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Metro TV
Launched November 25, 2000
Owned by PT Media Televisi Indonesia
(Media Group)
Slogan "Be Smart, Be Informed"
Country  Indonesia
Language Indonesian
Broadcast area Free To Air/Cable/Satellite
Indovision Channel 83
Astro Coming soon
Aora TV Channel 903
First Media Channel 7
TelkomVision Channel  ??
StarHub Cable TV TBA
Internet television

Metro TV is Indonesia's first 24-hour news channel based in West Jakarta. The station was established on November 25, 2000 and now has over 53 transmission sites all over the country. It is owned by Surya Paloh who also owns the Media Indonesia daily. These two, along with other newspapers distributed in different parts of Indonesia, are part of the Media Group, also owned by Paloh.

It is the only TV station to offer Mandarin news and no sinetron (soap opera) programs in Indonesia, although lately the station has also begun to broadcast entertainment programs such as a talk show called "e-Lifestyle", and the satirical news and current affairs show called "Republik Mimpi" (The Dream Republic).

Metro TV also offers one of its top programs called Indonesia Now. The program, which is broadcast worldwide, primarily gives information about Indonesia to the world.


History and concept

Upon its launch in 2000, Metro TV has a different concept than the other stations in Indonesia; even this station broadcast 24 hour a week, it focused its programs only for news around the world. In later years, it also broadcast entertainment programs, except for banned entertainment programs such as soap operas, some kind of drama or TV series, foreign reality shows, anime, and even kids programming. The comedy was shown in mid 2007, but then banned to be broadcasted on Metro TV since 2008.

Metro TV also broadcast two English language programs, Indonesia This Morning, and also Indonesia Now. It also had a Chinese language programs such as Metro Xin Wen. It has also had IT and documentary programs. Additionally, it has a culinary program and a motivation program, Mario Teguh Golden Ways. It also shows business programming, which one of them is Bisnis Hari Ini (Business Today).

Metro TV also have an informercial block, usually residences, but sometimes, any price of product and techonology. The infomercial block usually air on networks and stations during morning on weekends. The block has no commercial breaks. This channel is owned by Media Group, which also owns Media Indonesia and Lampung Post newspapers.

However, Metro TV was not the first Indonesian channel to be broadcast in English Language. RCTI became the first Indonesian channel to broadcast in English language when showing Indonesia Today in February 26, 1997, and the English news program is made with a specific target audience with foreigners who want to know the latest news and more information about Indonesia, but was canceled in 2001. Metro TV later broadcast Metro This Morning and News Flash. Metro This Morning was ended on late March 2007.

Current programs


Weekday programs

Program Scheduled to show Summary
Metro Pagi 4:30 AM Known as Metro Morning, it is a four hour and 30 minutes news program that shows event that occurs several days ago. Also features lifestyle and sports programming.
Editorial Media Indonesia 8:00 AM A one hour talkshow program about news that issued on Media Indonesia. It currently does not shown on East Java.
Indonesia This Morning 9:05 AM An English language program that shows news worldwide. At the opening, shows weather in Jakarta.
Market Review 9:30 AM A program focusing on business and financial news, and also show annual reports in NYSE, and NASDAQ. A business ticker is shown at the lower of screen and at the top of newsticker, always showing stock prices.
Metro Xin Wen 10:30 AM A Chinese language news program. It usually shows domestic news and foraign news, including any parts that in Chinese styles.
The Oprah Winfrey Show 11:00 AM A talkshow that features Oprah Winfrey. It does not appear in Mondays.
Metro Siang 12:00 noon Known as Metro at Noon, it is a midday news program. At the first time of this show, a headline news is announced.
Metro Sore 2:30 PM A new news programming starting in 2009. It shows news that based on event from 09:00-14:00 PM.
Bisnis Hari Ini 3:00 PM Known as Business Today, it is another program focusing on business and financial news. It shows also after the Indonesian Stock Exchange closing bell.
Public Corner 3:30 PM A talkshow about lifestyle
Metro Hari Ini 5:30 PM Known as Metro Today, it is an evening news program that shows every one hour and 20 minutes during weekdays and Saturdays always one hour.
Suara Anda 7:00 PM An interactive news program. Any viewers can show which one news can be chosen.
Special Dialogue 8:30 PM A nightly talk show program. It tells the general events.
Top Nine News 9:00 PM A nightly news program that focusing on general news. There are 9 news are reported. In the end, there is a segmental called "Top of the Top" and the "Top Picture".
Metro Sport 11:00 PM A nightly sports news program.
Metro Malam 12:00 AM Known as Metro at Midnight, it is a nightly news program that focusing on general news. Shown after the beginning of a new day.

Weekend and additional programs

  • Chat Club: a talk show programming.
  • Oasis: a society programming.
  • Expedition: a travel program.
  • Democrazy: a comedy that talks about the politician.
  • Archipelago: a documentary news program.
  • Mario Teguh Golden Ways: a Sunday motivation program.
  • Kick Andy: a talkshow about a issue that hosted by Andy F. Noya on Fridays.
  • Metro TV Infomercial: an informercial block show on weekends.
  • Metro Highlights: a critical event news.
  • Metro This Week: a news program shown on Sundays, for a week conclusion.
  • Breaking News: a news program that shown shortly after a biggest event was occur.
  • Headline News: a short news program that shows three news and starts every hour, every day.
  • Indonesia Now: a Saturday English language news program.
  • Top Nine News Weekend: a weekend version of Top Nine News, with a segment "Top of the Week" and "Top Picture of the Week".
  • Ceritarasa William Wongso: a culinary program.
  • e-Lifestyle: a talkshow reviews communications.

Past programs

Among shows that was canceled are:

Show name Discontinued Summary
Metro This Morning end of March 2007 An English language news program.
Rachel Ray 2009 A foreign show about lifestyles
World News November 2, 2009 An international news program
Sports Corner June 2008 A morning sport news program.
Metro News Flash mid-2009 A short news program that shows 3 news in either Indonesian, English or Chinese.
Money Talks late-2008 An economy news program
Today's Dialogue mid-2009 a talk show about the biggest event on one day.


Many personalities sued Metro TV because of the management's refusal to allow Sandrina Malakiano, one of Metro TV's previous anchors, to use the hijab.[1] This caused Sandrina to leave Metro TV.[2] According to Metro TV, the anchors are only allowed to use hijab during the month of Ramadhan or other Islamic days.[3][4]


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