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Michael Jansen (also called Mike Jansen), born in Bochum, Germany, in 1951, is a painter, media-artist and composer. He lives and works in Düsseldorf, Antwerp and Austria.


Biographical notes

Assistance and master-class student of Kurt Link. Collaboration with Joseph Beuys. Developments and concepts to the informatics and practical application for artistical, technical and scientific exchange in various areas (installation, performance, video, staging, technical innovations, environment, TV, laser, medicine etc.), photography, installation, drawing, assemblage and painting. Founder (together with Frank Köllges and Mike Hentz) of the music-performance legend "Padlt Noidlt". Guest's professorships at the art academy Bremen (free art / intermedia) and in the Centre Europeen d `Art Contemporain, Vallauris (F). Social-cultural project: A.G.B. - actions with young people and concepts for social living in Düsseldorf; works on future visions, concepts for an One World Tower.


Jansen has spent more than three decades discovering and trying out unique artistic processes with scientific precision. The artist and composer Jansen has not only set the priority on preliminary fixing of a market oriented approach but has gone into an open discourse of questions concerning individual and social situations and life styles. As a young man, Jansen had the great advantage of working with Joseph Beuys on renowned projects- like "Raum 3 , die ganze deutsche Nachkriegslyrik..." and this has been of great importance for Jansen's further orientation. His engagement with the Free International University (FIU) and the work with John Cage have influenced and confirmed his artistic intentions.


Michael Jansen's far-reaching studies of medicine, chemistry, ecology and politics have uplifted his worldly outlook and have enabled him to apply the essential approaches and processes to his art. He has even broken up the idyll of an art-biotop chosen by artists themselves and as a matter of course in the classical sense, has expanded the dimensions of scientific terms. Regarding art as a free science and being able to go beyond all barriers, he has examined and presented many connections. In the knowledge that everything is connected to everything, Jansen has proceeded in a scientific and emotional way, interdisciplinary and beyond all academic barriers and keeps on going - because all this, the actual sense of life is not contrary.

Exhibitions (choice)

1997 "Orientexpress": Landesmuseum Volk und Wirtschaft, Düsseldorf; Kunstverein Schloss Primmersdorff/Wien; Pradova District Museum, Ploieşti; National Museum Samuel Brukenthal, Hermannstadt (Sibiu); Experimental Visual Arts Center/Center for Advanced Studies in Performing Arts, Sibiu; 1998 High St. Project Gallery; Christchurch, Neuseeland; 1999 Künstlerverein Malkasten Düsseldorf, ”von unten nach oben” (EA), 2000 Hommage à Achim Duchow, Galerie Erhard Klein (GA); 2001 „Zeichen“, Allianz-Forum Köln; 2002 „Check No Art Room“, Galerie 68elf, Köln , (GA); 2003 Kunstmuseum Vaduz, Liechtenstein (videowork "Raum3 ..."/Beuys); 2003 Stiftung Schloss Neuhardenberg; 2004 "Malerei - Zeichnung - Relief", Gallery Planet One – Treibholz, Düsseldorf ; 2004 "Bin sofort zurück!" - topical work overview, Gallery Planet One –Treibholz, Düsseldorf, 2005 "mein europa", Roumanian cultural institute, Berlin; 2005, "Niemandsland", exhibitions in Düsseldorf, Weimar, Barcelona, Kampala (Uganda), Extrahart- artist's fair Cologne, 2007; "MetroMusic", A sequence of six graphics, exhibition-event in Miami,Fl.

Documentation (choice)

1976 "Nachbarschaft", WDR Color; 10min; 16mm; 1976 "Dada Jubilee", WDR s/w; 60min; 16mm 1976 "1.Padlt Noidlt-Festival, ORF, s/w; 30min; 16mm; 1976 "Wehe Du schlägst mich nicht" Color; 20min; S8; 1977 "General Piece", Italien; s/w; 20min; S8; 1977 "2. Padlt Noidlt Festival",ORF; Color; 20min; 16mm; 1978 "Demaskierung", Amsterdam; video s/w, 60min, Aktion (documentation.); 1978 "Die Prozessin auf der Konzerpse"; 72 Std. Klausur, video, s/w 180min; 1978 "Padlt Noidlt video-production", Sony/Wien 180min; directing/editing/action; 1979 WDR Bilderrätsel + Kölner Treff; Color 20min ; 1980 "Trilogie Frei-tag"; Winterthur, video, colour, 180min; H. Tucht directing/editing; 1980 "Filmfest", Malkasten Düsseldorf; Video Color; 30min; 1980 "Music of the Ants", Hamburg, video, colour; 60min/U-matic directing/concept; 1980 "Momo" Show; video; colour; 30min (documentation); 1980 "Panische Zeiten" Udo Lindenberg; co-operation (Padlt Noidlt); 1980 "After Art"; Manhattan Cable TV; New York (USA), video; 30min; 1981 "Raum 3 , die ganze deutsche Nachkriegslyrik..." video-edition with Joseph Beuys, co-operation (Now this work is a component of the documentation "Partisanen der Utopie - Joseph Beuys, Heiner Müller" Stiftung Schloss Neuhardenberg and of a Beuys-installation in Kunstmuseum Vaduz, Liechtenstein); 1982 "Fettecke", video together with and for Joseph Beuys. U-matic edition; Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (directing/camera/cut/editing); 1982 "1968-1982-Videokunst in Deutschland". Kölner Kunstverein (Padlt Noidlt); 1983 „Steirischer Herbst“, (MOBIL BASE-Aktion), catalogue; 1987 "Götterdämmerung" after Richard Wagner; Berlin-Ex+Pop; Budapest/Szentendre together with Mike A. Hentz, video-tapes; 1992 Ars Electronica, Linz (Hotel Pomp ino, Odyssee...[3sat]); 1990-1993 Van Gogh TV, Ponton Media, TV Prod., Clips, camera; 1993 Documenta, Kassel, (3sat) Van Gogh TV; 100 Tage live-TV, lectures/ editing/camera/action/concepts; 1996 NDR-TV-Documentation about the project at the academy of art and music, Bremen; 1997; ORIENTEXPRESS, ed. by G.O. Safiriou, catalogue; 1997, ORF-TV, vienna, about: ORIENTEXPRESS; 1997 TV Romania + Radio Roumania, NationalMuseum Samuel Brukenthal (Sibiu) / Pradowa Museum (Ploieşti); 1998 „komm:98“, Medienzentrum, Düsseldorf, Kaistrasse, Opening-Event: (video: Jürgen Hille) WDR-TV; 1998; TeaHouseMusic , CD-Music-Edition 1997/98, 2001; „Assemblagen“ , „ Zeichnungen“ , Buch-Editionen, edited by. G.O. Safiriou, 2000; private movie-portrait (video by Jürgen Hille); 2001 „Zeichen“, catalogue , edited by G.O. Safiriou, 2001; Features in : „Der Mongole wartet“, Zeitschrift für. Literatur und Kunst, edited by M. Arenz; 2004; Mike Jansen 2004, work-monography, book-edition, edited by G.O. Safiriou; contribution in: Extrahart. Exhibition catalogue, edited by G.O. Safiriou, Cologne, 2007; Tempered Rooms, catalogue, edited by G.O. Safiriou, 2007; MetroMusic, catalogue, edited by G.O. Safiriou, 2007


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