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King of Portugal and the Algarves
Reign 23 June 1828 – 26 May 1834
Predecessor Maria II
Successor Maria II
Spouse Adelaide of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg
Maria das Neves, Duchess of San Jaime
Miguel, Duke of Braganza
Infanta Maria Theresa
Infanta Maria Josepha
Adelgundes, Duchess of Guimarães and Countess of Bardi
Maria Anne, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
Maria Antonia, Duchess of Parma
Father John VI of Portugal
Mother Charlotte of Spain
Born 26 October 1802(1802-10-26)
Died 14 November 1866 (aged 64)
Royal styles of
Miguel of Portugal
Coat of Arms Kingdom of Portugal (1830).svg
Reference style His Most Faithful Majesty
Spoken style Your Most Faithful Majesty
Alternative style Sire

Miguel I (Miguel Maria do Patrocínio João Carlos Francisco de Assis Xavier de Paula Pedro de Alcântara António Rafael Gabriel Joaquim José Gonzaga Evaristo de Bragança e Bourbon; 26 October 1802 – 14 November 1866) was the 30th (or 31st according to some historians) King of Portugal and the Algarves between 1828 and 1834, during the Portuguese civil war.


Early life and reign

He was born in Lisbon the second son of King John VI of Portugal and Charlotte of Spain. He was given the Lordship of Infantado as his appanage.

Miguel was an avowed conservative and admirer of the Austrian Empire under the guidance of Klemens Wenzel von Metternich. He led two revolts against his father in the 1820s, earning himself a sentence of exile at one point. In 1826 he was betrothed to his young niece Maria II. Miguel subsequently proclaimed himself regent (26 February 1828) and then took the throne as sole monarch (23 June 1828) at which time he overthrew his brother Pedro IV's constitution.

Miguel sought to gain international backing for his regime, but the government of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland fell in 1830 just before it could afford formal recognition. In 1831 Miguel's brother Pedro abdicated the throne of Brazil and occupied the Azores from which he launched naval attacks on Portugal. After a three-year civil war, Miguel was forced to abdicate at Évora Monte (26 May 1834) and was sent into exile by the victorious Pedro.


The Constitution of 1838, in its article 98, categorically excluded the collateral line of the king Miguel of Portugal and all his descendants.

Miguel lived the rest of his life in exile. He eventually died in Karlsruhe, Germany on 14 November 1866.

Also Spain, by law of Cortes on 15 January 1837 in midst of the First Carlist War (1833-39), excluded Miguel from the Spanish succession, on grounds of him being with the rebellion of his maternal uncle don Carlos, the first Carlist pretender of Spain. Miguel's eldest sister Teresa, and his nephews (three sons of late infanta Francisca, and Sebastian, son of Teresa) were also excluded.

Marriages and descendants

In 1851, when already 48, he married Princess Adelaide of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg, by whom he had six daughters and a son. In a similar fashion to Queen Victoria, he would become known as the grandfather of Europe, however this occurred after his own death. His widow succeeded in securing advantageous marriages for their daughters.

Name Birth Death Notes
By Adelheid of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (3 April 1831 – 16 December 1909; married in 1851)
Maria das Neves 5 August 1852 15 February 1941 Married Alfonso Carlos, Duke of San Jaime, Infante of Spain. Pretender to the Spanish Throne (See: Carlism)
Miguel (II) 19 September 1853 11 October 1927 Duke of Braganza. Grandfather of the present day throne claimant Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza.
Maria Teresa 24 August 1855 12 February 1944 Married Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria as his third wife.
Maria José 19 March 1857 11 March 1943 Married Duke Karl-Theodor in Bavaria (brother of Empress Elisabeth of Austria) as his second wife.
Adelgundes, Duchess of Guimarães 10 November 1858 15 April 1946 Married Prince Henry of Bourbon-Parma, Count of Bardi, son of Charles III of Parma.
Maria Ana 13 July 1861 31 July 1942 Married Guillaume IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg.
Maria Antónia 28 November 1862 14 May 1959 Married Robert I, Duke of Parma as his second wife.
Illegitimate offspring
Maria da Assunção do Carmo de Bragança March 1831 Brazil, 18 November 1910 Natural daughter from a relationship with a Lady of the Portuguese nobility living in Rome named Dona Antónia Francisca Ribeiro do Carmo, daughter of the Duke of Algarve. Recognized as his child in 1839, thereby being semi-legitimized. According to public records, she died in Minas Gerais State, Brazil in 1910. Offspring unknown.


Miguel of Portugal
Cadet branch of the House of Aviz
Born: 26 October 1802 Died: 14 November 1866
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Maria II
King of Portugal and the Algarves

1828 – 1834
Succeeded by
Maria II
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
King of Portugal
Miguelist line

1834 – 1866
Succeeded by
Miguel II
Flag of the Kingdom of Portugal (1139-1910)
Pretenders to the Portuguese
Kingdom of Portugal

Miguelist Line
King Miguel (1834-1866)
Duke Miguel (1866-1920)
Duke Duarte Nuno (1920-1976)
Duke Duarte Pio (1976-)

Deposed King
King Manuel II (1910-1932)

See also House of Braganza


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