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mGive is a Denver based Wireless Application Service Provider.[1] mGive offers mobile giving services, and is an approved mGive Foundation Wireless Application Service Provider.

mGive introduced text message donations February 1, 2008 with the launch of a mobile giving campaign for the United Way. The campaign was promoted in a 10 second commercial during Super Bowl XLII.[2]

mGive enables nonprofit organizations to accept text message donations. mGive also offers mobile content delivery, SMS subscription services, and WAP website creation. mGive works with organizations such as The United Way, ASPCA, Amberwatch Foundation, and over 200 more nonprofit organizations[3].


Text Message Donations

Making a text message donation involves sending a text message with a keyword chosen by a nonprofit organization to a shortcode approved by The mGive Foundation. For example, Keep a Child Alive’s text message donation campaign uses the keyword ALIVE and the mobile giving shortcode 90999[4].Text message donations (SMS) use premium-rated short messages (PSMS) to bill donations to the wireless subscriber’s phone bill. SMS donations use a double opt-in process to protect donor’s security and privacy. Currently, the mGive Foundation and wireless carriers have approved $5 and $10 one-time text message donations.

Wireless carriers send 100% of the donations to The mGive Foundation, which wires 100% of the funds directly to the appropriate charity within ninety days[5].


Some controversy has arisen over the amount of donations raised and the high fees associated with text message donations. mGive and The mGive Foundation worked with the wireless carriers to eliminate fees associated with PSMS messaging. However, mGive charges $.35 + 3.5% of the donation in processing fees and mGive service packages start at $399 per month[6].


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