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Michael Mandiberg
Born December 22nd, 1977
Detroit, Michigan
Nationality American
Field Internet art
Training Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design, MFA California Institute of the Arts
Works Shop Mandiberg, The Red Project, Oil Standard, The Real Costs
Awards Turbulence Project Award, Rhizome Commission, 2007-08 Eyebeam Fellowship, 2008-09 Eyebeam Senior Fellow

Michael Mandiberg (b. 1977) "is an artist, programmer, designer and educator. His work spans web applications about environmental impact, to conceptual performances about subjectivity, to laser cut lampshades for Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs."[1]



Mandiberg was born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in Portland, Oregon. He attended Brown University and received a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the California Institute for the Arts. He is an assistant professor in Media Culture at the College of Staten Island[2] and a Fellow at Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology in New York City. He is also a founding member of Eyebeam’s Sustainability Research Group. Some of his art work, such as "How Much It Costs Us," focuses on the idea of Intervention Art, wherein the goal is to cause viewers/users to be more aware of environmental implications of some seemingly harmless actions; for example, driving from point A to point B. In "How Much It Costs Us," the goal is to show how much gas it takes to drive from one place to another and in doing so, one might think twice before taking a road-trip in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Mandiberg is the author of "Digital Foundations," a book which teaches the Bauhaus Basic Course through design software. He is a writer for Digital Foundations and Anti-Advertising Agency blogs.

Notable Works

  • Shop Mandiberg was an Internet art piece from 2001 in which Michael Mandiberg offered every last thing he owned for sale on the Shop Mandiberg site. From clothing to half used tubes of toothpaste. By the time the store was closed he had sold over 100 items.
  • The Essential Guide to Performing part of The Exchange Program, a project initiated by Michael Mandiberg. A group of 10 people switch lives with each other, with the hopes of effectively passing as the other person. This guide outlines social behavior, interactions, beliefs, practices and a brief history.
  • and which Mandiberg scanned and posted online the photos that Sherrie Levine rephotographed of Walker Evans. A self described "one-liner art prank"[3] given more depth by placing the work online so it can be printed out, thus creating another reproduction.
  • Oil Standard - is a Firefox plugin that replaces prices on e-commerce websites with the equivalent cost in barrels of crude oil.
  • The Real Costs - is a Firefox plugin that inserts carbon emissions data into travel websites. He is currently working on a version that will work with car rentals, car directions and shipping websites.
  • How Much It Costs Us is an internet website created in 2009 done by web scraping, which allows users to calculate the financial and carbon cost of driving, depending on what kind of gas you buy, what car you drive and your destination. The output of carbon is shown in pounds.
  • Bright Bike is a website describing Michael Mandiberg's latest project, Bright Bike. A Do-It-Yourself project, adding retroreflective vinyl coating to make bicycles visible to other vehicles.
  • Bright Idea Shade is a project, which makes the use of CFL bulb better by creating shade for the bare bulb using heat resistant photo diffuser material. Mandiberg has been working on this project with fellow research group member Steve Lambert.
  • He is working with FLOSSmanuals to port the book to GIMP, Inkscape, et all, and from there to translate the Flossified book into French, Spanish, Persian, and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Bush Poll, Found 153 people in the US named George Bush and conducted a survey on how the former president was doing.
  • The Exchange Program- Eight people attempt to switch lives with each other for ten days. Using each others ATM cards, names, friends and personality traits, they attempt to be each other.


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