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Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Office OneNote Icon
Microsoft Office OneNote Screenshot
Microsoft OneNote 2007 running in Windows Vista.
Developer(s) Microsoft
Stable release 12.0.6415.1000 (2007 SP2) / April 28, 2009
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Notetaking
License Proprietary EULA
Website Microsoft Office OneNote Homepage

Microsoft Office OneNote is a software package for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. While OneNote is most commonly used on laptops or desktop PCs, it has additional features for use on pen-enabled Tablet PCs, in environments where pen, audio or video notes are more appropriate than an intensive use of keyboards.

OneNote's interface is an electronic version of the familiar tabbed three-ring binder which can be used directly for making notes, but also to gather "pages" printed or sent from other applications. Pages can be moved inside the binder, annotated with a stylus, word-processing or drawing tools. Users may add embedded multimedia recordings and web links. As a repository of information gleaned from a variety of sources, a OneNote notebook is used for organizing information for a course or a research project. OneNote's file format (.one) is proprietary. The published API has resulted in a small number of extensions being written.

One of OneNote's innovations is the integration of search features and indexing into a free-form graphics and audio repository. Images (e.g., screen captures, embedded document scans, or photographs) can be searched for embedded text content. Electronic ink annotations can also be searched as text. Audio recordings can also be searched phonetically by giving a text key, and can be replayed concurrently with the notes taken during the recording.

Its multi-user capability allows offline editing and later synchronization and merging at the paragraph level. This makes it a tool for workgroups that collaborate on research whose members are not always online. OneNote is designed as a collaborative tool and allows more than one person to work on the same page at the same time, making it a shared whiteboard tool as well.

OneNote was originally marketed by Microsoft as a companion to Tablet PCs, and it has support for pen interfaces as noted above. However, many people have recognized its use as a general note-taking platform, and it is widely used in education by both students and teachers.


Platform support

Microsoft OneNote 2003 runs on Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7.

OneNote 2007 uses a feature-enhanced file format from OneNote 2003. [1] OneNote 2003 files can be opened by OneNote 2007 and upgraded to the feature-enhanced format to be edited by OneNote 2007.[2]

Many Microsoft Office applications support importing/exporting MIME HTML (.mht), including Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Therefore, only browsers that recognize this file format are suitable platforms for viewing Microsoft OneNote's exported MHT files. Microsoft OneNote 2007 also supports exporting notes in Microsoft Word format or as PDF or XPS files using a free plug-in from Microsoft.

Microsoft OneNote Mobile for smartphones (Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5, and higher) as well as Pocket PCs (Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 and higher) is included with Microsoft OneNote 2007; Microsoft OneNote Mobile is also built in to the Microsoft Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 operating system. Also there is a client for Apple iPhone, MobileNoter; made by third-party developer, BusinessWare Technologies Inc.

Microsoft OneNote supports Microsoft Live Mesh, which allows cloud-based storage and synchronization of OneNote[3] files that permit their editing and viewing by any OneNote client, including Office Online.[4] Microsoft OneNote 2007 also supports simultaneous editing without any locking of shared OneNote documents by multiple users when the document is stored in a shared folder,[5] Live Mesh, or Dropbox.[6]

Version history

First public announcement November 17, 2002
OneNote 2003 released October 21, 2003
OneNote 2003 SP1 released July 27, 2004
OneNote 2003 SP2 released Sept 27, 2005
OneNote 2003 SP3 released Sept 17, 2007
OneNote 2007 released January 30, 2007
OneNote 2007 SP1 released December 11, 2007
OneNote 2007 SP2 released April 28, 2009
OneNote 2010 expected to be released in June of 2010

Note that all release dates are "retail availability". Release to Manufacturing is usually 2-3 months prior.

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Simple English

OneNote is for making and sharing notes. The first version was in Office 2003. OneNote is in Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007. OneNote is a important part of Microsoft Office Enteprise and Ultimate 2007. OneNote is a relatively new part of Microsoft Office. Along with other programs, such as InfoPath, uses the Ribbon User Interface. Users may add embedded multimedia recordings and web links. For OneNote to work, it needs the Windows 2000 SP(Service Pack) 4 operating system or later. OneNote's 'pages' are called notebooks.


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