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Michael John Siddons-Corby aka Mike Corby (born July 3, 1951, Windsor, Berkshire, England) was a guitarist and keyboard player with The Babys.

Corby left the group during the recording of their third album "Head First" and according to lead singer John Waite in a 2005 interview on Brisbane radio station 4KQ Corby departed from the music scene altogether.

Corby's claims he was called to a meeting with management on Monday, 28 August 1978, and was asked to leave the band which he had formed with the late Adrian Millar. This information has been preserved by Corby and is detailed at The Babys Official Unofficial Archives and Chronological History website Through the website, his retention of valuable documents and photos, and his MySpace page, Corby has done much to inform the public about the origin of the 1970s/early 80s rock group The Babys. The Babys official MySpace page also contains film clips from Mike Corby's collection of original performances from the band during their early success.

An account of his formation of the band with Millar is described on "The Babys Official MySpace"

The inception of THE BABYS began in Smalls Café on the Fulham Road in London 1973, where a chance meeting had taken place between two unlikely gentlemen: one a well-traveled, ever-aspiring musician; Michael Corby and the other, a clever, supremely-confident mentor; Adrian Millar, who presented himself as a financier of bands. Results, after a great deal of posturing and the dust firmly settled, ended with Corby giving way to allowing a band to be molded around his image. An ‘agreement’ was drafted and signed on September 4, 1974 with Corby as guitarist and Millar as the manager. Months of preparation ensued (plotting, actually) and plans were laid to form a coveted four-man rock outfit. Auditions would commence with only one goal in mind: become the Greatest Rock Band in the World! Through this mutually resourceful contractual effort, many talented ‘artistes’ were auditioned with hopes pinned on unearthing those equal in musical fortitude, charisma, personality and desire. The fruition of this intensely fierce and somewhat-testy union introduced the world to that of: (in proper order) John Waite, Tony Brock and Walt Stocker, effectively giving birth to THE BABYS! [1]

Marc Salter The Babys former stage manager and personal assistant said of Mike:

I see no reason why the band would have gotten rid of Mike had there not been external pressures. Wally and Tony were loyal to Mike and I never heard them criticize him as a performer. John did, but I think even he believed that he and Mike were good for each other’s careers. In my opinion, Mike is a very good player and is the one with the stage charisma. Also, he was very good with fans, treating them with dignity, whereas John invariably treated fans with contempt. So I personally thought it a great mistake to get rid of Mike who, as I have said, was the real drawing card in the band and main attraction for the fans. [2]

He has also posted a copy of a letter to John Waite on his personal MySpace page part of which is reproduced here:

I do write to you with a mandate from The Babys to do so. Much thought has been given to this matter. I am therefore now, as the founding member, and on behalf of Messrs Brock and Stocker, formally asking you to rejoin The Babys as an equal and valued member of what was once, and should always remain, one of the greatest and most artistic rock bands that ever left the shores of Great Britain. [3]

The letter was returned as Corby notes:

You may find this letter of some interest as it is the one which was sent back to me in Scotland from John's address. It was intended sincerely but in all reality was not ever likely to get even the slightest chance of a response. I think it is only right that as John declined to read it that it should now be made available to the public: This now lays the idea of a reunion to rest as there really is no point in taking it any further and I for one need to attend to my private business. [3]


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