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United States of Mexamericanada, or just "Mexamericanada", a satirical reference in 21st century politics and is a conspiracy theory in which Canada, Mexico and the United States are replaced by a North American Union, The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and the North American Competitiveness Council and the adoption of a common currency, possibly called the Amero, to establish a currency union of the US dollar, Canadian dollar, and the peso, or the dollarization of Canada and Mexico. [1]. Allegedly, it is being instigated and enabled by business elites in government and the corporate world without being ratified by the elected legislatures in those three countries, citizens have no say in its design. There is no national election or referendum allegedly with Vicente Fox, George W. Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper organizing the whole thing.

Officials from all three nations have said there are no government plans to create such a union,[2] although the idea has been discussed and proposed in academic and scholarly circles, either as a union or as a North American Community (see Independent Task Force on North America).



It is unsure where the term first originated though conservative commentator Glenn Beck has been known to use it.[3]

Conspiracy basis

President Vicente Fox of Mexico discussed an agreement with the United States during President George W. Bush's first term which was referred to as "NAFTA-Plus" and according to Fox included a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) energy policy, a security NAFTA policy, an advance in financial institutions interchanged,[4] and according to other reports a common market, development fund, migration agreement and new institutions.[5] Fox said such an agreement would take the U.S. and Mexico to a "further integration" and eventually seeking a "convergence" of their economies allowing them to "erase that border".[6] Proposals of a NAFTA plus agreement spurred debate on movement towards a North American Community in academic circles.[5]

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