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Micky Yanai (ミッキー 柳井) is a well-known Japanese male porn actor.


Life and Career

Yanai is supposedly the inventor of an acrobatic sexual technique called the "Helicopter Fuck",[1] although it is said such a technique was already seen in the Kama Sutra, or at least in the Cosmopolitan magazine version of it.[2] He demonstrated his proficiency at the technique with a series of videos for the KMP Million label in 2004. (See Filmography)

Yanai has become one of the few Japanese male porn stars known in the West through a group of videos produced by V&R Planning and released internationally in the United States and elsewhere in 2003 and 2004 by V&R International in uncensored form: Paradise of Japan 14: Helicopter Man[3] (with Misuzu Akimoto[4]), Paradise of Japan 22: Helicopterman 2,[5] and Paradise of Japan 28: Helicopterman 3.[6]

Partial Filmography

Release Date[7] Video Title Company & ID Actresses
2004-01-22 Cosplay 3 - Mio Asakura
あゆっちゃおっかな~。3 朝倉海音
KMP Million
MILV-121 (VHS)
Mio Asakura
2004-02-27 8 Hours with Nao Oikawa
及川奈央 8時間いいとこどり
KMP Million
MILV-133 (VHS)
Nao Oikawa & Hitomi Hasegawa
2004-03-19 Let's Watch Kisaragi's Growth'
如月カレンの成長を見守ろう! 完全版
KMP Million
MILV-142 (VHS)
Karen Kisaragi
2004-03-26 How to Perfect
上原深雪 4時間
KMP Million
MILV-144 (VHS)
Miyuki Uehara
2004-04-23 Momo Hoshino Has Come Back
KMP Million
MILV-151 (VHS)
Momo Hoshino
2004-05-28 Implication
完全攻略 中島京子
KMP Million
MILV-170 (VHS)
Kyoko Nakajima
2004-06-18 Double Boin
KMP Million
MILV-177 (VHS)
Mai Haruna & Yui Asahina



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