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Michael John Earl is Dean of Templeton College, Oxford and Professor of Information Management in the University of Oxford.

Earl was educated at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (BA) and the University of Warwick (MSc). He is also a Master of Arts of the University of Oxford.

From 1974 until 1976 he was Lecturer in Management Control at Manchester Business School. From 1976 until 1990 he was a Fellow of Templeton College, Oxford and founding Director of the Oxford Institute of Information Management. He then spent eleven years at London Business School, where he held positions including Professor of Information Management, Deputy Director of the Centre for Network Economy, and Acting Dean. During this time he remained an Associate Fellow of Templeton College. In 2002 he became Dean of Templeton and Professor of Information Management in the University of Oxford. Until 2004 the President of the College was both Chairman of the Governing Body and Head of House. Since 2004 Earl has been Head of House. On 9 February 2005 his position was approved by The Queen-in-Council. He is also University's Chairman of Executive Education.

He has been a member of Her Majesty's Government's task force on e-commerce.


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