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Michael Rutschky (born May 25, 1943 in Berlin) in a German Author.



Michael Rutschky grew up in Spangenberg, Hesse. From 1963 to 1971, he studied Sociology, Literary Science and Philosophy at the Universities Frankfurt am Main (amongst others under Theodor W. Adorno and Jürgen Habermas), Göttingen and FU Berlin. From 1969 to 1978, he worked as a social researcher at the Freie Universität Berlin; he would attain a Doctorate there as a Doctor of Philosophy. From 1979 to 1984, he lived in Munich. There he belonged to the Editing of the periodical Merkur and the editor of the TransAtlantik in 1980/81. Since 1985, he again works and lives in Berlin. From 1985 to 1997, he was contributing editor to the periodical Der Alltag.

Michael Rutschky is a writer of essays in whose Narrative passeages and sociological interpretation of the everyday present enter into an original mixture and a comical work not seldom produced.

Michael Rutschky is a member of the PEN Zentrums Deutschland. He received the 1997 Heinrich Mann Prize; in 1999 he held the poetic dozent of the University of Heidelberg. He is Scholar at the Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia in Bamberg.

He was married to the educationalist and publisher Katharina Rutschky until her death in January 2010.


  • Schüler im Literaturunterricht (Students in the Literary Teaching), Cologne 1975 (together with Hartmut Eggert and Hans Christoph Berg)
  • Studien zur psychoanalytischen Interpretation von Literatur (Studies of the Psychoanalytical Interpretation of Literature), Berlin 1978
  • Erfahrungshunger (Experience Hunger), Cologne 1980
  • Lektüre der Seele (Lectures of the Soul), Frankfurt am Main [et al.] 1981
  • Wartezeit (Waiting Time), Cologne 1983
  • Zur Ethnographie des Inlands (Of the Demographics of the Home Country), Frankfurt am Main 1984
  • Auf Reisen (From Trips), Frankfurt am Main 1986
  • Was man zum Leben wissen muß (What one must know to live), Zürich 1987
  • Thomas – mach ein Bild von uns! (Thomas - make a Picture of us!), München [et al.] 1988 (together with Thomas Karsten and Peter Brasch)
  • Reise durch das Ungeschick und andere Meisterstücke (Trips through the Awkward and other Mater Pieces), Zürich 1990
  • Mit Dr. Siebert in Amerika (With Dr. Siebert in America), Zürich [et al.] 1991
  • Traumnachrichten (Dream News), Hersbruck 1991
  • Unterwegs im Beitrittsgebiet (Away in the Member Area), Göttingen 1994
  • Die Meinungsfreude (The Opinion's Friends), Göttingen 1997
  • Der verborgene Brecht (The Hidden Break), Zürich [et al.] 1997 (together with Juergen Teller)
  • Lebensromane (Life Novels), Göttingen 1998
  • Berlin, Berlin 2001
  • Wie wir Amerikaner wurden (How we became American), München 2004


  • Errungenschaften (Achievements), Frankfurt am Main 1982
  • Ein Jahresbericht (The Yearly Report), Frankfurt am Main 1983
  • Tag für Tag (Day for Day), Frankfurt am Main 1984
  • Die andere Chronik (The Other Chronicle) 1987, Cologne 1987


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