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Microsoft Streets & Trips
Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007 with GPS Locator Screenshot.PNG
Microsoft Streets & Trips
Developer(s) Microsoft
Stable release 2010 / 2009
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Route planning software
License Proprietary

Microsoft Streets & Trips is mapping software developed and distributed by Microsoft. Functionally it is a subset of Microsoft MapPoint targeted at the average consumer to do a variety of map related tasks in the North American region including the United States, Canada, and Mexico, such as route planning.

The European version is marketed as Microsoft AutoRoute and covers all of Europe, including European Russia, as well as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Cyprus and all of Turkey. AutoRoute 2007 was the last version of the product, as the European version has been discontinued, however there will be a 2010 version available from 17 November 2009. The more expensive business product of MapPoint Europe[1], is still available.

A version of the product is currently sold with a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver to allow users use the product as a satellite navigation system. Since version 2008[2], Microsoft has started requiring Product Activation for Streets & Trips. [3]

Streets & Trips 2006 and later versions install the new text-to-speech voice, "Microsoft Anna", which is part of Windows Vista on Windows XP computers, for the voice-prompt direction feature. Version 2006 is the last version for Windows 98/Me and version 2007 is the last version for Windows 2000.

Streets & Trips 2009[4] adds pronunciation of street names, as part of the voice directions prompts. The map of Mexico now includes street level data of even small towns, but the address-find feature still has not been enabled for there.

Version 2008 (and older) included 336 pushpin symbols. The new version 2009 replaced these symbols with a new set of 46 pushpins. A new template[5] can be used to add missing pushpin images to the program.

Version 2010 [6] adds hide/show pushpinsets, hide/show information balloons, import/export GPX files, export to GPS navigation device, export to mobile phone, and 348 new pushpin symbols were added.



Originally created in the late 1980s by NextBase Ltd, a UK company, under the name "AutoRoute", it was sold for DOS based PCs and later for the Apple Macintosh. In the early 1990s it was ported to the Microsoft Windows operating system. The company created a version for the United States called AutoMap. In 1994 the product was sold to Microsoft. Microsoft combined the Encarta World Atlas Mapping Technology with new routing technology derived from Autoroute to create Streets and Trips. In Europe the AutoRoute brand was retained. Microsoft sold products for Windows 95 as AutoMap Road Atlas and AutoMap Streets under the Microsoft Home brand.


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