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A Metroshuttle bus in Manchester city centre
Founded 2002
Headquarters Oldham, Greater Manchester (First Manchester HQ)
Middleton Junction, Greater Manchester (Bluebird HQ)
Stockport, Greater Manchester
Locale Greater Manchester
Service area Manchester city centre, Salford, Bolton and Stockport
Service type Zero-Fare Bus
Fleet Optare Solo
Operator First Manchester, Bluebird and Freshfield Coaches (Contract)
Web site Metroshuttle website

Metroshuttle is a zero-fare bus system that operates in Manchester city centre and Bolton and Stockport town centres, all in Greater Manchester, England. Manchester's Metroshuttle consists of three routes (numbered 1, 2 and 3) that traverse the city centre, linking the city's major throughfares and stations with its main commercial, financial and cultural districts. The Bolton Metroshuttle (numbered 500) links Bolton Bus Station, Bolton railway station with the town's shops and attractions. The Stockport Metroshuttle (numbered 300) is the re-branded Stockport Shuttle bus[1], which links Stockport Bus Station, Stockport railway station and the Tesco Extra store with the town's shops and attractions.





Manchester's Metroshuttle first began operating in September 2002 and replaced the previous Centreline city centre operation. First Manchester was chosen by GMPTE to operate the service and still operates it currently. Two routes were introduced, numbers 1 and 2. The service was extremely successful. Number 3 was introduced in September 2005 and links additional areas of the City centre.


Manchester's Metroshuttle is a partnership between GMPTE, Manchester City Council, National Car Parks and the property developer Allied London[2]. The service is completely zero-fare (free) and does not require any tickets or passes. The service is also partially supported by advertising. First Manchester provides a publicity contribution. The free service costs approximately £1.2million each year source: Buses Magazine


The Manchester Metroshuttle network consists of three services, each operated by First Manchester. The services are operated using a dedicated fleet of 18 Optare Solo minibuses with route branding applied for all services, Route 1 (orange), Route 2 (green), Route 3 (purple). Some Solos feature a "Metroshuttle spare" livery, consisting of silver-grey in place of the route colours. Most Metroshuttle bus stops also share the same route colour of the appropriate bus stopping there.

Metroshutle Route One Metroshutle Route Two Metroshutle Route Three
  • Piccadilly Rail Station
  • Piccadilly/Chatham St - for Piccadilly Gardens
  • Charlotte St/Portland St - for Chorlton Street Coach Station
  • Portland St/CUBE
  • Oxford Street/St Peter's Square - for Manchester Central Library
  • Peter Street - for Great Northern and G-Mex
  • Quay Street/Opera House
  • Quay Street/Granada TV
  • New Quay Street - for MANCAT
  • Salford Central Railway Station
  • Gartside Street
  • Spinningfields
  • Peter Street
  • Mount Street
  • Albert Square
  • Town Hall
  • City Art Gallery - for Chinatown
  • Princess Street - for Chorlton Street Coach Station
  • Whitworth Street - for Palace Theatre and City College
  • Piccadilly Rail Station

* denotes peak hours only

0700-1900 Monday-Saturday, approx. every 5 minutes (Routes: One, Two and Three)
1000-1800 Sunday, approx. every 10 minutes (Routes: One and Two only)



Bolton's Metroshuttle first began operating on 17 November 2008 and follows a similar operation to Manchester's Metroshuttle and is running on a 12-month trial. Bluebird was chosen by GMPTA to operate the service[3].


Bolton's Metroshuttle is a partnership between GMPTA and Bolton Council. The service is completely zero-fare (free) and does not require any tickets or passes. The free service will cost approximately £200,000 per year[4].


Bolton's Metroshuttle consists of two 25-seater Enviro200 single decker buses, with black and red route branding[5]. and use existing stops within the town centre. The service starts on Newport Street, outside Bolton Interchange, before running anti-clockwise around the town centre before returning to Newport Street.

Route 500
  • Newport Street - for Bolton Interchange / Train Station
  • Sainsbury's Superstore
  • Bradshawgate - for Crompton Place Shopping Centre
  • Deansgate
  • Bridge Street - for Market Hall
  • St George's Road
  • Knowsley Street
  • Deansgate
  • Black Horse Street - for Bolton Bus Station
  • Newport Street
  • Newport Street - for Bolton Interchange

0730-1800 Monday-Friday, every 10 minutes
0830-1730 Saturday, every 10 minutes



Stockport's Metroshuttle first began operating during Christmas 2007 as a complementary shuttle designed to help ferry the elderly and disabled around Stockport more easily. It was reintroduced in November 29, 2008 as permanent fixture. Branded the Stockport Shuttle Bus it was operated by Solutions SK on behalf of Stockport Council[6], before operations switched to Freshfield Coaches the following month, after it was revealed that SolutionsSK had been operating the service with a freight licence[7]. The service was re-branded in August 2009 to form part of the Metroshuttle network, and was given a new livery to mark the change. Prior to this, the fleet (consisting of Optare Solos) were unpainted and fairly run down, even lacking roll blinds. The fleet was replaced with new Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 darts, fitted with digital displays.[8].


Stockport's Metroshuttle runs in two loops around Stockport town centre and use existing stops, as well as dedicated stops in areas where other services do not operate within the town centre. The service starts from Stockport Bus Station and runs to Stockport railway station via the Grand Central Leisure Complex before returning to the bus station then via Mersey Square, Bridgefield Street, Warren Street (for Sainsbury's and Asda), Great Portland Street to Tesco before returning via Knightsbridge, Warren Street (for Sainsbury's and Asda again), Millgate, Churchgate, Little Underbank and Great Underbank to Stockport Bus Station. The service advertises its frequency as "every 12 minutes", though it is often more frequent, appearing roughly every 7 minutes.

Route 300
  • Stockport Bus Station - Stand H (Monday-Saturday) or Stand T (Sundays)
  • St Peter's Square
  • Piccadilly
  • Edward Street - for Stockport Town Hall
  • Stockport railway station - for railway station and Grand Central Leisure Complex
  • Exchange Street
  • Stockport Bus Station - Stand P
  • Mersey Square
  • Bridgefield Street
  • Bridge Street
  • Warren Street - Sainsbury's and Asda
  • Great Portwood Street - for Peel Centre and retail park
  • Tesco Extra
  • Great Portwood Street - for Peel Centre and retail park
  • Knightsbridge
  • Bridge Street
  • Warren Street - Sainsbury's and Asda
  • Churchgate
  • Wellington Street
  • Lower Hillgate
  • Great Underbank
  • Chestergate
  • Stockport Bus Station

0800-1830 Monday-Saturday, every 12 minutes
1030-1730 Sunday, every 12 minutes


Following the success of Metroshuttle in Manchester, GMPTA have been studying the feasibility of introducing Metroshuttle routes in other towns in Greater Manchester, to provide a high-quality town centre bus service that links key public transport nodes and car parks with the main retail, commercial, leisure and cultural destinations within town centres[9].

Other towns like Bury, Oldham and Wigan had been mentioned to gain routes[10], however, the chances of this happening were reduced following the rejection of the Manchester Congestion Charge in December 2008.

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