pillistfer 1863-08-08 Estonia EL6
Piplia Kalan 1996-06-20 India Rajasthan Eucrite
Piquetberg 1881 South Africa Western Cape chondrite
Pirgunje 1882-08-29 Bangladesh Rajshahi L6
Pirthalla 1884-02-09 India Haryana H6
Pitts 1921-04-20 United States Georgia IAB complex iron
Plantersville 1930-09-04 United States Texas H6
Ploschkovitz 1723-06-22 Czech Republic Severocesky L5
Pnompehn 1868-06-20/30 Cambodia Phnum Penh L6
Po-wang Chen 1933-10-23 China Anhui chondrite
Pohlitz 1819-10-13 Germany Sachsen-Anhalt L5
Pokhra 1866-05-27 India Uttar Pradesh H5
Pollen 1942-04-06 Norway Nordland CM2
Pontlyfni 1931-04-14 United Kingdom Wales Winonaite
Portales Valley 1998-06-13 United States New Mexico H6
Portugal 1796-02-19 Portugal Evora stone
Prambachkirchen 1932-11-05 Austria Oberosterreich L6
Pribram 1959-04-07 Czech Republic Stredocesky H5
Pricetown 1893-02-13 United States Ohio L6
Pulsora 1863-03-16 India Madhya Pradesh H5
Puerto Lápice 2007-05-10 Spain Castilla-La Mancha Eucrite
Pultusk 1868-01-30 Poland Ostroleka H5
Punganaru 1811-11-23 India Andhra Pradesh stone
Putinga 1937-08-16 Brazil Rio Grande do Sul L6
Qidong 1982-07-02 China Jiangsu L/LL5
Qingzhen 1976-09-13 China Guizhou EH3
Queen's Mercy 1925-04-30 South Africa Eastern Cape H6
Quenggouk 1857-12-27 Burma Irrawaddy H4
Quesa 1898-08-01 Spain Valenciana IAB complex iron
Quija 1990-03-20 China Jilin chondrite
Quincay 1851 summer France Poitou-Charentes L6
Raco 1957-11-17 Argentina Tucuman H5
Raghunathpura 1986-11-20 India Rajasthan IIAB iron
Rahim Yar Khan 1983-12 Pakistan Punjab L5
Rakovka 1878-11-20 Russia Orlovskaya oblast' L6
Ramnagar 1940-12-15 India Uttar Pradesh L6
Rampurhat 1916-11-21 India West Bengal chondrite
Ramsdorf 1958-07-26 Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen L6
Ranchapur 1917-02-20 India Bihar H4
Rancho de la Presa 1899 Mexico Michoacan H5
Rangala 1937-12-29 India Rajasthan L6
Raoyang 1919 China Hebei L6
Ras Tanura 1961-02-23 Saudi Arabia Ash Sharqiyah H6
Rasgrad 1740-10-25 Bulgaria Razgrad stone
Ratyn 1880-08-24 Poland Konin stone
Reliegos 1947-12-28 Spain Castilla y Leon L5
Rembang 1919-08-30 Indonesia Jawa Tengah IVA iron
Renazzo 1824-01-15 Italy Emilia-Romagna CR2
Renca 1925-06-20 Argentina San Luis L5
Renqiu 1916-03-23 China Hebei L6
Repeev Khutor 1933-08-08 Russia Astrakhanskaya oblast' IIF iron
Revelstoke 1965-03-31 Canada British Columbia CI1
Rewari 1929 ~Jul India Haryana L6
Rich Mountain 1903-06-30 United States North Carolina L6
Richardton 1918-06-30 United States North Dakota H5
Richland Springs 1980-09-20 United States Texas chondrite
Richmond 1828-06-04 United States Virginia LL4
Rio Negro 1934-09-21 Brazil Parana L4
Rivolta de Bassi 1491-03-22 Italy Lombardia stone
Rochester 1876-12-21 United States Indiana H6
Rockhampton 1895 spring Australia Queensland stone
Roda 1871 spring Spain Aragon Diogenite
Rodach 1775-09-19 Germany Bayern stone
Rose City 1921-10-17 United States Michigan H5
Rowton 1876-04-20 United Kingdom England IIIAB iron
Ruhobobo 1976-10-13 Rwanda Ruhengeri L6
Rumuruti 1934-01-28 Kenya Rift Valley R3
Rupota 1949-02-07 Tanzania Lindi L4
Ryechki 1914-04-09 Ukraine Sumy L5
Sabetmahet 1855-08-16 India Uttar Pradesh H5
Sabrum 1999-04-30 India Tripura LL6
Sagan 1636-03-06 Poland Zielona Gora stone
St. Caprais-de-Quinsac 1883-01-28 France Aquitaine L6
St. Chinian 1959-12-25 France Languedoc-Roussillon L6
St. Christophe-la-Chartreuse 1841-11-05 France Pays de la Loire L6
St. Denis Westrem 1855-06-07 Belgium Oost-Vlaanderen L6
St. Germain-du-Pinel 1890-07-04 France Bretagne H6
St. Louis 1950-12-10 United States Missouri H4
St. Mark's 1903-01-03 South Africa Eastern Cape EH5
St. Mary's County 1919-06-20 United States Maryland LL3
St. Mesmin 1866-05-30 France Champagne-Ardenne LL6
St. Michel 1910-07-12 Finland Mikkeli L6
Saint-Sauveur 1914-07-10 France Midi-Pyrenees EH5
Ste. Marguerite 1962-06-08 France Nord-Pas-de-Calais H4
Sakauchi 1913-04-13 Japan Chūbu iron
Salem 1981-05-13 United States Oregon L6
Salles 1798-03-12 France Rhone-Alpes L5
Salzwedel 1985-11-14 Germany Sachsen-Anhalt LL4
Samelia 1921-05-20 India Rajasthan IIIAB iron
San Juan Capistrano 1973-03-15 United States California H6
San Michele 2002-02-29 Italy Marche L6
San Pedro de Quiles 1956-10 Chile Coquimbo L6
San Pedro Jacuaro 1968-12-01 Mexico Ocampo LL6

Santa Barbara - Tonk

Meteorite name Date Country State or province Classification
Santa Barbara 1873-09-26 Brazil Rio Grande do Sul L4
Santa Cruz 1939-09-03 Mexico Tamaulipas CM2
Santa Isabel 1924-11-18 Argentina Santa Fe L6
Santa Lucia (2008) 2008-01-23 Argentina San Juan L6
São Jose do Rio Preto 1962-08-14 Brazil São Paulo H4
Saratov 1918-09-06 Russia Saratovskaya oblast' L4
Sasagase 1688-02-13 Japan Chūbu chondrite
Sauguis 1868-09-07 France Aquitaine L6
Savtschenskoje 1894-07-27 Ukraine Odessa LL4
Sayama 1986-04-29 Japan Kanto CM2
Sazovice 1934-06-28 Czech Republic Jihomoravsky L5
Schellin 1715-04-11 Poland Szczecin chondrite
Schenectady 1968-04-12 United States New York H5
Schönenberg 1846-12-25 Germany Bayern L6
Searsmont 1871-05-21 United States Maine H5
Sediköy 1917 Turkey Izmir L6
Segowlie 1853-03-04 India Bihar LL6
Selakopi 1939-09-26 Indonesia Jawa Barat H5
Seldebourak 1947-02-26 Algeria Tamanghasset H5
Semarkona 1940-10-26 India Madhya Pradesh LL3
Sena 1773-11-17 Spain Aragon H4
Senboku 1993 Japan Tohoku H6
Seoni 1966-01-16 India Maharashtra H6
Seres 1818-06 Greece Macedonia H4
Serra de Magé 1923-10-01 Brazil Pernambuco Eucrite
Sete Lagoas 1908-12-15 Brazil Minas Gerais H4
Sevilla 1862-11-01 Spain Andalucia LL4
Sevrukovo 1874-05-11 Russia Belgorodskaya oblast' L5
Sfax 1989-10-16 Tunisia Safaqis L6
Shalka 1850-11-30 India West Bengal Diogenite
Sharps 1921-04-01 United States Virginia H3
Shelburne 1904-08-13 Canada Ontario L5
Shergotty 1865-08-25 India Bihar Martian (shergottite)
Sheyang 1976-07-11 China Jiangsu L6
Shikarpur 1921-08-09 India Bihar L6
Shuangyang 1971-05-25/26 China Jilin H5
Shupiyan 1912-04 India Jammu & Kashmir H6
Shytal 1863-08-11 Bangladesh Dhaka L6
Siena 1794-06-16 Italy Toscana LL4
Sikhote-Alin 1947-02-12 Russia Primorskiy kray IIAB iron
Silao 1995-03-12 Mexico Guanajuato H5
Simmern 1920-07-01 Germany Rheinland-Pfalz H5
Sinai 1916-07-14/17 Egypt Al Isma'iliyah L6
Sindhri 1901-06-10 Pakistan Sind H5
Sinnai 1956-02-19 Italy Sardegna H6
Sioux County 1933-08-08 United States Nebraska Eucrite
Sitathali 1875-03-04 India Madhya Pradesh H5
Sivas 1989-09-30 Turkey Yozgat H6
Sixiangkou 1989-08-15 China Jiangsu L5
Ski 1848-12-27 Norway Akershus L6
Slavetic 1868-05-22 Croatia H5
Slobodka 1818-08-10 Russia Smolensk Oblast L4
Soheria 1960-01-08 India Bihar chondrite
Soko-Banja 1877-10-13 Serbia LL4
Sologne 1860 France Centre H5
Sone 1866-06-07 Japan Kinki H5
Songyuan 1993-08-15 China Jilin L6
Sopot 1927-04-27 Romania Dolj chondrite
Soroti 1945-09-17 Uganda Eastern Ungrouped iron
St-Robert 1994-06-14 Canada Quebec H5
Saint-Séverin 1966-06-27 France Poitou-Charentes LL6
Ställdalen 1876-06-28 Sweden Orebro H5
Stannern 1808-05-22 Czech Republic South Moravian Region Eucrite
Stavropol 1857-03-24 Russia Stavropol'skiy kray L6
Sterlitamak 1990-05-17 Russia Respublika Bashkortostan IIIAB iron
Stolzenau 1647-08 Germany Niedersachsen stone
Stratford 1974-05-27 United States Connecticut L6
Strathmore 1917-12-03 United Kingdom Scotland L6
Stretchleigh 1623-01-10 United Kingdom England stone
Success 1924-04-18 United States Arkansas L6
Suchy Dul 1969-09-16 Czech Republic Vychodocesky L6
Suizhou 1986-04-15 China Hubei L6
Sulagiri 2008-09-12 India Tamil Nadu LL6
Sultanpur 1916-07-10 India Uttar Pradesh L6
Sungach 1935-04-10 Russia Primorskiy kray H5
Supuhee 1865-01-19 India Uttar Pradesh H6
Sylacauga 1954-11-30 United States Alabama H4
Tabor 1753-07-03 Czech Republic Jihocesky H5
Tadjera 1867-06-09 Algeria Setif L5
Tagish Lake 2000-01-18 Canada British Columbia C2 ungrouped
Tahara 1991-03-26 Japan Chūbu H4
Takenouchi 1880-02-18 Japan Kinki H5
Talampaya ~1995 Argentina Eucrite
Tambakwatu 1975-02-14 Indonesia Jawa Timur L6
Tamdakht 2008-12-20 Morocco South H5
Tané 1918-01-25 Japan Kinki L5
Taonan 1965-02-28 China Jilin L5
Tatahouine 1931-06-27 Tunisia Tatawin Diogenite
Tathlith 1967-10-05 Saudi Arabia 'Asir L6
Tauk 1929 spring Iraq Salah ad Din L6
Tauti 1937-07 or 1937-08 Romania Cluj L6
Tenham 1879 spring Australia Queensland L6
Tennasilm 1872-06-28 Estonia L4
Thal 1950-06 Pakistan North-west Frontier H6
Thuathe 2002-07-21 Lesotho Berea H4
Tianzhang 1986-01-28 China Anhui H5
Tieschitz 1878-07-15 Czech Republic Severomoravsky H3
Tilden 1927-07-13 United States Illinois L6
Tillaberi 1970 late-04 Niger Niamey L6
Timochin 1807-03-25 Russia Kaluzhskaya oblast' H5
Tirupati 1934-03-20 India Andhra Pradesh H6
Tjabe 1869-09-19 Indonesia Jawa Tengah H6
Tjerebon 1922-07-10 Indonesia Jawa Barat L5
Tomakovka 1905-01-17 Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk LL6
Tomatlan 1879-09-17 Mexico Jalisco H6
Tomita 1916-04-13 Japan Chūgoku chondrite
Tomiya 1984-08-22 Japan Tohoku H4
Tonk 1911-01-22 India Rajasthan CI1

Torino - Zvonkov

Meteorite name Date Country State or province Classification
Torino 1988-05-18 Italy Piemonte H6
Torrington 1944-09-23 United States Wyoming H6
Toulouse 1812-04-10 France Midi-Pyrenees H6
Tounkin 1824-02-18 Russia Respublika Buryatiya chondrite
Tourinnes-la-Grosse 1863-12-07 Belgium Nivelles L6
Trebbin 1988-03-01 Germany Brandenburg LL6
Trenzano 1856-11-12 Italy Lombardia H3
Treysa 1916-04-03 Germany Hessen IIIAB iron
Tromøy 1950-04-09 Norway Aust-Agder chondrite
Troup 1917-04-26 United States Texas L6
Trysil 1927-06-21 Norway Hedmark L/LL6
Tsukuba 1996-01-07 Japan Kanto H5
Tuan Tuc 1921-06-30 Vietnam Can Tho L6
Tugalin-Bulen 1967-02-13 Mongolia Dundgovi H6
Turtle Lake 1996-10-21 United States Wisconsin L5
Tulung Dzong 1944-03-26 China Xizang stone
Tuxtuac 1975-10-16 Mexico Zacatecas LL4
Tysnes Island 1884-05-20 Norway Hordaland H4
Tyumen 1903-04-20/22 Russia Tyumenskaya oblast' iron
Uberaba 1903-06-29 Brazil Minas Gerais H5
Ucera 1970-01-16 Venezuela Falcon H5
Uchkuduk 1989-06-21 Uzbekistan Navoi L6
Udaipur 1976 India H3
Udei Station 1927 spring Nigeria Benue IAB complex iron
Uden 1840-06-12 Netherlands Noord-Brabant LL6
Udipi 1866-04 India Karnataka H5
Ufana 1957-08-05 Tanzania Arusha EL6
Ulmiz 1926-12-25 Switzerland Fribourg chondrite
Umbala 1822 or 1823 India Punjab LL4
Umm Ruaba 1966-12-27 Sudan Kurdufan L5
Undulung 1986-09-11 Russia Respublika Sakha(Yakutiya) L4
Unkoku 1924-09-07 South Korea Cholla-namdo chondrite
Urasaki 1926-04-16 Japan Chūgoku stone
Usti Nad Orlici 1963-06-12 Czech Republic Vychodocesky L6
Utrecht 1843-06-02 Netherlands Utrecht L6
Utzenstorf 1928-08-16 Switzerland Bern H5
Uzcudun 1948-04-16 Argentina Chūbut chondrite
Vago 1688-06-21 Italy Veneto H6
Valdavur 1944-10-30 India Pondicherry H6
Valdinizza 1903-07-12 Italy Lombardia L6
Valdinoce 1496-01-26 or -28 Italy Emilia-Romagna stone
Valera 1972-10-15 Venezuela Trujillo L5
Vavilovka 1876-06-19 Ukraine Kherson LL6
Vengerovo 1950-10-11 Russia Novosibirskaya oblast' H5
Veramin 1880-04-18 Iran Tehran Mesosiderite
Verkhne Tschirskaia 1843-11-12 Russia Volgogradskaya oblast' H5
Vernon County 1865-03-26 United States Wisconsin H6
Vetluga 1949-02-27 Russia Nizhegorodskaya oblast' Eucrite
Vigarano 1910-01-22 Italy Emilia-Romagna CV3
Villalbeto de la Peña 2004-01-04 Spain Castilla y Leon L6
Villarrica 1925-07-20 Paraguay Guaira stone
Vilna 1967-02-05 Canada Alberta L5
Virba 1873-06-01 Bulgaria Mikhaylovgrad L6
Vishnupur 1906-12-15 India West Bengal LL4
Vissannapeta 1997-12-13 India Andhra Pradesh Eucrite
Visuni 1915-01-19 Pakistan Sind H6
Vouillé 1831-05-13 France Poitou-Charentes L6
Walters 1946-07-28 United States Oklahoma L6
Warrenton 1877-01-03 United States Missouri CO3.7
Washougal 1939-07-02 United States Washington Howardite
Werdama 2006-05-21 Libya Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar H5
Wessely 1831-09-09 Czech Republic Jihomoravsky H5
Weston 1807-12-14 United States Connecticut H4
Wethersfield (1971) 1971-04-08 United States Connecticut L6
Wethersfield (1982) 1982-11-08 United States Connecticut L6
Whetstone Mountains 2009-06-23 United States Arizona H5
Wiluna 1967-09-02 Australia Western Australia H5
Witklip Farm 1918-05-26 South Africa Mpumalanga H5
Witsand Farm 1932-12-01 Namibia Karasburg LL4
Wittekrantz 1880-12-09 South Africa Western Cape L5
Wolamo before 1964 Ethiopia Shewa chondrite
Wold Cottage 1795-12-13 United Kingdom England L6
Woolgorong 1960-12-20 Australia Western Australia L6
Worden 1997-09-01 United States Michigan L5
Wuan 1986-07-31 China Hebei H6
Wuzhi 1931-06-25 China Henan stone
Xi Ujimgin 1980-08-24 China Nei Mongol L/LL6
Xingyang 1977-12-01 China Henan H6
Yafa 2000-07-15 Yemen Abyan H5
Yambo 1951-10-20 Congo - Dem. Rep. Equateur H5
Yangchiang 1954-04-12 China Guangdong H5
Yanzhuang 1990-10-31 China Guangdong H6
Yardymly 1959-11-24 Azerbaijan Yardymly Rayon IAB complex iron
Yatoor 1852-01-23 India Andhra Pradesh H5
Yonozu 1837-07-13 Japan Tohoku H4
Yorktown (New York) 1869-09 United States New York L5
Yoshiki 1928-06-25 Japan Chūgoku stone
Yukan 1931-08-27 China Jiangxi LL6
Yurtuk 1936-04-02 Ukraine Zaporozh'ye Howardite
Zaborzika 1818-04-11 Ukraine Zhitomir L6
Zabrodje 1893-09-22 Belarus Vitebsk L6
Zag 1998-08-04/05 Western Sahara Saguia el Hamra H3
Zagami 1962-10-03 Nigeria Katsina Martian (shergottite)
Zaisan 1963-12-18 Kazakhstan Semipalatinsk H5
Zaisho 1898-02-01 Japan Shikoku Pallasite
Zaoyang 1984-10-18 China Hubei H5
Zavetnoe 1952-12-04 Russia Rostovskaya oblast' L6
Zavid 1897-08-01 Bosnia and Herzegovina L6
Zebrak 1824-10-14 Czech Republic Stredocesky H5
Zemaitkiemis 1933-02-02 Lithuania L6
Zhaodong 1984-10-25 China Heilongjiang L4
Zhovtnevyi 1938-10-10 Ukraine Donetsk H6
Zhuanghe 1976-08-18 China Liaoning H5
Zmenj 1858-08 Belarus Brest Howardite
Zomba 1899-01-25 Malawi Southern L6
Zsadany 1875-03-31 Romania H5
Zvonkov 1955-09-02 Ukraine Kiev H6


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